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Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The Q phenomenon. The one that's been heard about world wide. The one which the followers are not very clear as to who Q may be.

Nonetheless, all are intrigued by this entity, or entities.

There are many who say Q is the U.S military. While others say it is a joint movement between the world's militaries to bring down the cabal.

At the same time, some think it is the U.S President himself. And once again, others saying it is John F Kennedy Junior.

Everyone will most likely, let us say 'accept' anything until someone comes out and says something out of the ordinary, something out of this world as the saying goes. And then begins the laughter and the ridicule. The attacks, and labeling of one as insane.

This may be the reason why Q seems to enjoy communicating in riddles.

Perhaps his followers are not ready for the entire truth. We'll take it a bit further and say that they may even turn on Q, if Q were to state higher truths that may not coincide with the followers' current knowing.

Let us move on.

Whether you are open to the idea of extraterrestrials or not. Whether you find it plausible or not. It is a reality. And it has been for Earth for millions of years.

Not only is there immeasurable amount of proof on Earth for this. But also proof from your governments, making contact with ET's, kept hidden for centuries.

Humanity and Earth have never been alone, on this journey, for if you were, you would have been doomed. And most likely would have perished by now. Of course not do to your human collective, but do to your ruthless cabal entities, and their nonhuman overlords.

There is a group, or a family of extraterrestrials known to many as Pleiadians. These ones are your parents we would say. For they have contributed most to the genetic makeup of the current Earth human.

Currently on Earth there are many Pleiadians who walk among you. There are ones who have come from their star ships and chose to land on Earth and assist your leaders directly.

There are also many Pleiadian Souls on Earth now. What does this mean?

These are souls who have left their home world in the Pleiadian Star System, and chose to incarnate on Earth, in a human vessel, for many lifetimes to experience 3D firsthand. While at the same time being beacons of light and seeing that this world is not completely lost. Just their presence alone, has had great positive impact on this planet.

One of these Pleiadian Souls is John Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior, now incarnated as an Earth human being.

Why am I telling you all of this? What does any of this have to do with Q?

Allow us to tell you. Q is and isn't what many may think.

Is Q's identity a secret? Only if you want it to be. Is Q one or many? One in charge, and many at play.

Why do we say many at play? This is do to the fact that this mission does include benevolent leaders of your world. The military of these leaders' nations.

There are also beings from the Pleiadian Star System, who currently are present within the Solar System, particularly just above Earth's atmosphere.

With utmost honor and humility, one of these Pleiadian beings, of high rank, has volunteered to play the role of Q. This one is, we will say the leader of the Q movement.

This one is in direct contact with the President of the United States, and a few other benevolent leaders of your world.

There is another that is referred to as Q+ or Q2. And this is the being you know as John Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior. However, he has moved on from this role, or at least it isn't priority for him at the moment.

Please understand that these entities, the Pleiadian high ranks, JFK Junior, Trump, and other leaders of your world, all have and continue to meet in person.

In this group, or we should say movement, from our understanding there are other entities that are part of the Q team. Entities that were incarnated on Earth before, and have returned once again to take part in Earth's and humanity's liberation.

These ones you have known them as George Washington, Saint Germain, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana. All of them are here now, and fully aware of who they were, who they are, and why they are here. Also just as important, this is why YOU are here now.

You are truly divine and eternal beings. The only thing that changes is your physical vehicle. Your core, your essence that is pure divine light/love remains unchanged.

As souls, once again you are eternal. You traverse the Universe, planet to planet, galaxy to galaxy, serving the Universe and expanding in ways never thought possible.

You are eternal, this you must remember. There is no death. There is only transition. Transition into another dimension, another reality, to another experience.

You have been for many lifetimes a part of the Earth experience. Which is known as one of the most difficult "schools" in the Universe. And now you ready to graduate. You are moving to a higher dimension. The 5th dimension of Mother Earth. A place of peace, prosperity and harmony for all.

We ask that you be open to more, new truths coming your way very soon. Remain calm and heart centered.

You are now on the threshold of a breakthrough that was once thought impossible. A new dawn has arrived. A new sun rises. Ahead of you is a future of unimaginable excitement.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!

Source: Era of Light
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