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Judith Kusel


With accelerated ascension, we will find that our consciousness rises as well, with this our psychic, and intuitive powers will increase. We will be able to see through lies as we become more and more discerning. More than this, not allowing ourselves to be pulled into any of the conjured up dramas those choosing to stay in the old earth and disintegrate with her, try to throw at us.

All systems will and are disintegrating because they cannot hold frequency any longer. This applies to all individuals as much as the greater whole.

It is the return to simplicity. The complicated and outdated old systems will be replaced with communities, who operate like cells, within the greater body of the New Golden Age, as much as the Temples of Light are rising and already being anchored in by the Intergalactic and Universal Counsels.

The shift is intensifying, and with it, souls will simply not want to have wars, and bickering and fighting any longer, and will rather find whatever unifies, brings together, and knits together as the old separation and duality in truth are non-existent, and only being played out by those who are still clinging onto the old.

Note, and this is very important: Many are being challenged, as a lot of old is being churned up, which finally needs to totally be let go of. Old systems, old ways of life and living, relating, and operating, will simply start to break up and dissolve. The longer one tries to patch things up, the more they will break up.

Here the inner work needs to be done, that final releasing and then a deep surrendering so that one’s will is in alignment with the greater Universal Will, as the Great Masterplan is in the process of unfolding in far greater ways than we can even imagine right now. Remember, it is not only the Earth which is ascending, but this whole Solar System, galaxy and Universe. And all is on track.

Nothing is missing.

That Masterplan has been decreed eons ago, and it is now operational to the Tee. Alpha and Omega merging as One.

The Old experiment of Patriarchy is no more. It is not valid any longer. It is now the sacred return to unity and harmony between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, as both are equally empowered, and the Divine Masculine is fully in tune with his own Feminine side, as the Divine Feminine is with her masculine side. They enhance each other beautifully.

This means a super quantum shift in all relationships, familiar, society and within all and everyone and everything.

It is the return to visibility on all levels of the Intergalactic Fleet and the Intergalactic Counsel and the Universal Counsels and already happening. Many of the starseeds, like me, are already functioning on multi-dimensional levels and working with these counsels and working in our sleep state, in our true soul form.

We are becoming Universally conscious, where all the lies which we ever told us, that this planet is the be-all and end-all of all existence, are being replaced with the full realization, that the Intergalactic Counsels and Intergalactic Fleet have been involved with this planet from the very beginning (as I write about in my books) and have always been here and never left.

We all were seeded by the self-same, and thus we look like them. They are so highly evolved, that we just could not see them with our physical eyes for thousands of years because the veils of amnesia came down and with this our ability to space travel.

These highly evolved souls fully embrace the Universal Christ consciousness, unity and harmony and work from the heart of Divine Love.

Many of the Intergalactic Civilizations are seventh to 12th dimensional and this includes Venus in our Solar system. Their craft are conscious and they indeed have the ability to instantly teleport their massive Motherships from one Universe to another.

Such technology will be returned in New Golden Age, as our consciousness rises fully into the 5th and accelerating into the 7th, and then returning fully to space travel and will even have our own Motherships again, as we had before.

We are already in a new Earth, where what a few years ago was labelled as science fiction, becomes the norm.

With such vast leaps on Universal Scale, we now are asked to keep up with all of this and to hold onto no-thing. Let go of all you ever believed you were capable of, of what is possible and what is impossible as we are now cruising into the totally unknown, yet all the navigational tools are within us.

We are being guided and being looked after and helped by the Universal Masters, the Intergalactic Fleet under the Ashtar High Command (and this has been expanded now as this fleet works on Universal and Multi-Universal levels), the Universal and Galactic masters, and here Lord Melchizedek is prominent.

Add to this those masters who all had lifetimes on earth and thus know what it was like to be alive in the Old Earth.

The Archangels, angels, unicorns, dragons, (and now the 9th to 12th dimensional dragons are making their presence felt and purifying the earth into the deepest core), are all here to assist us and to merge with us in higher degrees.

Lady Gaia has already ascended and indeed she is shedding herself now totally from the Old earth as she fully embodies the New Earth now.

Indeed, to be here to witness and be part of this, is something your soul has been prepared for for many millions of earth years and this is the only reason why you are here – to see this shift through and to complete mission.

I have spoken!
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