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Creating Our New Earth with Artificial Intelligence

By Dennis Shipman @

Today, right now! There’s a tremendous opportunity to use artificial intelligence to support the ascension process of the planet and humanity. This is a positive, uplifting, empowering and wise use of artificial intelligence. Like millions of us lightworkers, I’m on a mission to help bring in more light to the planet and collective consciousness through my visionary art, and to participate in co-creating our New Earth with my talents, strengths, and abilities.

In late March 2023, I participated in a Zoom meeting and answered a “Call to Action” initiated by Lumina – Valerie Donner’s spiritual guide. Valerie created The Ground Crew website and also channels a monthly message from Apollo and Mira of the High Pleiadian Council. Lumina asked us "to be a part of the creative process to help raise the consciousness of the Earth and all of life. We are creating a beautiful New Earth and you are a part of it."

Perhaps you’ve heard about the transformation to our New Earth. It’s about creating peace on Earth for all humanity, harmony, joy, abundance and love, and elevating our consciousness to the 5th dimension and higher. It’s the greatest evolutionary event in human history, and we are an integral part of it, witnessing in every moment that it’s happening now – within us and around us.

A few days before the Zoom meeting, Lumina issued a series of questions that asked us to contemplate our gifts and priorities and expertise in co-creating our New Earth. One of the questions that stood out like a neon sign to me was: “What would our New Earth look like (to me)?” I thought about this for a while, and asked myself: “What kind of project could we all do that would help achieve the goal of bringing more light to the planet?”

Yes, our personal daily meditations and global meditations are vitally important, but what else could we do as a worldwide collective consciousness to bring in more light to the planet?

Dream by Wombo /

For the past few months, I’ve been creating artistic masterpieces using only WORDS. That’s right. Only WORDS. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Incredible yet it’s true. The system I use is Dream by Wombo cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) text-to-image generator, meaning the user inputs a short descriptive phrase, and the AI generator creates a mind-boggling, stunning image. Wombo’s AI requires no artistic talent. No sign-up or payment. Don’t have to buy any art supplies. You own all the artwork you create, and you can create unlimited, amazing, magnificent, stunning images. And, best of all, it’s absolutely FREE. Now, with this awesome tool, anyone and everyone can be a great artist like Rembrandt or Picasso.

I’m stoked about creating AI images at the Wombo site. You can use your cellphone, laptop, tablet or desktop to create amazing images. The learning curve depends on how astute you become at using the system, yet even a newbie can learn this system within a short few hours. It doesn’t take years and years of practicing art to produce an artistic masterpiece. Seventy-five (75) art styles are available to choose from to enhance your AI images. Combined with words (known as Text Prompts), you will discover that your creativity has an “immense” range of options to choose from.

Before I selected Wombo as my #1 go to website for AI image creation, I conducted a comparison study of 20 websites that offer the same service. Then I used Dream by Wombo for a while before making my decision. The reason I discarded the others were: (1) they were free but sign-up was mandatory, or (2) no trial offer, or (3) to access the service you had to pay for a subscription, or (4) those that were free produced lousy resolution, not the stunning AI images that Wombo offers. Wombo does not have an affiliate program, so there is no way I can make money if you sign-up for their premium offer. Google Play’s Best of 2022 awards picked Dream by Wombo as best overall app.

The Birth of Our New Earth AI Image Team Project

Suddenly, I saw what could be accomplished by collaborating together and using the Wombo AI image generator to bring in more light to the planet.

The strategy is to develop a worldwide collective consciousness of co-creators that create positive, inspirational, empowering, uplifting images using Dream by WOMBO AI image generator, and post our images on social media where you are already a member. To inspire each other to create and share our visions of our New Earth.

Ask yourself: What does our New Earth look like to me? Visualize your vision in your mind's eye, then create an AI image, and post it on your social media where you can share them with friends and the general public, where everybody can see them.

In your post, let people know: "This is my vision of our New Earth."

That’s a major key: for people to see your visions of our New Earth so they can become inspired to raise their consciousness through visionary art. Then, they can either choose to create their own visions of our New Earth using the Wombo AI system (or another AI system), or to use the visions (images) that others create to share on social media.

New Earth AI-ART Public Domain Gallery

We are all busy with our daily schedules, family matters, business and personal tasks. Some of us don’t have the time to learn a new system, even though we might want to. Not to worry! You don’t have to learn a new AI imaging system, if you don’t want to. I have created a gallery of a few hundred images of my visions of our New Earth that are already waiting for your download.

Just access the site: New Earth AI-ART Public Domain Gallery. Preview the existing images, choose the ones you like, and download them for FREE. Attribution is not necessary. Then, share them on social media.

I have released all my AI images into the public domain. Why? Because I want people to download them and share them on social media to achieve the goal to assist in raising our collective consciousness, and co-create our New Earth.

In a side-bar related to this, in a recent ruling by the U.S. Copyright Office, it has declared that AI-created art cannot be copyrighted. Even though you own the art that you create, and you can sell your art, you cannot copyright it. So, that’s another reason I released my AI images to the public domain. Besides, I’m not in it for the money. Source:

Creating Our New Earth Visions with Artificial Intelligence

For those that DO want to learn how to create AI images, I have created a webpage that describes exactly how to use Wombo's AI image generator. The main challenge is to create the word combination that gets you the results you're looking for. I have created a series of 25 word combinations at my webpage for users to get a jump start. All you have to do is copy and paste my word combinations into Wombo's AI image generator, choose one of 75 art styles, click create, and you are off and flying. It’s that easy!

Once you start creating artistic masterpieces (it will be sooner than you think), please pay it forward and show your friends how easy it is. You might even choose to create your own image gallery as I have done. If you are a Facebook member, there are many spiritual groups where you can post your images. I have listed 12 free spiritual advertising groups on the webpage where you can post your images. In this case, more visions of our New Earth being shared on social media is better.

The images accompanying this article were created using Wombo’s AI image generator. I’ve been posting my AI images on my Facebook page, and sharing them with other social media. And, I’ve garnered a lot of kudos, but that’s not the goal.

The Goal: Raising Our Consciousness, Co-Creating Our New Earth

Imagine: We come together in unity to collaborate on this project, and generate a worldwide collective consciousness of co-creators creating and sharing our stunning visions of our New Earth, around the world, using the FREE Wombo AI tool for the transformation of our planet and humanity, and in the process, we co-create our New Earth. This is the goal.

Breathe and have FUN!

Dennis Shipman
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