The Lion and the Lamb | Heavenletters

The Lion and the Lamb | Heavenletters

JUL 17 2022

(Rainbow Wave of Light)

God said:

When you are in competition with one another, you are on a see-saw. Today you’re up and tomorrow you’re down. If you compare your life to another’s, if you compare a moment of yours to another’s, you are on a see-saw. Life is not about better or less. It is not about gaining or losing. It is not about winning or not winning.

You do not have to be called on first. You do not have to have the right answer. You do not have to be right, and what matters it if you are? Who decides right or wrong, and who says first is better? Who says someone is ahead of you, or favored more than you because they appear ahead of you in some imaginary line?

You are often in competition.

How many times do you let someone get ahead of you in line? In line in life, I mean.

You have a craving need to be important. My question is: Important to whom or what? What world opinion matters so much to you that you push to meet it? Whose long-lost expectation are you trying to meet?

Often you think you are less when you are not in the ascendant. You think you are more when you are looked at. Consider what vice is that in you that depends so much on being seen and heard. Tell Me, what do you get when you are?

It is you who has to notice yourself. You have to give credence to yourself.

Don’t even be in competition with yourself. Do not strain so for you-know-not-what. You are not running a race with yourself. Where do you have to get? Your destiny will meet you soon enough. The good you crave will meet you sooner when you are not in a mad dash after it.

Often you follow a tail light rather than a star in the sky of Heaven.

Be guided by more than these little increments of life you count so dear. You act as if your life depended on them, as if getting the lead in the play exalted you or down-graded you, as if, as if…

The sunlight falls on all. It does not discriminate.

My light falls on all. Look up, and you will see it. Look not so much at the light that falls on others. It is the same light as that which falls on you, and it is as much yours when it alights on another. Share the spotlight. Share the sunlight. Move over to include someone else.

The Bible says that the lion and the lamb will lie down together. That is literally true.

And sometimes you turn yourself into a lion, and sometimes your mind makes others into lions. You may have decided it is better to be a lion that it is a lamb, and why is that when you are all lambs in the fold?

It does not make much sense for lambs to roar.

Acknowledge your tenderness.

You have your place with Me. When you know that, then whom must you outdistance?

Must you be knighted by the world?

Must you be first to appear on stage?

Must you get the applause?

Must you be the fairest of all?

What does that mean?

What do you mean to yourself?

And what do I mean to you?

By now you must know what you mean to Me.

I see you in light so blazing that I can see only the light of you, lighting My heart, lighting My love, lighting My love for you. You are My chosen, for I chose you. I created you you and not someone else. I needed you to complete My creation.

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