Friday, December 22, 2023

Solarian Civilization via Erena Velazquez | December 22, 2023

Submitted to Voyages of Light on December 22, 2023

Greetings Humans,

We are Solarian Civilization and we are transmitting telepathically this message today to introduce ourselves to humankind.

We live on a planet called Solaris, which you call Universal Sun or Central Sun. The Universal Sun planet is 100 times bigger than Earth. These solar flashes that are coming from our planet are protecting us from invasion by unfriendly races. Your kind constantly talks about the flashes. They are completely harmless by the time they reach Gaia.

Nobody can’t come too close to Solaris. Everything in close range gets melted into the Cosmos, so Galactic ships don’t charge at the Central Sun. We live on the inside of the planet and not on the surface, it’s too dangerous to be too close to the flashes of heat. No one can visit us, unless they get invited by us. When you receive permission to come to visit us, then we provide a temporarily safe opening through our active planet for you to fly on your ship and land on the Central Sun.

A long time ago part of our civilization decided to explore other Star Systems, and Earth was found, and we Solarians created a new civilization called Atlanteans, who lived on the island called Atlantis. Atlanteans became a very advanced civilization on Gaia. They even had Galactic spaceships. Unfortunately, their success went into their heads, and then they started to fight between themselves, which lead to their self destruction. Atlantis sunk into the ocean with many inhabitants, only a small number survived.

We are the second oldest civilization in the Cosmos and live in the 16th dimension. We are not in a liquid form, as some of you would say. The only time you are liquid, if you want to be reborn in that form or you live in the Galaxy or Star System, where everything is sustained in a liquid form.

Anyway, we are extremely tall with define athletic bodies. Our height ranges from 15 feet and up. Our skin tone is golden. We don’t participate in the Galactic Light Forces affairs and stay mostly to ourselves. We have done that in the past, now we are only interested in expanding our spiritual horizons and not to participate in the meaningless wars or games.

Your civilization has a lot of work to do, as of right now you are not ready to interact with any Galactic civilization. You are too divided by religion, ethnicity, language, history and etc. You can’t get along with each other. Skepticism, sarcasm, disbelief and anger are emotions implanted by your Negative rulers.

Unless all of you come together as one civilization by letting go of all your differences, you will continue to be enslaved. Humankind has been spinning their wheel for a long time, this is why Divine and the Galactic Light Forces intervention is necessary, as you are not capable to free yourselves at this moment.

The truth is the same goal for everyone to move into higher realms and leave behind 3D. We have been there, and we know that transformation takes time. We want to remind you, that you are stronger than you think. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Follow The Path To Freedom
Solarian Civilization

Channeled by Erena Velazquez