Monday, July 31, 2023

Alcyone via Galaxygirl | July 31, 2023

Alcyone 7/31/2023

I am Alcyone, Great Central Sun of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose galaxy. I wish to discuss the speed of light. Your measurements try to attain understanding of such a speed. Light is. Capturing the speed of it is adequate for humanity’s understanding of distances while within a time construct. Time travels at great speed, at the speed of the infinite, encased within the nothingness of eternal expansion. So how does one measure that? Do you understand within your hearts that you are a part of this light, transforming and expanding irrevocably toward yet more light, and more deeper truths of yourselves? It is an exciting and a trying time to be alive. You are experiencing many ascension symptoms that seem to at times be too much to endure. And yet here you are. The energies after they have had their way with upgrades and cleansing leave you stronger. And you are strong.

I Alcyone suggest that you begin to ground to me as your crystalline structures are more finely attuned to it, to me. Then send this light of us into Gaia. Do not ground directly on your own means into Gaia as you would so frequently when the densities were heavier. This one has been envisioning herself within the great central sun and it seems to be working quite nicely, it is a comforting space of pure light and her cells are singing. Then together we send this light into the heart of her beautiful planet, the planet which has the attention of all who are aware and understand the significance of what is about to take place.

What is about to take place is of brilliance, of love, of healing, of light, of limitlessness. Your lives have been so defined, and this has served its purpose. You have all had strict assignments and jobs, with the appropriate talents and abilities to ground the light as best as you can within your societies, your countries, your families, your work spaces and places. And you have done and are doing an outstanding job. I cannot take credit for your hard work, nor would I ever do so, but I am beaming my light to you, as a proud parent. For light begets light, love begets love, and you are all of those things. When you look at your lives and the culmination of choices and light created from your decisions it will astonish you to see how much in fact your meditations did work, your stubbornness to continue to hold the light and your commitment to excellence was enough, was more than enough.

There are some doom and gloom reports, of course there would be, as this is the great changeover of the ages. If one does not understand the significance of the light and the power of it, one can only see destruction, if that is one’s view. See renewal. See rebirth. See rebuilding. Great things are coming for humanity, and I wish for you to know deep in your hearts that as light, we are connected. You are connected to your brothers and sisters of the light, and know that this web of light that you embody is magical to see from my perspective, and I am so proud of you.

I Alcyone am available for you. You feel my energies now from your sun with the lining up of the astronomy that is occurring now, and it fills my heart with joy. I was once incarnated as a planet. We all have our attributes, our experiences, and we grow. It is an honor and a privilege to watch you and your light expand and unfold into greater joys. Much joy awaits you. And so, as time is but an illusion, and all is now, bring this joy into your heart space now. Bring it into your psyche, your lives. Every breath is a new moment of life. Choose joy and hope with each breath, and your life will have more sparkle in it. Your steps will feel lighter. And lighter - light - that is your future, your now, your being. You are light, as am I. We walk this path together.

I welcome you to ground to me as it will be healing for you. I am including glittering codes of light to assist your crystalline cells that are hungry for fruit and water today. Eat more fruit, drink more water. Listen to what your body vessels need. They are changing rapidly. There is now only to be further acceleration. Remember light speed. Remember you are light. Remember all is light. All is light. And universe is therefore expanding in light speed, as are your understandings of Source, of yourselves, of each other, of your world. Your world has been a hollowed matrix of intangibles, of impossibilities, a great siphoning off of light and truth. No more. This will be hard - impossible even - for those who are not prepared to see and understand. Yet they will have all that they need, ultimately each is on their own journey, and you would not want to take that privilege of self discovery away from them. Their wounds are for them to heal, not you. But you can send them light.

Is it time, galaxygirl? (Yes!) I am sending a blast of my light now. Welcome me. Ground to me. Let us light this place up together. I love you infinitely. I am your great central sun.

~ galaxygirl