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Ray of Ascension

This exercise will help you consciously raise your vibrations, following the path of ascent from materiality to Divine unity. You can perform it daily (once a day is enough, for example, in the morning upon waking or in the evening before bed) for any period of time.

Take just a few minutes to imagine yourself in a bright, golden yellow, glowing column of light. Imagine that this pillar goes vertically upward to an infinite height. Imagine it as a strong, powerful pillar, wide enough for you to float freely within it. This is your own ray of Divine light, along which you ascend to Divine unity.

When you are inside this ray, you are completely protected from any influences of the material world, you are purified, enlightened, and your Divine nature is revealed to the maximum. This is a highly vibrational beam that raises the level of your vibrations an order of magnitude higher.

When you manage to imagine yourself well enough inside a beam of light, you can reproduce this state at any time, wherever you are.

A word of warning: sometimes when we raise our vibration too quickly, our physical body experiences some discomfort, such as dizziness or a feeling of ungroundedness, as if we are in zero gravity.

If this happens to you, do the following: after entering the Divine pillar of light, take a deep breath and imagine that you are forcefully drawing this light into yourself. Your aura becomes denser and immediately begins to shine brighter. You will immediately feel stronger, more secure and on your feet.

Creating Your Own Ascension Safe Space

Ascension is usually called raising the vibrations of the physical body to the level of the Spirit. This is not a literal ascension to heaven - but the continuation of life on Earth in a body that has reached the vibrations of the Spirit. In previous times, Ascension was very difficult to achieve, and only a few achieved this, and then at the cost of enormous sacrifices and labor - because the very energy of the Earth resisted it.

To overcome this resistance, it was necessary to create a special space of Ascension - a space of high vibrations and maximally protected from external influences. Usually the strength of one person was not enough for this. Thus, for Jesus, the space of Ascension was created by his devoted disciples and apostles.

In our time, such a space is also necessary - because there is still a lot of low-frequency energy around us, which is striving with all its might to prevent the mass Ascension of people. But since the Earth itself is now striving for Ascension, earthly energy no longer hinders us, but helps us. Therefore, each person is fully capable of creating the space of Ascension for himself, without the help of other people.

You are already creating such a space where you are - with your thoughts, intentions, your desire to create a new world with the help of love and light.

This exercise will help you become more conscious of this process and begin to continually strengthen and increase your Ascension space.

First read the text of the exercise, then put the book down and complete it.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and slow, smooth exhalations. Ask your Divine Self to surround you in a cocoon of white, radiant light. Imagine that a white glow surrounds you on all sides and permeates every cell of your body.

Breathe deeply, and as you exhale, imagine how you “inflate” this cocoon of light around you, like a big balloon. “Inflate” it until it reaches the size of the room you are in.

Now mentally ask your Divine Self to help you transform this cocoon into a huge pillar of light, stretching from the earth to the sky. Imagine that you are in the center of this pillar. It permeates your body and the entire room.

As you exhale, imagine that you are directing a stream of white light along your spine into the very depths of the Earth. This way you help raise the vibrations of the Earth and help its Ascension.

Now mentally direct your attention upward, and “see” the column of light going to endless heights. Ask your Divine Self to come down this pillar to you and enter your body.

Imagine that you too are moving up the pillar to connect with your Divine Self. Say mentally: “I am one. “I, my body, my Soul, my Higher Self, my Divine Self are one.” If the feeling of reunion does not immediately appear, it’s okay. It will become more clear as you repeat this exercise.

You are within your Ascension space. Remember this feeling of security, inviolability for external energies, lightness, light, comfort, tranquility. Try to keep it wherever you are.

You can do this exercise as often as you like (but no more than once a day). If you easily managed to expand the column of light to the size of the room where you are, try next time to make it even wider - spreading it to neighboring rooms, and maybe even outside the house, and then the street, the city.

This way you will help create the space of Ascension not only for yourself, but also for other people and for the whole Earth.

Enabling the processes of transformation of the physical body into the body of Light

Ascension is the transformation of the physical body into the body of Light. This scares some people, because it seems to them that the physical body must “burn” for this to happen, and thus be converted into energy. Kryon urges us not to be afraid: nothing like this will happen. The transition will be gradual, soft and smooth. You just need to consciously help this transition. To do this, we need to understand that there is no clear boundary between our physical body and the energies of the Universe - the energies of Love.

