Divine Feminine Roundtable Video | Kat

By Kat, April 28, 2020

Suzi Maresca posted this fantastic “round table video” discussion earlier today among six women who’ve been walking the Path of Light for decades.

They have been healing, empowering and assisting Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity wherever and whenever they can as their sacred mission.

It’s so empowering for me to listen to these women speak because it’s everything that I, and so many of us, are dealing with, from various levels and energies.

We’re each reaching for the Higher world, calling it in and creating it, and yet sometimes still stumbling in the old crumbling Third dimension with very real still, Third dimensional issues.

The first subject of discussion was Forgiveness and a note to do a ritual of forgiveness before the close of the round table, especially because of the news leaking out about the rescue of the trafficked and abducted children from dark satanic tunnels and cages. Lord have mercy.

These women are each doing what they need to do to stay anchored and light-filled during this extraordinary time of global shift, and emphasized that they are taking extra care of their physical bodies.

The shift is exhausting for all but especially lightworkers who are clearing all the muck that is being released as the cabal are being rounded up. It’s so important to eat well, having plenty of fresh organic vitamin-rich food, take extra rest, take time for self-care and self-love, while assisting Earth, Kingdoms and Humanity.

There was lots of discussion about Sovereignty and Declarations of Sovereignty; that we came to this non-sovereign world to assist in awakening and sovereignty.

The happy understanding that so many are “waking up,” yet some continued frustration that we’re not “there” yet.

The discussion often returns to love, forgiveness and compassion, as if those words are Polestars for Lightworkers, which they are. “Love thy neighbor, as thyself.” Love love love.

I only partially transcribed. There is another hour to it and there’s more depth, but I tried to just highlight some of the chat for readers to enjoy.

Peace, light, health and abundance for all — Goddess, Sovereign, Free,

xo, Kat


Divine Feminine Round Table video with Paula Connor, Magenta Pixie, Laura Eisenhower, Christianne van Wijk, Tara Perry & Nina Starsong, 4-26-20

Partially transcribed by Kat

17:40 Christianne van Wijk (Chrissie): …I’m noticing I’m not in my usual clarity this week… really struggling to tap in, to tune in, to make that connection at the moment… when I started making my films 10-years ago I was on such a strong mission… it was all about consciousness expansion… I knew that consciousness expansion would change the frequency so that we would burst through the limiting boundaries of the matrix…

And now when I look around me I see this incredible awakening happening everywhere, you know, people I never would have expected are now waking up… and so on the one hand I’m so excited about that… and on the other hand I’m like… ok, my job is done… what am I doing here still? (laugher between the women)

18:44 Especially cuz where I’m living at the moment… there is a National telecom mast… but they also just illegally put up a huge telecom mast… 50 meters behind the house… humongous… and I don’t know if I’m making this up but it really does feel like I’m getting highly affected by the radiation… and I can be talking and mid-sentence I’ll be like, “what am I talking about?” it’s like I get blanked… and breathing issues I get sometimes… and my skin feels like burning… I’m getting affected by external things at the moment…

I saw a video this morning of the plan that Elon Musk has with the satellites that forms an entire grid around the planet… this entire grid… and I know people are like focus on what you want… and focus on all the Golden Age things that are going on… but at the moment I feel like a horse in a stable and the stables are on fire and I can’t get out… I do not consent to being microwaved by your silly games… I just need to be honest…

28:30 Magenta Pixie: I agree with every word you’ve all said… It’s really lovely to come together and create this connection and power between us… what I’d like to add though… we are looking here at a multidimensional reality… there are different truths and different actions and different ways of thinking within each dimension…

So I wanted to come to Chrissie’s comment… because everyone else is speaking from Higher Dimensions and absolutely we need to be there because those Higher dimensional energies we need to pull down into the 3rd dimension to create the wonderful New Earth that we’re creating…

29:15 But what Chrissie is talking about a Third dimensional problem… I have been in that same situation… I’m extremely sensitive to EMFs and to the towers and the masts…. And if a tower has really has been set up next to Chrissie’s house… and she’s starting to feel those symptoms and those energies from that… I’ve been in that situation and no amount of prayer… and sending love and forgiveness and all of that Higher Dimensional stuff… no amount of that assisted me when I was in the vicinity of that tower…

not crystals, rituals, nothing worked… the only thing that worked for me was to remove myself from that vicinity… and I had to leave that place where I was living… there was nothing else that was working for me… I was simply just too sensitive… it wasn’t that I couldn’t work with the Higher Dimensions… the synchronicity for me was being able to leave… so that is a concern…

