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Dear Ones, Krayon welcomes you and sends you waves of love and light from your Divine Family! I want you to sit in silence for a minute now, staying with yourself. Let each of you close your eyes and turn inside yourself... Oh, dear ones, how often do you listen to yourself and your soul? How often do you meet and be alone with the jewel that is the real you?

Do it now. Let the world move away for a while... There is only you. You are God, you are the whole Universe...

Dear ones, it was no coincidence that I began this message with such an unexpected call. Now many of you have remembered what it is like to be with yourself. You live in such an interesting, busy world, and there are so many things around you that distract your attention... As a result, you forget about yourself, about what it means to be in contact with yourself. Many people live literally “not themselves” - they are anywhere and with anyone, they are always somewhere outside, and not inside.

But when you are not yourself, your contact with the world becomes pseudo-contact. Because you can only truly contact the world from within yourself, from within, from your depths.

You have a wonderful tool for navigating the world - your feelings . But in order to be in touch with your feelings, you need to come back to yourself, dear ones. You need to feel yourself and your feelings as something important - and even more, as the most important, as an immutable value. For thousands of years you have been taught not to trust yourself. You were taught that everything is more important and more valuable than you and your feelings.

You were taught that you are vicious from birth and your feelings are also vicious, and therefore you should not listen to yourself, but listen to others, those who are “better”, “smarter” and “more righteous” than you and who supposedly know better what you need to be and how to behave.

Dear ones, all this is a many-thousand-year-old deception, the time of which has ended. You were kept in his nets only so that he could control you better.

Those whom you called “the powers that be” were terribly afraid of you, afraid that you would gain freedom and get out of their control. Then they would not be able to take away your power, they would not be able to control you and ultimately parasitize you. But their time has passed, because more and more people are finding their Divinity and thereby reclaiming their power.

He who has found Divinity in himself becomes free!

No one and nothing can control you, dear ones, when you have found true strength and true power within yourself. No one and nothing can control your life when you yourself begin to manage it, becoming the true master of yourself and your life.

It's time to regain trust in yourself and your feelings. It's time to fix and customize your world navigation tool. You have been deceived that your feelings are “wrong” and even “vicious”, only to lead you astray from your true path and to direct you along someone else’s path, one that benefits anyone, but not you and not your Divinity. It's time to fix this, dear ones.

Why are you used to replacing feelings with judgments and how to fix it

Remember yourself as a child, look at today's children. Their feelings are pure and unclouded. A child feels very well what is “good” for him and what is “bad”... until adults, who themselves have long lost the freshness of their feelings, force him to doubt himself and his feelings. “It seems to me that this is good, but my mother says that it is bad...

Probably, in fact, it is bad, and I am bad if it seems to me that this is good...” This is approximately how most children feel, receiving reproach, disapproval, warning from adults.

“Running barefoot on the grass is so nice, but they tell me: you can’t, you’ll catch a cold and get sick... I like this delicious fruit so much, but they tell me that I don’t deserve it and first I have to eat something tasteless... I really want to kiss and hug my mother, and she tells me to behave decently, because there are people around..."

Do you understand now why, as you grow up, you stop trusting your feelings?

You just don't let yourself feel.

Before you feel something, you ask yourself the question: “What is the right way to feel in this situation? Is it okay if I express this feeling? Or is it better for me to look at others, how they behave and how they feel in this situation, and do the same?” While you are thinking like this, the feeling disappears. Feeling is replaced by judgment. But judgment will never give you the feedback from the world that feeling does.

Dear ones, everything that I just described was not said as a reproach to you. None of this is your fault. This is not your parents' fault either. These were the traditions of upbringing and behavior of people that developed over thousands of years. This was the behavioral matrix that you fell into right from birth. Don't judge yourself for this. Just start fixing it.

At first just be aware of it. Every time you replace a feeling with a judgment, be aware of it. Every time you copy other people's feelings without giving free rein to your own, be aware of it. And ask yourself: “Is this really me - the authentic Me? Are these my feelings? How do I really feel? Exactly me – what am I experiencing now? What feelings of mine am I perhaps hiding from myself?”

