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By Catherine Viel, August 13, 2022

(Golden Age of Gaia)

August 12, 2022

David Icke, in an interview on August 6 where he discusses his new book, The Trap, brings up intriguing questions and postulations about reincarnation (for a link to the interview, see Suzanne Maresca’s article of August 9). The information he imparts resonated with me, starting with:

Why would…souls want to come here for any reason?…Why would they keep coming back?

He notes that the evidence for reincarnation is very solid and very compelling, and he believes reincarnation is real. “I started questioning what the spirit world was…” He talks about reading many people’s experiences of being regressed, through hypnosis, etc., to the “between life state…between Spirit and this reality.”

The common themes were compelling. He notes that the afterlife, as described by many, is “a hierarchical prison as well.” Regressed individuals almost uniformly describe the experience of going before the “elders” to discuss the previous life, and so on.

As David says, “We are consciousness! We are all that is or was or ever could be, eternal Spirit, connected to all that is…” He wonders why a limitless being / soul, such as we are, would choose to repeat seemingly endless Earth incarnations, without ever graduating from this so-called school.

Looking at the basic story of reincarnation (which is compelling and which he believes in), and then taking the size of the universe as projected by mainstream science, compared to that, Earth is the equivalent of a billionth of a pinhead:

So you’re telling me that you have to keep coming back onto this billionth of a pinhead, to learn lessons so that you can reach a state of enlightenment which allows you to not have to do that. Right? Well, that makes no sense to me, I’m sorry. With all of infinity to explore, and you gotta do this? [making a circling motion with his finger] On a billionth of a pinhead? What? It makes no sense. But at the same time, reincarnation, from the evidence that I’ve looked at over many, many years, does make sense that it’s happening.

So, if I put reincarnation into another context, what if this [3D] level of the simulation is not the only level of the simulation? What if, if you leave the body, if you leave it in a certain vibrational state, you’re still in the simulation, you’re just in other levels of it?

So what’s happening is that people are being, or souls, consciousness, is being recycled in and out of this reality, over and over again, and basically, one of the things that it’s doing, through all of the emotional trauma, upsets, and what have you, that comes from that, the way this world is structured, is that you’re giving off low vibrational emotion and thought, all the time. Depression, fear—the big one—anxiety, all these low vibrational emotions, resentment, hatred… and what do those emotions resonate to, in frequency terms?

I say, to the lower levels of the astral. That’s where that energy is going. Because basically, to a very large extent—not absolutely, in totality, but to a very large extent, if you can’t see it, it’s the fourth dimensional, the lower fourth dimensional. So you can feel emotion, and you can sense thought and you can feel vibes coming off of other people, but you can’t see them. You can see the effect of them, but you can’t see them. We can’t see them because it’s the lower fourth dimensional; if it’s lower fourth dimensional states, it’s a lower fourth dimensional expression, process.

And what that’s doing, it’s feeding energy into this lower astral, which is the realm of that which is ultimately manipulating the world of the seen, the human world, via people like Schwab and Gates and all these other people.

When you look at this global cult, this Secret Society network, it is serving the interests of this lower astral, lower fourth dimensional [i.e., demonic] force. And we, by the effect of that manipulation, are feeding, empowering with our energy, that lower astral force, which obviously brings back the image of Morpheus in The Matrix holding up the battery, and saying the machines have turned you into one of these. …[from] that first Matrix movie where you see the babies, and the energy that is being generated by the babies, is feeding the machines, it’s empowering the machines. It’s symbolically exactly what’s going on.

It’s interesting that in the official story of reincarnation, you have to keep reincarnating to “learn lessons” to reach a state of enlightenment, a state of frequency, which allows you to break the cycle of reincarnation. The point being, that, how can you learn lessons—quote—if you keep coming back into this realm with the memory of the lessons you’ve already learned, wiped? So you’re basically starting with a blank sheet of paper.

I mean, you can be influenced from the subconscious by previous lives, yes. Previous experiences. But you don’t overwhelmingly, consciously, know what has happened, what you’ve learned, so you’re starting with a blank piece of paper.

So, what do you mean, “learning lessons“?