30:21 And we need to look at how we can work with Chrissie on a 3rd Dimensional level to deal with the situation because potentially this is something that is occurring across the planet… now I am assured that Global wise, this won’t work… that’s where the Higher dimensional connection comes in… the higher than 4G situation that is being rolled out across our planet… I’m assured that won’t work on a global level… but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect smaller pockets, I’m not sure what kind of mast Chrissie is living near but we need to look at how can she work with this on a Third dimensional level… so she won’t be fragmented and not able to get clarity of energy because she’s being affected by that…

31:27 Chrissie: And also, with all the satellites this grid, already you can see them in the sky, thousands of them, even if I was to remove myself it’s also happening to others… you can’t actually go anywhere anymore… I don’t want to put a damper on what we’re talking about but I’m trying to find a balance between being in my Higher Self and acting from that… but also dealing with what my consciousness is showing me and what I’m experiencing in the physical, like what you said, Magenta… do we need to do something as a collective to deal with all these satellites… or are there forces at work already to deal with this…

32:13 Magenta: I personally feel we need to come at this with every dimension… now we are workers in the Higher Dimensions… some of us work in multiple dimensions… there are individuals who are awake but are just still Third dimensional thinkers… they reject any kind of Spiritual energy… they make peaceful protests and write things on Social media… if the energy is flowing… it isn’t all just going to be total love and light… we have to come down to Sovereignty… it is about making a declaration of Sovereignty… there is an energetic way you do deny consent…

The point is… there is something there to deny consent to, within the 4th and 3rd dimensions… not within the 5th Dimension, it’s not there… it is utterly pure.. there is nothing to deny consent to… it doesn’t exists in the New Earth…it doesn’t exist in the 5th dimension… but it does in the 4th and it does in the 3rd… and we’ve got to work multi-dimensionally in order to deal with this situation we are in on this planet (5G towers…)

33:38 Laura Eisenhower: And it’s the mind control we’re breaking to.. if we look at the 3rd and 4th that is when we start to move out of our lower chakras… and all the things that are confining us that are spinning in those energy centers… survival, questions of power, or disempowerment, or the emotionality of it all… and the struggle that can come with not having the direct connect with the rest of it… as we move into that 5th… the frequency that comes out of our voice, that counteracts the frequency of dark weaponry… so if we’re all mind controlled… the more we speak, the more we share, the more we come together… that frequency that ripples out to the whole collective begins to shift the planet in a way that our health would shift if we’re putting good things in our bodies… and we’re listening to what our body needs…

And we’re not handing it to somebody else to solve for us… that is the biggest crisis that’s coming to a head… is that somebody else tells us what drug to cure something… what teachers and family members condition us to believe… that this is just passed on generation to generation.. and then we’re afraid not to be loved in return if we become that Sovereign being… which we are all beneath it all…

35:00 Laura cont.: The internal guidance is huge…when people were forcing things on me…that certainty that I absolutely cannot do it… took over every day… every word I spoke, every action that I took …unwound me from the grips of these forces that wanted me to do something else with my life… wanted to own me on some level…and we all have a piece of that trickery of… you have no choice… the more we amplify what our own internal guidance is telling us without fearing it or too much self-doubt… or if the insecurity pops up we don’t allow it to dominate… don’t allow it to make choices for me… ok, that’s nice, I recognize that wound is there but I’m not going to allow it to make choices for me…

So when people are pushed to the corner by these darker forces… the more we come together… the more we face it… not with battling it… but transmuting it through a frequency that we’re able to bring in to the physical plane… because we make it a way of life and we inspire people to join us… by building the New Earth as we call out justice and we educate the masses…. we have to begin to rise in what’s available… if we don’t put our attention on that… the entanglement of it all is too draining… it can’t be ignored and we can’t love-light it away…

36:25 Nina Starsong: I agree with that… before all of this happened I was living in Paris… and Paris was definitely under a strong attack in the city… with the riots and everything that was going on… it was a similar thing where I began to feel like I was constantly under this frequency attack and I kept trying to pray… and essentially love-light it away…

It wasn’t until I had to get super-fierce and say, “Ok, I’m saying no to this!”… my higher self finally got a hold of me and said… “LEAVE!”… you cannot be in this place you need to physically be in another place… and directed me where to go… that is really important for us to pay attention to… to tune into our intuition right now… our intuition knows from that higher place, our higher self is trying to direct us saying… hey, this is coming and you need to leave before this comes… and it was about 3 weeks after I left Paris that the entire Covid thing happened… the message I had received was… leave Paris now or you’ll be trapped… I didn’t know why I’d be trapped, I just heard that, I was just, OK I’m listening, I’m gone… you really have to listen right now because we do get the warnings sometimes… but we don’t always pay attention to them…

