Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Earth is Solid No Longer | Judith Kusel

(Golden Age of Gaia)

Judith Kusel

With the full activation of the New Earth and New Crystalline Energy Grids, the pyramids all over the world and the sacred sites, plus solar flares, and intense and immense energy pouring in from the 7th Central Sun, we are in time of immense changes on all fronts.

I had a geologist the other day, standing with me on my balcony, and then showing me how the hills, across the bay, were depicting where the sea level used to be, and indeed now form the top of the mountains. There are even higher mountains in the distance, but this area, and indeed the whole of what is now the town’s mountains, used to be the sea level.

Then, as reported in my book, massive land mass tore off here, and then the mountains which were already there, were lifted up, thus the high mountains here, directly on the coast.

Yet, where the landmass tore off, was the whole eastern coast of Africa, from the Cape Town upwards. For Antarctica once was part of Africa, and all the islands offshore of Africa and even Australia. North Africa once held the Americas. And there were no Mediterranean and Atlantic seas in the beginning.

When you look at all of this, and I have been shown the crystal pyramids under the sea, reawakening and those on land, and many sacred centers, not even known to man. I have written about it, and I have worked with them, and I know. Massive changes are pouring in, as the New Earth’s dimensional frequencies now dissolve the Old. The Old cannot hold form any longer.

The geologists are putting what they term as the first Supercontinent together again, with the data they are finding, as the earth records everything in her fields, plus the rocks.

Now, add to this that the botanists and marine biologists, now are adding to the jigsaw puzzle pieces. The Baobab trees are indigenous only in Africa, the island offshore of Africa and Australia. This applies to certain other tree and plant species.

Certain marine and other species found here at the Salt River, are so unique, that they only are found in Australia and South America. So what used to be the Supercontinent and first paradise, is what is reawakening now! This means all which was created in the seventh dimensional state and 5th! Please grasp this!

Thus, know that what we feel as solid old earth, is not solid any longer. She is now making way for the New Earth and the New Crystalline Energy Grids. I have done enough energy work since 2009, to know this, and I am constantly being shown what is going on.

It is time for where nothing is stable, and all is a huge process of being changed from one energetic form to another.

Therefore, cling onto nothing and no one.

Let go and allow yourself to be transfigured, even as all else is being transfigured.

We are in for intense changes but all good.

I am so filled with joy, and awe and wonder: _ what we have all been prepared for and waiting for so long, is finally happening and manifesting into form!