He discusses his one-time experience with taking a hallucinogenic drug in the rainforest. In his vision, the implication of what the voice is saying,

…is that souls, consciousness, are coming in through reincarnation, already programmed, from previous programming, and they lock into the program, because they’ve been programmed before. And so, far from reaching a point of enlightenment so that you can break out of the cycle, the vast majority are going deeper and deeper into the cycle because of the effect on them, in terms of self-identity and perception, of this constant experience of this world in its different forms.

…We are entrapped, in terms of frequency, vibration, within this trap of reincarnation in this reality, this simulation, because we are manipulated not to reach a state of awareness, thus frequency, that allows us to get out of it.

And so the answer is always the same. Self-identity. You’re not your body. That’s an expression…of the simulation…the way you are locked, by the simulation, into this simulation, is through the body. And what they’re doing now with this manipulation genetically is changing the body and making it even more of a control system by the simulation.

You’re not the labels of your body that we’re given to self-identify. And of course as you go deeper and deeper into the subdivision of identity, into this LGBT, on and on the list of letters goes, you’re creating more and more myopia personalities, which are taking you further and further away from the reality that you are all that is, has been, and ever can be.…

[But something else] is happening to people now. We’re reaching the point now where more and more people are starting to re-self-identify. Realize, remember, who and what they are. And as they do so, as you expand your self-identity from “I’m Ethel on the check out” to, “I’m all that is and was and ever will be, having a brief experience called human,” as an expansion of self-identity happens, so that expansion of frequency happens. One creates the other.

And if you leave the body in a state of self-awareness, of true “I,” then you’re out of here. You’re out of the trap.

And that’s the big, big, big revelation that this cult and its non-human fourth dimensional astral masters don’t want us to know.

Jean Nolan, the interviewer, notes that David’s information absolutely aligns with the wisdom he and his wife were given from their American Indian teachers:

When you leave this body, there will be a light. Everybody describes this light that you walk into, and he said, that’s the trap. He literally said it, do not walk towards that first light. You’ll see a relative, you’ll see that. But that’s not the real light. He said, you got to turn around. And you can only do that when you leave this body without the arrogance and the ignorance that most people accumulate in their lifetime. You gotta have that [high] vibrational state that you [David] talk about.

Back to David:

When it says in Genesis about God creating the light, let there be light, I think what’s being described there is the creation of the simulation. And I explain why I think that, in the book. It’s an area that, once you get into it (the mysteries of life), there are endless, “Oh, so that’s what that is, so that’s why they do that, so that’s what that really means…”

Actually, AI, which is now more and more of the control system in the third dimension, is actually an extension of the AI that’s running the simulation. And it’s running the simulation from what we call the lower astral.

It’s my view, as I explain in the book, that every human life, every “soul” incarnation, is monitored by—it’s not the same as the one in our world, but the theme is exactly the same—by a gigantic AI operation. Everything is being recorded in AI.

People say, “Well hold on a minute, that’s ridiculous. That’s not possible.” Well, what’s possible, and what you believe is possible, is not necessarily the same thing. What I do is, I point people to China…and the scale in which AI, just human world AI, is tracking the population, in enormous numbers, in real time…[is enormous].

He then discusses an operation called the Sentient World Simulation being done in the US. He says real-world, real-time information is available to the cult and they are then able to adjust their actions to manipulate people and strive for exactly the projected outcome that they want.

He discusses the Akashic records and noted that they are described in terms of a computer database that records everything, everything that has ever happened, etc. He notes the implications for near-death experiences:

What they’re calling the Akashic records is the [freaking] database…so this whole reality…is run by AI, the very AI that’s coming in, the very AI that they want to connect to the human brain. Hello! And everything is recorded. Everything about a soul’s “incarnation“ is known because it’s on the database. So if you believe in a certain deity, when you leave the body, AI, in your reality, will produce the deity. So near-death experiences, a Christian would say I saw Jesus…and you see loved ones, and the loved ones…draw you into “the light,” the light tunnel….[and people] feel this bliss, absolutely a doddle to simulate through frequency manipulation…

He describes how a scientist told him about being able to alter humans’ frequencies in such a way, for example, as to make two people who absolutely loathe each other fall in love.

The YouTube video of the interview concludes there as he’s about to launch into what happens with near death experiences. The rest of the interview is available elsewhere, as noted in the video.

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