Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Merope via Galaxygirl | November 21, 2022

Merope 11/21/2022

I Merope am speaking on behalf of my sisters and brothers tonight of the Pleiades star system. The Pleiades portal is now active and open. Much light of our hearts is streaming into your planetary sphere and we hope, into your hearts as well. Much change and much heartache we see upon your world in these harrowing and hallelujah times. For they are both. You are in a world of dichotomy, opposites, polar differences. It is time for unification and a coming together.

I Merope am a medium sized celestial body within the Pleiades star system. The Pleiades is my home. I have always been here, feeling the great love and nurturing from the loving ones that reside on and around me. The Pleiades has a rich long history. There are many stories I could tell. All star systems have their stories, their losses, their gains, their heartaches and heart activations, healings. There were many losses upon me and yet we healed. We all came together and rebuilt a beautiful intergalactic society filled with love running on energy from Prime Creator, harnessing the power that is all around. I am sharing some of this I AM power with you now. Perhaps you feel a Pleiadian connection or flashes of memories from times gone by. Perhaps you are longing for home. But do not forget you are the adventurers, the soldiers, the scientists. You are the warriors of light embodied, to ground this universal love light into the earth matrix, to heal it, to transform it into light.

I Merope am a light being. I hold the light of many of your earth suns. And yet I am no greater than your precious sun. I am no greater or lesser. I am that I am. Light warriors seem to compare themselves. It is easy to compare and to feel less than when you see another who seems to be doing more, serving more. But you do not know their story. You do not know their contract. Do not be so easily disappointed in yourselves as you are wondering about your path. Your path is lighting up now with these inter-dimensional energies. (I am seeing a runway of light). You will find your path, and your light will light the way home for the others who are unaware that they are lost.

Many rendings of intergalactic battles have been within this hot spot of space. We Pleiadians were able to ascend up and through it, to make and protect our homes and civilizations by rising higher into the dimensional field. That does not mean that great loss was not keenly felt. The galactic wars hit our sector first. I was wounded and yet I healed. I have become an oasis for peacekeepers, for loving families and for hearts who seek solace and grace. Planets heal. Suns heal. Galaxies heal. Our galaxy is finally in the process of ending the Great War. It will take some time. But know that the battle is not lost. Know that the light is here. The star network is very real, a very tangible inter- algorithmic tapestry of light that transmits codes and joy, that transmits hope. Feel these blessing flow into you now. I suggest a big breath in with open mouth, and breath out with open mouth. I suggest that you sit with this Pleiadian love blanket of codes for awhile to calm your nervous systems. We see your tremendous love for Gaia and it warms us. When the Pleiades seeded earth, there was such hope, promise, such joy. There will be again.

I am Merope. I love you. Feel my light wrap around you and be at peace. These codes are home codes, calling you back into the higher aspect of you, reuniting you with your starseed self. It has been a long arduous journey for you. We see this, we send you hope now. Feel the home of your own I AM within you. This is what we are calling you to open. Open up your I AM and feel at peace in whatever circumstance you may find yourself in. You are creators. When you have full access to the I AM within all things are possible. All things are changeable. The light codes are all around you. Earth has never been bathed in such intergalactic light downloads as the last few days and nothing will ever be the same.

I Merope am sending you my motherly love. Gaia is like a daughter to me, and many of you are daughters and sons, children of the Pleiades. But wherever you are from, you are family. We are all one.

I Merope with your permission wish to wrap you in a matronly, motherly hug of Pleiades love light. Are you willing? If so, say “I Am” to activate.

“I wish to activate fully my I AM presence in this shared moment of ascension. I know that I do not need to fully understand with my human mind, for my soul mind, is fully aware of what my soul mission is. I ask for clarity now fully, and for my soul to embody this vessel of mine fully. I call upon my I AM presence for full clarity in all aspects of my divine life that I am now living. I am ready to ascend now every aspect of my life that is not of the highest love light. I send this love light from the higher dimensional lights to my world, into my reality, further marinating it in light. And so it is. “

I am Merope. I love you all so much.

~ galaxygirl