Saturday, March 11, 2023

Will Nothing Wake you up? | Sheri B

Submitted to Voyages of Light by Reader Sheri B

Will nothing wake you up?

The world is making a huge mistake. It's the worst mistake anyone can ever make. They are putting their confidence in a man to save them.
There is only One who can save you and He's not human.
He has laws and commands. He is straightforward. Had everything written down for people.
He is not an alien to me but He is to almost everyone on this planet.
I hear reports of us being in the middle of March Madness. That couldn't be more accurate.
Spring cleaning is needed. It needs to start inside your brain, your thinking.
We are swiftly heading toward an annual acknowledgement of the murder by everyone of us of our Savior, our only hope.

His death left a scar on your hearts and turned it to stone.
His death gave us back a new start, new beginning if we decide, so we would not die forever but LIVE! His death was the beginning of our lives!
We'd never have had such any opportunity to come out of our sin and LIVE if He had not SO LOVED YOU, THE WHOLE WORLD.

Yet every chance you get you shout of your own glory as if the victory belonged to you.
My message does not send my love. My message screams at you to wake up, open your eyes and see Who deserves honor and glory and great gratitude for what He did for us. It isn't some pagan fertility goddess Ishtar He suffered for in case you don't know. Stop those evil practices.
The word Easter is not in the bible. That word is a mistranslation from the word for the fertility goddess 'Ishtar' whom you worship! Bunnies and eggs and fashion!

People like you won't be taking time during these few weeks to consider how Puffed Up in your own self righteous Vanity you are!
You know nothing about leaven spoken of in the Words written from your Father to you.

Nor will you be mindful of the flowers that will bloom just in time for the Memorial of His Son, our True Saviors death, sent as an act of loving reminder from the Father each year. Watch, you will see Gs love for His Son bloom just before Passover. Happens every year. You have missed it!

You are vile and disgust me with your frivolous disregard and lust and mockery for the death of our True Savior who offers us life and you are filled with unkindness and seek every opportunity to blame others rather than yourselves for your foolishness and cause damage and harm you inflict in your blame upon others who walk in the truth in the spirit of G. You seek your own glory and fine fashions. You disgust G too.

And very soon, just 4 weeks, and you will again praise your own evil and wallow in it and roll fertility symbols, eggs, in the grass led by a costumed human sized bunny at your WHITE house.
The epitome of pagan worship of evil men who don't recognize the very G of their creation, as their meaningless and soon dead families wave at you from their balcony.
You people are ignorant, stupid, poor, blind, naked!
Will you ever walk out and away and leave your sin behind you? Are you so blind to the promises of G your Father who loves you?

What will it take to wake you up? A Great Tribulation!!!!! A bomb on the W House? That's what. And you have it coming!
Lev 23 lists the plan of G as outlined in HIS HOLY DAYS. Passover is the first.
He expects you to obey His commands!
It stands for something. I don't intend to fall for any of the meaningless evil.

"Oh if you were hot or cold" but you are lukewarm and God is going to spew you out of His mouth. If I didn't write this I would burst. Wake up!

"If only they would repent and turn from their wicked ways and I would heal them!"
The SIGN between any faithful child of G and their Father is obedience to HIS Ways, His Sabbaths, His Laws and commands. It is the key to removing the blindness from your eyes and the hardness from your hearts. Only a very miniscule few will turn from their wicked ways and those He will heal and crown with glory and they will reign and be kings forever.
The Book is the Original Order Bible. It also comes in a 10 CD set you walk right past on your way to hell. Foolish Americans. Who has bewitched you?