KaRa via Erena Velazquez | December 25, 2023

Submitted to Voyages of Light on December 25, 2023


I am KaRa, the Emissary from the Galactic Light Forces, and my direct responsibilities are working directly with Ashtar Command. I am happy to be back and share some updates regarding the transition for the ones, who are not ready to ascend, to a new planet similar to Earth.

The planet has been chosen in a faraway Galaxy, where humanity can take as much time as it needs to evolve from 3D into higher realms. There are hardly any ships that travel there, so humanity can’t cause any problems in a non habitant Galaxy. Humans are going to be the only life in that space, there are no Galactic civilizations living in that part of the Universe.

Humans are a liability here on Mother Earth, and Ashtar Command can’t wait too much longer for their evolvement, as other civilizations are in a desperate need of their assistance. The Galactic Light Forces have been around Gaia for over thousands of years. Humanity’s new planet will be 10 times bigger than Earth, and it’s called Zenxa.

The human weapons and a money system are not going to be transferred to Zenxa, also the Dark Entities will be left behind and loose their souls to the Universal Consciousness. Humanity needs to figure out, on how to evolve and handle their lives in a different way by being guided by their souls not by their egos.

The reason the Galactics Light Forces made this decision to move the asleep population into a new place, as they can’t wait forever for humans. Right now, Earth is taking up a lot of the Galactic resources to keep the planet Gaia and the population safe and not allow for the Darkness to destroy the Milky Galaxy with other inhabitants who live there.

The Deep State is losing their powers and getting exposed each day more and more, as their actions don’t convey high intelligence. The Dark Entities are only concerned about the destruction of humanity and creating chaos in the world, keeping people in fear and enslaving everyone with their negative behavior. Some humans still trust them and follow their plans. They have been slowly depopulating your planet by using different tactics such as shots, diseases, gender confusions, conflicts or wars.

My team is overlooking your space around Mother Earth, almost everyday one negative corporation which pretends to be positive launches satellites and rockets into your space to spy and control humanity. These satellites and rockets are poorly made which makes them easily fall apart and explode in your atmosphere around Earth. This creates a lot of debris in your space and these big pieces are falling down to your planet. We destroy them before they fall on the population.

This same negative company wants to put a technology chip into humans brain. In this procedure a human sergeant will make a hole in the skull and then a large robot will use a needle to thread 64 skinny wires and 16 electrodes into the brain. This will cause a lot problems for the human body thats assuming you will survive this surgery and this will also give the Dark Ones more power and control over humanity.

You don’t have any shortages in supplies or foods, all of that are lies. There is enough food and basic necessities for everyone around the world. You would be shocked if you would see how much food grocery stores throw away and other stores thrash goods away. Your planet has all of the needed resources to prosper and live in harmony and peace for a long time.

We said numerous times not to believe, what anyone says, unless your whole being agrees with this statement. Regarding your medical beds, it’s a big scam, they are not available yet. Be aware and don’t sign up or pay any money to get the treatment. This advanced technology is going to be available for free.

When you ascend your body will transform into a Light Body, which won’t require these low vibrational treatments, it's the opposite you will able to heal yourselves. Also, If you get injured in a Galactic battle, then you will use highly advanced devices. to repair your body quickly and painlessly.

Please, continue to focus on your vibrations, and don’t give any opportunity for the Darkness to control and manipulate you. Everyday their evil deeds are getting exposed and it can’t be hidden anymore. The Light will win and bring a long awaited peace and harmony on a New Earth. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please, Accept Supreme Love from My Team and Me.

The Wall of Deception is Falling As We speak.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez
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