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Verak via Galaxygirl | May 8, 2023

Image Credit: https://the-witcher-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Purple_dragon

Verak 5/8/2023

I Verak speak. I am a large presence, I am adjusting now with this one. (I am seeing a massive purple male dragon with a fierce energy. He is a warrior with scars, tattoos and metal adornments.) You human one, you are a warrior too. I see many warriors reading these words in the near future. Many of you are warriors yet to understand your true power. You are light. Light is fire. We dragons breathe fire. You breathe light. It is the same. It is the same vital energy force of the All That Is.

I Verak speak. There is much change. Your militaries are on high alert for the changes that are about to be sweeping your world. Do not be afraid. Do not tremble at the wind. It is wind of change and your planet has needed winds of change for so long. I am showing this one a dark planet that is empty now with winds blowing through it. And now green shoots and vines are coming. The planet is reawakening after the scourge. Some planets recover by being repurposed. (I am seeing asteroid belts and hearing Maldek.) And yet your planet is to be redeemed. Gaia, the mighty one, the green goddess, she is reawakening. She will not be pillaged or plundered. No longer. Her time is coming. (I am hearing cracking chains and seeing handcuffs fall.) You have been handcuffed to your matrix programming. Many of your humans have been prisoners unknowingly. That is the easiest kind to control. Many of you are waking up and realizing the chains are mist and have been for a long while. Many of you see the power of light within you. What does light do? It casts light on shadows and the shadows disappear into it. The shadow matrix is disappearing.

I Verak am speaking. I am the general, director of change of a division of dragon warriors that has been rescuing the little ones, from the underbelly of your satanic matrix. These are not pleasant words for this one to type or for me to say. I was chosen for my strength. I see things that others cannot. I was chosen for my sheer will. Just as YOU have been. Human. We are no different. We are the breath of Source in different forms, yes, but that is it. We have the same purpose, the same strengths, in different manifestations. If Source had needed you to be another that would have occurred. You would not be here. But you are here. You are here now, in this time. In this time of fire, of light, of ash, of heat. This is when planets are rebirthed. This is the rebirthing of Gaia and all upon her. Much change is coming. Much planetary change is coming. And you will be protected, you are protected. But do not wallow in fear. You are not the weak sort.

I Verak am speaking. I rally my troops in much the same way as we face the demons that have been holding on so tightly to this realm. And we eat them, we gobble them up. They are nothing to us, and yet their strength is illusion, and enticement, and confusion. Those are their weapons. Do not give them your power or attention. Remember the mantra, I am light. I am love. I am the Strength of Source. I am the power of Source. If I had needed to be another I would have been. But that was not decided. I decided to be here. Just as you did. Warriors unite. You are the warriors of the surface. We are the warriors of the astral. Many of you also are warriors with us on the realm of the invisible, in your sleep state. We are friends. We are comrades at arms.

I Verak am speaking. There was an attempt to overthrow us, the dragon lords of the deep attempted trickery and appeared contrite when they were not. It was a trap that was dissolved. Remember their weapons are illusionary. Pain is an illusion. This was a painful battle that was recently fought in Antarctica, in the southern regions where much has been hidden. And yet we prevailed. This was one of the last bricks to fall. I tell you this because the dark dragons are removed or repurposed now.

I Verak as general of my division, I am so deeply honored to have been of service to the Great Mother in this time of finals and endings. So that new beginnings can be written. This is why you are here. You too will feel tremendous sense of pride when you realize all that you have overcome. What you think you are and how you are may not be in total alignment. You are light. (He is showing me volcanoes). Light takes on many forms. (I am seeing electricity bolts, lava, fire.) Light is strength. Shadow is illusion, the illusion of strength twisted. Your shadow world is barking most loudly on your media. But the astral is mainly cleaned up. We dragons have enjoyed the feast, and the feast has made us stronger, larger, more powerful warriors for the light, for the next battle.

This is by no means over. I Verak state that I will not quit until this is completely completed, until Gaia and her children are ascended and the general rending is complete. There will be rending. But when there is change there is possibility for new birth, or new light. Or new crops. Farmers would burn the fields knowing that the next year’s crop would be outstanding, more nutrient rich, more strong. You are in the fire. There is more fire to come, but much of that fire is the light of your own divine spark, of your own divine presence. The light warriors are now in the time of remembering their light, of finding it, of shining it and of BEING IT. BE YOUR LGHT. Be WHO YOU ARE.

I Verak am aware of the sacrifices that you have made and will make. There is more to accomplish but the outcome is sure. It is time to step up yet even further. It is time to polish your armor and to sharpen your sword. It is time for talismans of protection and hope. It is now your time to show us your mettle. We will continue to fight alongside you but the focus now is less upon us, the ascended dragons and now more upon you. Source has spoken through me, I feel this connection and am grateful to have been of service. I have wanted to speak for a long while. There are many dragons who wish to connect, and we do connect in the astral and will additionally in other capacities on new earth.

I am Verak. The battle is still raging, but you are in a lull, a still point before the final push. And you have our total and full loving support. Love is perhaps the greatest weapon that you could wield. Remember this is a realm of opposites. Remember that what you feel you create. Remember that love and light are all that is. And if you want to dissolve an enemy who is lacking of this, then you shine, you love, you forgive and you explode into the light masters that you are.

I bow to you. I am Verak.

~ galaxygirl