Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Trinity of Spirit, Soul, and Body: Merger with the Divine Self | Liberty


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To complete the conversation about the Divine Self of a person, I would like to give you a few more meditations that will help you establish a connection with it and learn to hear its prompts.

Let’s call the first meditation “Echo of the Mother Soul” , and its essence is to establish a connection with your Mother Soul through the Divine Self.

After you have learned to call the Divine Self into your heart chakra - into your Crystal of Love, as discussed in the previous message , the next step can be to dissolve in its energies.

What do you need to do for this?

Choose any image that suits your liking.

It could be an endless ocean, a bottomless sky, the music of the spheres - anything, but the main thing is that you feel that this space is saturated with the energy of Boundless, Comprehensive Unconditional Love.

And imagine how your Crystal of Love grows to enormous sizes, that it absorbs your entire being.

You completely merge with your Divine Self, and it, in turn, dissolves in this space of Love, in which your Mother Soul lives.

It seems to echo throughout your entire being, thus responding to the Love that you send to it.

Feel the family connection with that great ancient soul that gave birth to you, feel its maternal warmth and try to “hear” its advice and instructions.

You can ask her a question that you yourself cannot find an answer to.

She will definitely respond to your call and request for help.

Her answers may come to you in the form of texts, images, or be heard by your subtle senses.

It is quite possible that they will appear later - in the form of signs and tips or come to you in a dream.

Your Divine Self will do everything possible to convey them to you in the best form that you can understand and in the shortest possible time.

And I would like to give you one more meditation today.

Let's call it “Single Silhouette” .

To do this, you need to imagine yourself in the form of a triple silhouette: inside is your physical body, followed by your Higher Self and then the Divine Self.

Moreover, each of the subsequent silhouettes is more and more sparse.

For clarity, you can choose any color, and then as you move away from your physical body, the colors will change their saturation.

And after that, imagine how your physical body increases in size, thins out and gradually merges with the silhouette of the Higher Self.

Then, in the same way, this silhouette gradually increases until it reaches the size of the Divine Self.

You become One Huge Silhouette.

Thus, your physical shell and your consciousness acquire completely different vibrations.

This will help your body activate all the hidden reserves of your body, and your subconscious - the hidden deep memory of all your previous incarnations.

This is a very powerful meditation, so you need to do it slowly and calling on all your Heavenly helpers.

To be continued...

With Love, Liberty

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