You are so used to mistaking your judgments for feelings that it is sometimes difficult for you to determine what you really feel. But if you strive for this, if you learn this, if you begin to listen to your heart, then day by day your true feelings will wake up and speak to you more and more clearly and distinctly.

To do this, you just need to stop being afraid of yourself and your feelings. You need to stop thinking that your feelings are hiding something dangerous, “vicious”. They reveal your Divinity, dear ones. They reveal who you really are.

They reveal your true nature - pure, full of love and light. Now do you understand that you have nothing to fear from yourself? You can look into your soul without fear and see beauty there - for there is nothing else there but beauty!

If you remember your mistakes and defeats, you will see that there is only one reason: you either did not hear your feelings or did not trust them.

In the depths of your heart there is always the knowledge of what would be the best choice, the best decision, the best action, the best path for you. This is the knowledge that is inherent in your Spirit. And the Spirit can convey this knowledge to you in only one way - through feelings.

Such genuine feelings can be very quiet. They do not necessarily manifest themselves violently. Sometimes they require inner silence and caring attention to oneself.

They require you to stop and be alone with yourself in the present moment, in the here-and-now moment. What does it mean to be here and now? It is not only to be attentive to the moment of the present, but also to yourself in this moment.

Ask yourself questions:

– How do I really feel now?
– What do I really want?
– What I like?
– What I need?
– What am I really drawn to?
– What do my feelings say - do they approve of my intentions or warn me about something?

Learn to distinguish your real feelings from those reactions to your thoughts and judgments that you often confuse with feelings. Real feeling appears before any reactions and judgments. It sings softly in the depths of your heart, and this song must be heard.

This song of your heart tells you your best path. But if you drown out the voice of your heart, then instead you may have judgments dictated by something outside, and not by your heart. This may be a judgment that it is better to choose the path that other people take.

You may feel that if something is good for others, it will be good for you. But more often than not, such a conclusion is erroneous and leads you into a dead end. But you convince yourself—make a judgment—that it will be good for you. You keep telling yourself that this is good, and this reaction is accepted as a genuine feeling. But in reality this is not a genuine feeling. Feeling is what comes before judgment, not after it.

Perhaps such an explanation seems confusing and complex to you, but this is just a waste of language, which cannot always be used to explain what is simple for your heart, for your feelings. Just make the goal to listen to your feelings, follow them, not judgements, and you will understand the difference.

It is simple and easy to understand if you practice it. There is no need to theorize about what you don’t quite understand - it’s better to try it in practice, and everything will become clear to you.

Feel the world! Overcome Four Reasons You're Afraid of Feelings

Dear ones, you are all from birth endowed with the ability to feel the world. You feel the signals emitted by every object, thing, you feel each other at any distance, you feel the yet unmanifested information about events that are about to happen.

By nature, all people are intuitive, receptive, and open to the world. In children this still manifests itself quite clearly... Notice how children instantly, without words, recognize the mood of their parents, their feelings, their attitude towards themselves. If you retained this ability as an adult, no one would ever board a plane doomed to death, no one would end up in trouble, no one would suffer defeat and failure. You can avoid all this if you awaken your senses. If you stop being afraid of them and start trusting them.

Here are the reasons why sometimes you are afraid of your feelings.

First reason . It seems more convenient and safer to you to join the majority or some group of people - to the thoughts and feelings of this group.

You have such an expression as “crowd psychology”. You know that where a certain number of people gather, their feelings intensify many times over. Your feelings are contagious, you influence each other. And you don’t always notice when you join other people’s feelings - they are no longer yours, but they influence you and your life. If you find yourself among a large number of people who express some feelings, shout “Hurray” or “Down with them”, and you join them, try at least for a moment to look at yourself from the outside, and understand whether you are expressing at this moment yourself. Do you share these feelings, do you really want to shout “Hurray” or “Down with you”, or do you simply join the majority in order to feel a sense of community, to feel part of the whole?