38:00 Tara Perry: I can speak to this… because about 24 years ago I was in a place of such sensitivity… I literally could barely function… because I was feeling everything so acutely… I know what helped me then and what still helps me now… listening to the body’s intuition and giving myself nutrition and food that will strengthen my immune system and strengthening my physical body…

But it was also a desire to be in my body and a choice to be in my body… and a choice to be on the 3rddimension… I’m not going to escape out and try and be somewhere else or wait to be rescued… but bringing the Spirit deeper deeper into the physical and anchoring into the Earth energies… Mother Earth herself… listening to her, listening to our bodies… my body will crave Spirulina and I’ll eat loads of it… my body will just tell me what I need… that was a process of getting there from listening to other people telling me what I should eat and that not working… or my body rejecting it and going on, “Hold on, what do I really need?” … do I want to be in my physical body? Where is my strong spot? When I made that choice… cuz I was definitely leaving… I felt like a 60-years old in my 20’s… but it was a bit of a fight… it was self-love… I got stronger to deal with towers and all kind of stuff…

I WILL be in this energy.. I WILL be strong… Mother Earth is supporting us right now… she is stronger and stronger… one minute we’re feeling the energy rush… and then as it drops back down again… that pause… wait… wait… stay still in the eye of the storm… in that stillness we can spin into self-doubt, is it going to be alright, is everybody going to wake up??…. you’ve got to stay in the calm, the eye of the storm, hold still, trusting… I AM, I WILL… Earth vibrational love… not just up there Castles in the Air… it’s about anchoring it… existing in this 3rd dimension and bringing it here… practicing that self-love relationship… that gets us through everything… it’s cross-dimensional… love exists everywhere and bringing it into the physical right now… that’s where the desperation is… that’s where it’s most needed… that’s where the fear is…

42:44 Paula Connor: Chrissie, I just want to add that the collective has chosen to evolve… this is a collective decision… it’s not going to work… doesn’t matter what they try…

42:57 Chrissie: It’s funny because I know this, right?…. It’s rare for me to speak like this… I already saw the outcome ten years ago… I already saw that the dark forces had to surrender… that the Golden Age was ushered in… I saw it… I went there… this is the funny thing that can happen when you get sucked into that place… and it doesn’t help when you’re among 4G, 5G radiation… it makes it a little harder to tap in… and so I know it’s not going to last… that’s my higher-self speaking…

44:00 Paula: That was me last week Chrissie… I like cried for a whole day… I felt like, who the heck am I to think I can help change the world?… who am I to have a conversation with you guys, right?… I’m one of those people who just started… who has 12-subscribors… I felt like this teeny little unimportant person… and then God love our sister… Magenta puts out videos saying it’s not just me… I feel better now…

44:38 Laura: It’s so temporary… that’s what we’re healing… this is a mass healing of self-esteem… our sense of identity is crumbling… a lot of people in the world that have invested in an identity that is not really authentic or true to who they are… so if it was enough to just blast us with dark weaponry they would just do that… but we need to be programmed first… they rely on the programming through the media, through the news, through religion, through what we get from our ancestral patterns… and we have to bite the bait for the rest of it to really create destruction…

So when we look at all the things that are being targeted… sacred union relationships, high organic union relationships, our own self-love, the divide and conquer the political parties put on us… the duality of being polarized to either this or that… and not being whole… not seeing all the different moving parts and not integrating those fragments… I feel like that creates such an opening for these dark weapons to take it to the next level…

45:32 And we’re in a massive healing… we’re helping to instigate this healing of how to come together so much and heal that the auric field is just so protected that it just transmutes any weaponry as it hits it…

But it’s so important that you share what you do Chrissie… because people all over the world are concerned about what you’re concerned about (4G, 5G)… no matter how Spiritual we are, or aligned with the light… it’s not going to be able to take it all down… this is a global issue that we all have to walk together… all of us count in this…

46:00 And we’re all going to have our days… I certainly do every day… it’s a huge part of my every day is to just crawl out of the human part of me… and just feel like, “oh my God”… and I’m very sensitive too… and there are tools and modalities…

