Thursday, May 4, 2023

Source via Galaxygirl | May 1, 2023

Source 5/1/2023

I am Source. I am the out-breath and the in-breath and the space in between. I am the very force of the life that you are. All things have my spark and my heartbeat is love. I am Source. Your world is in turmoil and yet underneath, the current of change is bringing massive awakenings, awakenings to love. There is much good to look for, and what you look for you see, what you seek you find, always. This is a vibrational holographic universal matrix of me. I am that I am. You are that you are. We are one.

Many of you have questions for me, many of you are struggling with the shifting of your world that you see. It will continue to shift. Just as covid shifted the populace into forced choices and understandings, there are upcoming changes that will need to be dealt with, through strength of belief and the force of love. Those whose light has been dimmed by their own inner devolvement will come back to me as they are yet a part of me. This is hard for many of the newer awakened ones, it is hard to understand how some could choose the anthesis of love, over and over. They are lost. Children, they are in process of coming back to me for re-purposement. And yet their lessons were not lost. Their purpose has served as a catalyst of a great awakening, unbeknownst to them, my purposes are always served and my will is always completed.

Earth, Gaia, will be transformed and all upon her will have the choice to be transformed or relocated. It is as simple as that. The galactic wars have had their time and place and this universal sector is now stamped with love, this will be the Golden Rose Galaxy and Gaia will be the central sun. It will take some time for her to become a central sun, but as of now this is part of the majestic all encompassing plan. Children, there are so many universes, there are so many central suns, just as there are billions and billions of you, and you each have your own central sun that is me. Do you see the vast light tapestry that we are? I am so eternally proud of you. Your growth over the last few years has been astonishingly fast. It has been painful. Growing pains are painful. But look at the result. The trees are budding and soon there will be a harvest of delicious spiritual fruit. I am showing this one honey bees on blossoms. This is where you are right now. You Lightworkers some of you are like the honey bees that are furthering the harvest by sharing your words. Others are like the nutrients in the soil that are holding space for the trees to shoot up. And yet they all work together. They all hold tremendous value. The trees need both to work synchronistically for them to thrive.

I see Gaia as beginning many things. There is much that will be to revealed you. Yes free will and free choice has to be accounted for, and so there is always a variability in the plan. But yes, as this one is persistently reminding me that your free will has been so violated, and I am deeply saddened by this, and very aware. Remember I am you and I feel all that you feel, and when we connect in that space together you feel my strength. Remember, I know that your free will has been violated against universal law, and this is why you have and will continue to have so much help. Help for your healing for yourselves and your world. But the exciting part, children, the exciting part is that you will be able to concrete and to co-build and co-heal this beautiful realm. You will have the tools that you need. They are manifesting now. You will have the direction and sheer will to continue. You will be angelically over-lighted, guided, and protected in all ambitions.

I am Source. I am the out-breath, I am the in-breath and the in-between. I am the atoms that bump and collide and the quarks the you have yet to fully understand. Dimensions are shifting. Vibrations are lifting. Much now can be found in these moments of interplanetary movement, of personal movement of change. And yet there is much heartache if you choose to focus on that. I encourage you to focus on heart healing. Aches will be healed. Often the ache is the sense of lack, of an emptiness that one is longing to fill. You are longing to fill it with me, you know. That is the game, the point of the separation game that humanity wished to experience. And you have felt so separated. I am as close to you at all times as your eyelashes are packed together. What if one of your eyelashes was lonely? You would find that an absurd thought, wouldn’t you? And yet you feel lonely. And yet I am around you, within you, above you and below you. I am within every moment of you, of your days, of your people you interact with. I am Source. You are my precious fractal. There is none other that I would wish to spend my time with. I am here for you and I support you.

Great changes are coming. I see more light on your world and I know you can feel it if you open up to the light. Perhaps that is your task now. To intend daily to open up to more light, for it is light beings that you are and are becoming more of, as your 3d carbon body awakens to this change there will be shifting, and there will be a lifting of truths that were previously shielded from your understanding. Mental capacities will increase as the poisons and toxicities of your realm are healed and removed. Gaia will gleam brightly again. Such a lovely planetary soul. Don’t you love her as well? Send her your love. She is your Planetary Mother at this time and deserves your love and care, and respect. Think of her during your western Mother’s Day. Think of her daily in fact.

I am Source. All is not lost. All is being found. It is a bit of a process, a multifaceted inter-dimensional plan with billions of assistants and attendants. I am over-lighting this process with my love and strength. You are my hands and feet in this process. You are my love and strength embodied. Breathe with me and rebalance, recenter. In my presence you will find your center. We are one.

I am Source.

~ galaxygirl