We just need to blur this boundary further. And then we will be able to gradually transform our physical body into a body of Light without any sudden catastrophic changes.

This exercise is designed to help us do just that. Just please don’t strive for too drastic and significant changes right away. Follow the signals of your body, and saturate it with higher energies only until it is comfortable. Our molecules, atoms, and the spaces between them have been, so to speak, darkened for too long.

Imagine a person who sat in a dark room for a whole year, and then was immediately taken out into the sunlight, and even left for the whole day. At best, he will get off with severe sunburn.

Our atoms and molecules also require gradualness and caution in saturating them with Light. Therefore, to begin with, spend just a few minutes a day on this exercise. When your body gets used to it, you can perform it longer and saturate yourself with Light more intensely.

It is advisable to perform the exercise no more than once or twice a week. Breaks are needed for the body to adapt to the new vibrations. First, carefully read the text of the exercise, and then proceed to complete it.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and smooth, slow exhalations. Ask your Divine Self to surround you in a cocoon of radiant white-gold energy.

Imagine this energy as clearly as possible - snow-white with golden splashes, sparkling, flowing, flashing like snow in the sun. Breathe deeply and with each inhalation imagine that you are inflating a cocoon of energy around you, like a balloon, so that its diameter is 2-3 meters.

Imagine that the cocoon extends a meter above your head and a meter below your feet.

Now imagine how the energy from the cocoon begins to slowly and smoothly flow into your body through the crown. It fills the head, neck, flows into the arms to the fingertips, goes down along the spine, filling the entire body, enveloping every organ, then flows into the legs and reaches the fingertips.

Mentally dive inside yourself - into this space filled with snow-white and golden energy. Imagine that you find yourself in an ocean of this energy. You swim freely, splash, frolic in it, experiencing bliss.

And then you decide to dive deeper - and you find yourself in another, dark space, similar to space. Here, too, there is something similar to stars and planets, you see them at a considerable distance from you in the form of small points, clumps, inclusions - and you know that in fact these are the molecules that make up your body.

Remember that you are still filled with white-golden energy from within, and express the intention to direct it into the dark space around you. Direct the flow of this energy through your eyes, heart area and solar plexus.

Let the energy also flow through your fingers and toes. You see how space begins to shine, filling with energy, how dark dots and inclusions of molecules also light up and become like bright stars.

For the first time, you need to end the exercise here. Imagine that you emerge from the ocean of energy to the surface and begin to feel your physical body again. Again imagine yourself in a cocoon of energy. Feel your body, take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

Next time (or after several times, depending on your feelings) you can continue the exercise. To do this, being at the molecular level and swimming in the ocean of energies, do the following.

Imagine that in the space of white-golden energy you are floating towards a luminous ball (at this level it is convenient to perceive atoms as balls of energy). You dive inside this ball and again find yourself in dark space, space, where you see the sun and planets.

You, like an astronaut in outer space, float freely there. Then you again begin to fill the space with white-golden light until it is completely filled. The “Sun” and “planets” begin to shine much brighter.

Then you need to emerge to the previous, molecular level (just imagine that you are floating up, as if you were really diving into water), and from there - to the surface, into the outer physical world. Feel your body, take a few deep breaths, and open your eyes.

If you do this exercise before going to bed and fall asleep before you have time to “surface”, nothing bad will happen; on the contrary, the formation of your body of Light will take place in your sleep.

Remember that you are “diving” into yourself, into the space of your body, and this is an absolutely safe space for you; nothing bad can simply happen there. You won't get lost there or drown!

“Diving back” if you do the exercise during the day or in the morning is only necessary to regain clarity of perception of the outside world, without which it is difficult to carry out your daily activities.

If you suddenly feel that it is difficult to surface, ask your Divine Self to help you, and imagine how a beautiful angelic being carefully lifts you to the surface in its arms.

Over time, you will be able to use this exercise to heal yourself. Having filled your body with a white-golden glow, you will be able to feel where the darkened areas remain - in which organ or part of the body. By “diving” there, you can fill this area with light, first at the molecular and then at the subatomic level, and thereby heal.

(Translation from the book “Kryon. 85 most important practices for gaining Strength, Light, Protection and Love")

To be continued...

With Love, Liberty

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