46:18 We’re born into this density that we have to share with everybody else… so we’re going to be impacted by it… we’re here to inspire one another to be the best of ourselves… but we’re taking a huge risk… a lot of the light warriors and workers coming in… to drop our energies into a physical vessel… that is not like it is in the higher dimensions… and every single person has those memories of when they used to be that person.. and we’re really just reminding… and so we’ve got to have all these pieces… or it’s not going to be realistic… cuz we all are affected… and if those towers are near us… it doesn’t matter who it is… it’s going to create issues… and putting that voice out there is going to help people to say… Wow! We want to act in our town and keep that from happening… so thank you so much…

47:00 Chrissie: And thank you for your wisdom, all of you speaking… I hope you’re going to publish this Paula cuz this is such a great topic for now… so many people who are needing to hear this right now… and all of you speaking thank you so much for this…

47:24 Magenta: I think you should publish this Paula as well, for another reason… cuz when Laura and I did our chat yesterday… I noticed that people were feeling empowered doubly because there were two women there… two women saying the same thing… I don’t just mean women… but this is very much as we know a Divine Feminine energetic right now…

To have a circle of women come together, when people watch this… they see that Divine Feminine energetic moving as the circle, as the hareem, as the power structure, the high priestesses, we need to present that energy…

48:05 And that is what the Nine mean when they say united you stand showing this unity… this togetherness… so much power is created when we get together and we’re speaking on this higher level about 3rd dimensional real world, physical world things… but we are still using Higher dimensional energy and Higher communication in order to communicate about this… and to show that to people brings them into that energy…

48:27 And I’d also like to draw attention to Nina… it was so profound what you were saying about the voice that said to you, “You need to leave otherwise you will be trapped here…” and you listened to that voice… that is such powerful connection and synchronicity… and we are all potentially in that situation… we don’t know… everything is very unknown… even though we can see the futures, we can see the Timeline, we can see the eventualities… but we’re not quite sure which Timeline will manifest to get to the culmination point where the dark cabal is taken and we move into the New Earth… there are many ways to move towards that… we might have to leave our homes, but hopefully it might not come to that… or we might have to leave a website or leave a connection or no longer be connected to this group… it’s wonderful that you explained to us what happened to you in Paris… that you listened to that voice… I so often don’t listen to that voice!!…


Welcome to the Round Table Hosted by Paula Connor who is joined by a powerhouse of Divine Feminine Spiritual Teachers from around the world.

Paula Connor, Intuitive Consciousness Coach, HeartMath Certified Trainer and Coach,

Website – www.elevatemehub.com

Contact at – info@elevatemehub.com

Christianne van Wijk – World of Consciousness, Investigative Filmmaker,

Website – www.mindthematrix.com/

Magenta Pixie, Intuitive Consultant, Consciousness Coach and Channel for The White Winged Collective Consciousness of nine

Website – www.magentapixie.com

Laura Eisenhower – Global Alchemist, Researcher and Medical and Intuitive Astrologist

Website – www.cosmicgaia.org

Tara Perry – Tara Love Perry is a Master Soul Reader, Author, International Speaker and Global Pioneer with her ‘”I Love You, Me” ~ 7 Steps To Transformational Self Love’ Method

Website www.taraloveperry.com Contact: info@taraloveperry.com

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linked in Tara Love Perry

Nina Starsong – Contact at ninastarsong@yahoo.com

Website – www.ninastarsongpleiadiantransmission/weebly.com

Recorded April 26th 2020.

Topics Include:

The importance of breath and supporting the body

Crystal and Indigo Energies, Divine Feminine, Our Sovereignty, Soul Families Connecting

Compassion and Forgiveness

Christ Consciousness, Body Changes and Feelings of Lightness, Buzzy

Importance of listening to your Inner voice your Internal Guidance

Feeling Vulnerable and reaching out for support

Crisis in the Lungs and Throat, Congestion

Collective Grief, Dark Night of the Collective Soul

Importance of FEELING again as We need each other as a collective Humanity

President Donald J Trump MMS Multi-Mineral Solution 1:00 Hour mark

Multiple Dreams from many people showing the truth of Trump

Guidance for those that have a great deal of hatred

Knowing will come when you are in alignment with the Higher Dimensions

Must understand multi-dimensions to understand what is happening with Trump

We can make each other better people

Unity Consciousness

Balance of Light and Dark within and Creation

Understanding Duality, Integration of Polarity, Higher Dimensional Perspectives

Great Reveal and the Removal of the Masks

Small Self EGO Mask

True Colors of SOULS are being revealed to each other, No more BS

Return of the Power of the Feminine

Global Resurrection and the Power of coming together

Meditate, Self Love is So important

Source: Golden Age of Gaia
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