Saturday, January 14, 2023

Mother Gaia via Erena Velazquez | January 14, 2023

Submitted to Voyages of Light on January 14, 2023

My Dear Children,

It has been awhile, since my last communication to My Children. I want just to remind everyone that I am 6 billions years old living entity. Two years ago, I ascended to a high vibrational reality of 5D.

Each day more animals are leaving the illusion of Matrix and moving to my new Paradise. The souls of trees are enjoying their freedom without being harmed. In this moment I am sustaining both realities.

I am waiting for humankind to catch up and join me in 5D. Here the Dark Matter has forbidden to entrance. You don’t need any money to have shelter and food in this high vibrational reality. Different sources are confusing humanity, what is really going on. Media is still following the orders of Dark Entities. Follow the essence of God within, and you immediately recognize a real truth from a lie.

Most of outworlders left, as they don’t want to be soul striped, and send it to the Universal Consciousness without a chance to be reborn. The rest of Darkness continues to resist, and despite appearances they are loosing the battle.

Right now, only a small percentage of population ready to ascend and move to a Paradise of 5D. The rest of humanity needs to get awaken and learn what is the truth. Each day more and more lies are resurfacing to the daylight.

Meantime, thousands of humans are leaving physical bodies caused by the damage of shots and viruses made by Evil. Their souls chose a continuation of reincarnations, until they are fully awake. Open yourself to receive Divine Love mixed together with very high energies, which arrive daily non stop from Cosmos. Please, don’t stay in duality and start to express daily gratitude and send love to everyone, you meet on your journey. Don’t limit yourself, as limitations don’t exist in Cosmos only in your mind. Your future is in your hands.

The transition of awaken ones will be assisted by Divine, and the rest of humankind first needs to realize their origins and missions. Makes me very sad that millions are still believe lies over the truth. Take charge of your destiny and don’t wait to be rescued by invisible forces. You are the one who will destroy completely Evil on my planet. Thank you Universal Channel. Please, accept my Love and Paradise is waiting for you.

Despite fear keep moving forward.
Mother Gaia

Channeled by Erena Velazquez