Zorra from Hollow Earth via Erena Velazquez | December 11, 2023

Submitted to Voyages of Light on December 11, 2023

Hello Everyone,

I am Zorra from Hollow Earth, and I am here to speak to humankind on behalf of my civilization. This is my first time ever communicating through any channeler.

I am 15 feet tall and over 150,000 years old. I live on Earth inside the planet in a higher dimension in Hollow Earth. You are fortunate to be able to live on the surface of Mother Gaia. Most Galactic civilizations live on the inside of the planet. There are very few places in the universe, where you can stay on the surface of the planet.

We are an advanced old civilization much older than humans. We are usually 8 to 15 feet tall and come from 6th dimension and higher. Our structure is very different than on the surface of Mother Earth. We don’t have a government or a money system. The elected High Council overlooks all of our affairs related to Hollow Earth. In our world It’s not allowed to have any nonsense like you have in your reality. We live in peace and harmony without any wars or confrontations between each other.

To be free like us you need to learn about who you really are, that you are not just a physical body and you carry God within your soul. You can’t die only change forms. The animals like dinosaurs and plants, who got extinct on the surface of Earth, found sanctuary in our world. Yes, you still have dinosaurs living on your planet Earth, but only inside of the planet in a higher dimension in Hollow Earth. All of the dinosaurs are plant eaters including the T Rex, which are 50 feet tall. They also communicate with each telepathically.

We don’t get involved with your affairs and keep our entrances to Hollow Earth closed to humans. The only time we interfere with your world is in case of emergency. One time we saved your planet from a total destruction by destroying a huge asteroid that was going to hit Earth. You are not ready to be with us, as your vibrations are too low for our reality. You need to continue to evolve and get through the Ascension Process.

I fly quite often on my ship on the missions to share my expertise of my scientific knowledge to other worlds. I would call myself a scientist with the focus on developing new technologies especially spaceships. I am here today to tell humankind, it’s time for you to see the real truth and snap out from the illusion and influence from the ones, who are controlled by the Darkness and keep delivering false information to slow down the Ascension Process.

There are still a lot of humans that are under the oppression of false narratives. You can move to high dimensions, when you completely detach yourself from 3D reality and focus daily on increasing your frequencies by doing meditations everyday.

You will meet my civilization after, when you move to a New Earth. You don’t have much time left, as Divine set up a time frame, when Ascension is going to happen. Your planet is ready to accept evolved humans in 5D. The detachment from material world is a very important component in your transition to a new life.

Money carry low vibrations and can’t exist in higher dimensions, that is not allowed by the Universal Laws. Each member of Hollow Earth does freely, what is required of them to stay in Hollow Earth. It‘s totally absurd for us to see, that you need to pay for everything to be alive on Mother Gaia. Humankind are allowing themselves to be suppressed by the Dark Ones.

You are the only ones, who can change your destiny no one else. The power within yourself needs to surface through meditations and make changes in your world. My recommendation for you, add to your daily list of chores spirituality and make it as a number one priority in your life. Where are you going to end up in the near future, it’s completely up to you. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Stay on the course

Channeled by Erena Velazquez
Zorra from Hollow Earth via Erena Velazquez | December 11, 2023 Zorra from Hollow Earth via Erena Velazquez | December 11, 2023 Reviewed by TerraZetzz on 12/11/2023 08:43:00 PM Rating: 5

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