Dear ones, the Spirit is not at all against the community of people. You are all parts of the whole, and you want to be whole not only in Spirit, but also on the physical plane. Just please be aware of why you are uniting and what unites you. Are these unifying feelings exactly what your Spirit wants? Doesn't what you express by joining with others go against your Divinity?

Remember that collectively expressed feelings are powerful. They truly create the world in which you live. You yourself will live in the world that you create with your feelings. If this is a feeling of hostility, aggression, division - before expressing them, think about whether you want to live in a hostile world. If not, then try not to create it with your feelings. Unite not in the name of discord and hostility, but in the name of peace and harmony. And every time ask yourself whether you are really where you want, whether this is your place and whether these are your feelings.

The second reason. You are afraid that your feelings will reveal to you the truth that for some reason you do not want to know.

Dear ones, feelings do not deceive. Feelings always reveal the truth. You can be deceived by your judgment and reactions. But feelings will not deceive. Your senses may warn you of danger, but you are afraid to hear those warnings. In this case, you say: “This is all untrue, these are prejudices, I don’t believe in premonitions.” This way you create a reaction to the feelings and take that reaction into account rather than the feelings themselves. Not always realizing that you are deceiving yourself with this reaction, not wanting to listen to feelings that are not deceiving. By listening to your feelings, you can avoid danger. By ignoring your feelings, you walk blindly, not knowing where trouble awaits you.

Know that a feeling, even a warning of danger, has nothing to do with fear. A genuine feeling coming from the heart is never dissonant. Feeling is always creative because it tells you better ways, creative ways.

Fear is usually your reaction to the unknown, and not at all a feeling that comes from the heart. A feeling that warns of danger is unlikely to manifest itself as fear. Rather, it will be something similar to displeasure, reluctance to take some step, or anxiety, but not fear. You can learn to differentiate between these. If you pay attention to your feelings, you will begin to understand what they are telling you. And then you will not be afraid, because you will know: your feelings never frighten you. They were given to you for your good - not so that you would be afraid, but so that you could clearly see your path and be able to bypass possible obstacles.

Third reason. You don't give yourself the right to be attentive to your feelings.

It seems to you that your feelings are something insignificant. You feel like you should pay more attention to other people's feelings than your own.

Dear ones, let go of control over the outside world. You still cannot control it - it is an illusion. You are responsible for yourself and your feelings, not for the feelings of others. Understand that your feelings are a tool for creating the world. Yes, yes, no more and no less!

You get things in your life according to how you feel. Allow yourself to be happy with who you are. Allow yourself to enjoy life. Allow yourself to spend every moment of your life in contact with yourself and your feelings.

This doesn't mean you should close yourself off from the world. On the contrary, it will be real openness—genuine openness. You are truly open to the world when you are open to your feelings. Your feelings are a communication channel that opens up the whole world to you. When you are closed to your feelings, the whole world is closed to you.

Then you go through life blindly. Then you cannot see the road under your feet. Then you naturally stumble, fall and hurt yourself.

Dear ones, remember what it is like to feel with your heart. Don't close yourself off from direct perception of yourself and the world around you. Breathe in the fresh air, expose your face to the sea spray or raindrops and make no judgments. Just feel and enjoy.

Don’t think: “How should I feel about this?” You should not. You just feel - or don't feel. When you inhale the scent of a rose, simply inhale it without any judgment. This is one aspect of the beautiful symphony of the world, of which you too are a part, when you simply feel...

Fourth reason. You have a strong habit of automaticity.

You do many things mechanically, even sometimes unconsciously. At such moments, you seem to glide above the surface of life, without even coming into close contact with its essence. When you take a shower, or have breakfast, or do other everyday and familiar things for you, use these moments to be in touch with yourself and your feelings.

Don't try to pass them quickly. Even a few minutes on the day of a real meeting with yourself, awareness of your feelings will not be in vain for you - your life will become richer, and you yourself will discover a whole world within yourself, which, believe me, is worthy of attention and love.

Feel the peace with all your heart – and with every cell of your body. This doesn't mean you shouldn't think at all. Kryon is not asking you to give up your mind at all! Without intelligence you could not live consciously. You need reason to gain experience and draw conclusions from it, to learn lessons on Earth and not repeat mistakes.

