Friday, January 5, 2024

Archangel Michael via Erena Velazquez | January 5, 2024

Submitted to Voyages of Light on January 5, 2024

My Beloved Souls,

I am, Archangel Michael, here today to speak to all of you about important matters regarding. your planet.

If you were a negative soul and you tortured, abused or killed other beings like humans, you end up being removed from your body and transformed into a bubble. You then are put in a Faraway location from everything and unknown to anyone, it’s a place, where all of the Evil souls are bouncing around in the form of a bubble, without ever the possibility to reincarnate again.

This is their punishment to float around non stop and reflect on their crimes, which they have done, when they had bodies. As a dark soul, all you see all of the time around you is many other negative souls, who look like bubbles, and are bouncing around each other. They also constantly see all of the bad things, they did to others in their old lives. They can’t even talk to each other. This is what is waiting for anyone who wants to do Evil things to others.

You don’t want to become one of them, to be in that form for eternity without a chance of being able to be redeemed back to physicality. This place was created by Supreme Father for all of the Evil souls.

This Solar System was protected and thrived for many eons, until the Evil Entities broke through and started to destroy the balance and peace around this Universe. This has been going on for a very long time now. Divine including the Ascended Masters are ready to put an end to these destructions, mind manipulations, suffering and etc.

Look, what happened to the human race, which changed so much, that they became a reflection of Evil without even knowing it. Humanity is not capable to see, what is a real truth, follows false narrative by fake celebrities, who worship satanism and have been killing little children and drinking their blood to look young during their satanic ceremonies.

Divine and the Galactic Light Forces are making sure that these dark souls are not getting their hands on young kids. A lot of the celebrities drastically aged, because they could not get access anymore to children’s blood.

The same goes for the Vatican, it’s all total Evil there, which has been brainwashing humans always with their fake religions. They stole all of the wealth from humankind by leaving only the bare minimum to survive. You would think, that all of you would have gotten awaken by now, it’s not the case, billions of you are still asleep, otherwise you would see big changes on your planet.

Nothing is settled in your reality, only chaotic negative energies get send from everyone around the world. I want to clarify regarding the Archons and Solar Flares. Archons are a very old Galactic civilization, they left your planet a long time ago. They came here only with a curiosity to see, what was Earth about to experience something new. They have seen and done everything possible from being around for a long time in the Universe.

Archons can’t experience emotions, so they tried to feel them through the humans and eventually they got bored, as Archons didn’t find humans, so exciting and left your planet to explore and experience something new somewhere else. They didn’t do anything negative to humanity, as it’s being falsely portrayed on your planet in the messages.

The Solar Flashes or Flares don’t do anything to Mother Earth, by the time these Solar Flashes or Solar Flares arrive from the Universal Sun to Gaia, they are completely harmless and have no power left to effect your planet in anyway. Message after message about them, it is not going to change any outcome on Earth. When Ascension will happen on Gaia, there will be no big Solar Flash Event. Only Divine knows, what will happen when Ascension occurs on your planet Earth.

It’s time to stop following a false narrative. If you want to see progress, first connect to your soul through meditations, otherwise you are going to continue to be fooled by humans. Only Divine is sending daily high frequencies to break your false reality. Humans posting lies and deceptions in their messages is only going to confuse everyone and slow down the Ascension Process. Only the intervention from Divine is flushing out everything to the surface without the possibility to hide anything Evil anymore in your world.

Divine also has her own plan for transitioning Earth‘s inhabitants into 5D and higher dimensions. Unfortunately, humankind cannot be trusted in this process, we, Ascended Masters, can see, why everything is taking forever to come into reality. Humanity is still allowing politicians to run elections and control the narrative, all of them need to be striped from their bodies and changed into a bubble form and send into the Universal Consciousness without the right to be in a flesh body again.

All of you are responsible for this mess on your planet, you didn’t do anything to stop it. Your destiny is in your hands. Soul always chooses, where it wants to travel. and what it wants to experience. You wanted to be here, and now it’s up to you, what ending is going to be on Mother Gaia.

My Beloved Souls, now is the time for you to wake up from this false reality and move into higher energies, the window of opportunity is closing, as Divine is not going to allow for this to continue forever. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please accept my Blessings and Supreme Love

We Are All One
Archangel Michael

Channeled by Erena Velazquez