Monday, July 10, 2023

Immanuel, Grand Solar Flash via Galaxygirl | July 9, 2023

Immanuel, Grand Solar Flash 7/9/2023

I am here, I am all around you. Many of you feel me near, many of you do not and are locked out a few frequencies away, heart tight. Open your hearts. Open to the light around you, to the light that is coming and the light that is here. Many will see, many will not but will know that a shift has occurred. There is nothing to fear. Only love will remain for those who have chosen to partake of love.

I am love in light form. I am the out-breath of Source Creator. Many will see as they wish to see. Some will see destruction, others images of saints on clouds. Whatever you resonate with or expect to see and feel you all will see and feel. As is fitting for the culmination of a matrix hologram. Many of you balk at these words. How else then do you define reality? Is reality only what is solid, what you can feel? Holograms can be solid. Is reality only what you remember? You remember things differently in dreams, dreams are like catching fluids thinking they are solids and they quickly drain through, yet are they not real when you are experiencing them? Then perhaps only experience is reality. In which case you all have had too many experiences of reality to count. Reality is where you place your focus. As Source creator beings, you have the power and influence to create your reality, you have heard this. But many of you do not fully understand the implication of this. You will.

This one asked to speak with the solar flash, or the love wave, or the great change wave, whatever you wish to call me. I am the energy behind it, of it. I am assisting to direct this wave. I am Immanuel, in lightwave form, assisting the light, directing and guiding it. There has been much lack of light on your planetary sphere, and the people need their hearts refilled with light again. This is in part my duty to make this light available, as celestial orchestrator, and it is also in part your duty, dear ones, dear friends, to open your hearts to it. Do not despair. Do not lose hope. Do not lose your heart. Keep it close within you, opening, opening up more and more in to these energies of light that are pummeling your globe.

I wish for you to know how much you are loved, how much love is in these words, I wish for you to feel this. Creator wishes for you to bask in the warmth of love, and this is in part what the love wave will feel like. It will feel like a wall, a wave, of immersive, submersive, illuminating, joyful love. It will feel like home. You have been missing home, you feel this, and for those of you such as this one who can feel deeply, being on a planetary realm of darkness and strife can be overwhelming, overbearing. And it is easy to shut it off. (He is showing me a light switch flicking off, and now a light switch on a beating heart.) Keep the light switches on of hope in your hearts. Dear friends, you are frustrated, and you wish to know your purpose. Your job. I see that you have been all doing your jobs magnificently. You are holding the light, so that the love wave has a place to ground, so that it will not be such a shock, such a jarring discord difference of frequency. You are keeping the planet from blowing up, quite literally, as all is frequency, you are keeping the frequency high enough that the love wave that I am directing, will be met with similar frequency. You are showing love to those in your lives, you are bridging the gap. And I couldn’t be any more proud of you.

This year has had many changes, many burstings of change, many of which you cannot see. It does not mean that they are not there, that they have not happened. You will see many holographic images of people how have been charged and are no longer on your planet, but appear on your news or social media, because images can be manipulated. They have been manipulated all the time on your sphere. It is easy for the galactics to swap out a dark hat and use their image of charisma and influence to create awareness of a certain issue, to help wake those up who would be drawn to that 3d image. Do you see that this is happening?

I wish for tonight, or this morning’s message to be one of encouragement, of codes. Envelop yourself in the light of Source. Bubble up, it is a worthy saying and image to practice. It is a hug of light. Light finds light. Be an open receiver for this light. I am sending codes of home, of love, of belonging, all of which you have missed in this incarnation. You have deeply missed your space homes, your galactic beloveds. And it is easier sometimes to flip the switch and say “I’m not going to feel that today.” And then the days stretch into years and the joyful spark of your life is gone, and you have forgotten your purpose. No, please don’t do this. Please remember your calling, to hold the light, to be the light, to be a receptor for the light to ground.

Source Creator will not let this project be anything but 100% perfected, and the time is now, is here. This light wave that I am managing, is unlike any I have ever experienced. As Celestial Orchestrator, I have orchestrated many beautiful celestial events. (He is showing me the guiding of galaxies to collide and form something new, or to keep them from colliding, I am seeing rainbows of light in space, I am hearing colors of all rainbow hues around planets humming, singing. There is definitely music in space.) Yes, galaxygirl. There is liquid in space. There are all kinds of things in space that you will enjoy discovering. You are on a short mission here, a human life is short, very short. Too short. But this will not always be the case. With the light upgrades humankind will be have to choose what length of duration they wish to experience, there is much to look forward to. There is much to be excited about.

Remember this journey has seemed arduous, very long, grueling even, and painful. We know this and we all see your tenacity and applaud you. But it is really only a moment in your long eternal line of moments, and many of them have been joyful ones. This aspect of your multidimensional self is becoming available to you. Pick moments of joy from your other experienced moments, if you feel no joy in your current life. And it will fill you up. It is all available to you now, you are just realizing it. In this now is a download of accessibility, of your grand self. Bring your own joy towards you. And bring the light. As magnets of this light you are changing your world, and your solar system and this of course results in the upgrade of your known universe.

All is well. I Immanuel, Celestial Orchestrator of events known and unknown am at your service. I am sending you downloads of energies that are to be quite useful in the coming months. You are all that you need. You are what you seek. And now you have found it. You might not yet quite know what to do with it all but you will be guided. Feel the size of you increase now . (I am looking at my arms and I am seeing them flash between many forms.) It is all you. You are the size of space. You are space. You are everything. We are one. You are also Source in form of expression. The illusion is no more. I am Immanuel. I send you my love. I am with you always.

~ galaxygirl