Saturday, January 21, 2023

Nikola Tesla via Erena Velazquez | January 21, 2023

Submitted to Voyages of Light on January 21, 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

I am Nikola Tesla, and I am very happy to communicate to humankind through Universal Channel. If you don’t know my origins, I am Serbian-American electrical and mechanical engineer. During my lifetime I believed about unlocking and understanding numbers 3 6 9. I believe that these numbers can open all the secrets of Cosmos.

Since I left my physical form, I can assure you, there are no limits in anything. When humanity moves to New Earth, anyone will be able to use freely their imagination without restrictions and create amazing things. I am really very happy to be out 3D and become a free soul without limitations.

The awaken ones are aware that Old Earth has been set as an illusionary prison with a remote control, where everything is superficial without substance based on fake monetary system. Everyone’s direct responsibilities are having money in order to survive and pay for a shelter and food. In addition, you are expected to follow millions of rules implicated and printed by supposedly representatives of people. Do you see and understand, how preposterous is all of this? You are basically paying for a right to be alive on your planet.

Every night you go sleep with a hope about upcoming transformation in near future. Passes one, two or three months, and the illusion of 3D still is continuing. You are tired, angry and disappointed that nothing, so far drastically changed. You have been seeing the same reality without change forever, as you reincarnated uncounted times. Dark Entities want you to be stock and walk circles without becoming free from enslavement.

Please, re-watch the Matrix movies again, you can see yourself in movie as Neo. Are you going to take red pill or blue pill? Stop believing that you are powerless, and nothing you can do. In the beginning, Neo, the main character in Matrix, thought so too. You can do many things to help yourself and others. Don’t wait to be rescued by White Hats or whatever they call themselves. You have a power to destroy the remote control of illusion, and you don’t need imaginary savers, who never saved anyone from experiencing nightmares for eons. It’s time to snap out and regain your power, as you are unstoppable soul.

You can’t allow anymore this nonsense to continue on Mother Gaia. You are going to change everything around. First step, please, connect to your soul. In many messages Ascended Masters reminded repeatedly about practicing gratitude and meditation. Don’t waste anymore your time by spending hours searching for news on the internet. Everything you need, it’s inside of you. Your planet has already incredible technologies, which are dusting the shelves, undiscovered supplies of food and etc. All of that have been suppressed by Dark Entities. They want you to continue to be asleep and follow their orders.

The Dark Rulers meet on called forums and dare to discuss the faith of humankind. You are going to remove them from Mother Earth. Divine is working on your behalf by transmitting high frequencies, which are daily breaking the elements of Darkness. What you see right now, it’s not a real picture. Your soul knows the truth, and big changes are coming without doubt. Don’t get discouraged and remember nothing stays same in Cosmos. Darkness can’t be forever on Earth. Light is going to replace it. The balance between Darkness and Light is coming back.

Misery, disease and pain are going to dissipate. Free energy, incredible technologies and no more paying for anything are on the way to inhabitants of New Earth. Thank you, Universal Channel. I am sending my blessings and support to everyone.

We are united on this journey. We will meet soon.
Nikola Tesla

Channeled by Erena Velazquez