But let the mind follow the feelings. Feel with your heart... and acknowledge your feelings with your mind. You will discover an amazing language of feelings, the language with which the Spirit speaks to you. A new world will open up for you - multidimensional, bright, colorful, sounding...

Oh, dear ones, how we want you to be happy, so that you enjoy your earthly journey! And you have everything you need for this, you are equipped with all the tools, maps, navigators, means of assistance and protection. And all this is given to you by your feelings.

We love you immensely, dear ones, we admire your perfection and beauty, we bow to your enormous abilities to transform the world in which you live. Bring earthly paradise closer, dear ones. Do it with your heart, with feeling. Everything works out for you.

Kryon endlessly confesses its love to you. I am always next to you, dear ones, at your first call.

Exercise 1. Verbal formulas - a mood for sensitivity to yourself and to the world

These verbal formulas can be pronounced at any time and in any place, both out loud and silently, both with open and closed eyes.

I came into this world with a heart open to perceive everything that exists. I came to Earth to explore—and to feel. I have a sensitive, receptive heart - my Divine gift, which I value and cherish.

With love and warmth, I turn to my heart with gratitude for the fact that it allows me to feel the world as it is. I ask my heart to be a reliable guide for me on my earthly path and to lead me only along those roads that promise me the best. I am happy that I am endowed with a heart and the ability to feel.

I appreciate every moment of life in this world and listen, feel into the world so as not to miss anything. From now on, I respect my feelings, recognize their significance and value. From now on, I allow myself to feel, I allow myself to be in close contact with my heart and my feelings. May it be so every day and every moment of my earthly existence.

Exercise 2: Practice Distinguishing True Feelings

Often we don’t notice how we are crowding out our true feelings with judgments or habitual automatic reactions. But we can regain our ability to recognize, be aware of and be guided by real feelings if we at least practice it from time to time.

Be alone with yourself in a calm environment. Ask yourself the question: “How am I feeling right now?” Don’t be embarrassed if the first answer that comes to your mind is “Nothing.” This doesn't mean you don't have feelings. This means that your consciousness is protected from something unusual for you - attention to your feelings. Don't scold yourself for it, don't put pressure on yourself. Be gentle and patient with yourself.

Start by talking to yourself about how you feel physically. Be attentive to yourself. Do you feel energized, fresh or tired? Are you comfortable or not? Are you calm and joyful or is there anxiety or worry?

If it makes it easier for you to understand yourself, write it all down on paper. Try to sort out your feelings. If there is concern - why? When did it appear? What could be the reason for this?

Realize that worry, fear, anxiety, nervousness are not genuine feelings. It's your reaction to something. What exactly and what do you think is hidden behind this reaction?

By answering the question of what caused this or that reaction, you will get to your true feelings. What is your heart saying—why are you nervous, or irritable, or worried? Perhaps your heart is telling you to do something you love or do something for love, but you don't do it. What your heart says is a feeling that comes from the soul. But the soul wants to live in Divine love, and it is this desire that dictates all its feelings.

Maybe deep down in your heart you want to make peace with someone, and not quarrel, and it is this, and not irritation with this person, that is your true feeling? Maybe you want to do what you love, but you don’t do it and that’s why you get angry, whereas your anger is not a feeling, but only a reaction that occurs due to the fact that you do not follow the feeling.

Getting used to asking yourself questions:

“How do I really feel? What do I really like and what don't I? What do I really want? – you will gradually learn to hear the voice of the soul and recognize those true feelings that come from the soul.

At the end of this exercise, send yourself the kindest and warmest feelings. Create for yourself an atmosphere of peace, acceptance and love - as if you were under the protection of the most loving and kind being. Dedicate these few minutes to yourself and only yourself, in a state of loving attention and self-care. Bless your true self and your senses and thank them for serving for your good.

(Translation of an excerpt from a book “A big book of messages from the Universe for finding Happiness, Love and Prosperity”, Schmidt Tamara)

With Love, Liberty

"Island of Light" in English

"The Island of Light" in Russian
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