Saturday, October 14, 2023

Release from Artificial Energies | Liberty



We will start with working on the THIN PLAN.

Currently, energy attacks on people are coming from all sides: through the spraying of harmful substances from airplanes, through chemical fertilizers, artificial additives in food and drinks, through medicines and personal care products.

By and large, there is practically nothing left on Earth that is truly natural, pure, natural.

And although at first glance this may seem like a material manifestation of the impact on the human body, the basis of all this is also an ENERGY COMPONENT.

As you already know, even any INANIMATE OBJECT always CARRYS A CERTAIN TYPE OF ENERGY - the one that PEOPLE INVESTED INTO IT.

Now imagine the energy invested by the creators of certain substances and additives, DESIGNED TO DESTROY, and, by and large, KILL THE BODIES of millions of people as a result of the ingress of ARTIFICIALLY CREATED SUBSTANCES that are destructive to human life and health.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is NEUTRALIZE THE NEGATIVE ENERGIES OF ALL ARTIFICIAL that has entered your body in one way or another.

Unfortunately, this applies to absolutely everyone, and not just to vaccinated people, since at present almost no one has managed to completely preserve their natural energetic purity.

Therefore, it is very important to restore your subtle bodies that have received “INJURIES” as a result of EXPOSURE to ALIEN artificial ELEMENTS.

Such “traumas” DIFFER from those that arise as a result of your own energy attacks in the form of NEGATIVE THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS, in that ARTIFICIAL ELEMENTS ARE SCATTERED ACROSS ALL OF YOUR SUBLIME BODIES in the form of imperceptible inclusions.

These inclusions are so small that they are not capable of damaging the shell of subtle bodies, but nevertheless they CONSTANTLY and steadily ERRODES it, like rust settled on a metal surface.

And in the next message I will give you a practice for CLEANING your subtle bodies from this energetic “rust” in order to STOP ITS IMPACT on your physical bodies.

The Father Absolute, who loves you immeasurably, spoke to you.
(Accepted by Martha, Revival website)

With Love, Liberty

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