Sociopathy and our World | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

Submitted to Voyages of Light on May 28, 2022

Sociopathy and Our World

David Wilcock talks about the veil and how to penetrate it. He says it's a lie that we don't have unity with God.

I find it interesting that these words are all anagrams of each other: veil, evil, live.

Anyway, Wilcock says that the first step to penetrating the veil is working with the green ray, all compassionate love that demands no return. So if you want to see more, see beyond the veil, work on your compassion and stop expecting anything in return for what you give others. I've been working on this for years and I still have moments of ego unfulfillment. Someone once said they didn't understand my relationship with my neighbours, well this is it. Compassion and giving and expecting nothing in return. Simple logic tells me that they don't have what it takes to return the love I want and have always wanted from others on this planet, so I don't ask. However, when I leave here, it will be them I miss the most and I will cry over my loss of them. What I'm seeing happen in myself is my higher emotions are being triggered when interacting with them, rather than lower emotional spectrum of annoyance, frustration and anger and self-pity.

I know I'm being sent new challenges and I'm not always sure how to deal with them. I have a new neighbour behind me who, as it turns out, seems to be a predatory narcissist sociopath if not psychopath. That's why I did our last video on the psychopathy spectrum. He's been spending time standing on my porch very close to my front door for some reason and I'm trying to figure out what he's doing. If he's doing what I suspect he's doing, I'm going to have to decide what the most compassionate way to deal with him is, whether to call the police for obscenity or not. Ivo tells me he's trying to pick the lock, to break into my apartment. I had to put all my money back in the bank again, which frankly annoys me.

Probably the most compassionate thing to do is to battle his demons because he has many. This man is a broken person who never grew past his childhood need to manipulate others to get his needs met. He still does it at 70 years old. He never grew up. That's very sad. Partial possession set in, just like it does for everyone else who never grew up. Demonics are the reason people don't age mentally and emotionally. You need energy to do it, and they're usurping it.

I believe there's a difference between compassion and pity. Compassion is having feelings for others' plight in life and their suffering, pity is the same but it's falling prey to their agenda as well. For me, pity is based on your weakness and susceptibility to feeling guilty. And you will do anything not to feel guilty again, so you allow yourself to be manipulated. It's better to set your boundaries, feel guilty and breathe through the pain of not giving in to your guilty feelings. My mother was a terrible manipulator and as an adult I began to feel guilty for just going out and buying myself a cup of coffee, so I knew that the toxic guilt I experienced at giving to myself and providing for my own needs instead of others' was getting out of hand. Although I was making progress at holding my own against feelings of this toxic guilt, I ended up allowing someone into my life that ended up making it a lot worse. I realize that thinking in this toxic way, I attracted that lesson. I couldn't leave this guy because I knew that if I left him, he'd die. So this was my big lesson with toxic guilt: I had to leave this guy or be beaten, and when I left him he died a couple years later of an overdose on the street. Life will keep sending you teachers until you get it right.

The man who's living behind me is trying to suck me in to the same deal: he wants to be caretaken and to have sex with someone, but doesn't seem to care that I have already told him I can't tolerate cigarette smoke (so obviously why would I want to live with him?) and have already told him off for being a mooch. He just keeps trying. Why? Because he has nothing to lose.

And that's another thing, ladies and gents. You have to beware of the person who has nothing to give because they have nothing to lose by trying to get you into their life, but they have everything to gain if they can control you. These people are predatory and there are many of them out there in the form of sociopaths.

How come there are so many sociopaths in this world? Because of mind control, because of the false archetypes of tyrannical father and dark mother who keep abusing children generation after generation. These archetypes implant wounds into their children early on, even when they're pre-verbal, and simply pass on their own baggage to their children. This will keep most of earth's inhabitants within the controllable lower mind spectrum to create loosh. What facilitates this is our psychology which stresses the importance of facilitating your mental and emotional health in order to get you to go back to work, and not much more. That's functionality, that's not thriving. They want you to be functional. These people become prey to demonic attachments and these attachments manipulate their thinking and emotions in order to create loosh for them. So your life becomes a vehicle for these attachments to continue to live – you become the victim of parasites.

The other reason there are so many sociopaths in this world is because people don't do their inner work. They don't learn to master their minds, they simply go along with whatever's been taught to them and continue to put up with the pain by blaming everyone else for making them unhappy.

I've been telling you of some of the things that I've been creating in my life. Let me tell you another story. This one is about allowing myself to be guided by my guides. They're there, they can see more than you can, they know before you do what you're creating in your life and they can help you either avoid the bad stuff or move you closer to the good stuff.

I wanted a pair of sandals and they were at Walmart. The last pair I bought in Niagara Falls which was over 6 years ago and they lasted me a long time. I liked them too and I can fit my custom orthotics in them. I went to my local Walmart but they didn't have the style I wanted in my large size. So I bought another pair and just settled. But I really wanted the ones I love so much. I thought one day of driving to the nearest city an hour away and then let the thought go.

Yesterday I was going to the park. Again I wrestled with the idea of trying the Walmart in the other city, but no, I was going to go to the park. As I was driving to the park, that thought turned up again – go to the other city's Walmart, so I said, “Okay, I'll go then!” I did. I found not only one pair of the shoes I love, in the colour I wanted which is black, but two pair in my size.

You have to let go and learn how to receive. Allow yourself to be led though life by your guides. Get out of the driver's seat and let your guides steer for you. Or as they say in the 12 steps, “Let go and let God.” We always think we know what's best for us, and we use our puny intellects in order to achieve it. Adding in your intuition, which has access to so many other dimensions and so much more information would be a better idea.

I was really happy that I got two pair in my size and these will last me forever. They fit nicely, and there's no blisters on the back of my ankles because they don't have a back to them. And they're sandals, not closed toed shoes that are too hot in summer. Yes, believe it or not it actually can hit ninety degrees and over here in Canada.

We have to learn a new way of life. We have to be willing to connect with our soul by going inward, because of course if you're looking at your own behaviour, then you're not the one who enacted the behaviour anymore, you're now the one looking at what you did. So many of you want soul connection, well that's how to do it.

Let's say you had a meltdown at work. Your boss said something that pissed you off, so you replied back in a way that you're less than proud of. People who are on the sociopathic spectrum will say, “Well! He made me!” I'm innocent, the whole world is wrong. I'm a victim! If your boss has that much control over your behaviour that he makes you do things you don't want to, I feel sorry for you. Nobody makes you do anything. You choose, always, how you're going to react to anything. You have free will but anyone who spends their time blaming others is giving away their own free will and missing a valuable opportunity to connect with their soul.

Why? Maybe they feel ashamed of their behaviour and can't face it. So they blame others. If you keep putting the locus of control outside of yourself, then no wonder you get mad at other people. You're actually mad at yourself. That doesn't mean that in self-examination you have to get mad at yourself. You can but you don't have to. You can just say, “Now why did I do that?” “What does this have to do with?” Some unhealed part of you has just come to the surface for you to examine it.

You guys know that I have some pretty hefty lessons coming at me all the time. I wonder why I keep attracting such irresponsible, childish men who want to be caretaken and who want to use my body and my money for their own nefarious ends, but I cut them off at the pass. I'd like to meet someone who's well balanced and normal that I can just converse with, but these people don't seem to be anywhere around here. The last “spiritually normal” man who emailed me turned out to be bi-polar and in the power over others system. Apparently nothing I do was right to this person. And that's another thing, folks, if someone is putting you down like crazy it's because they're trying to lower you to their level, not to raise your vibration. Take a put down, criticism, for what it is and keep walking. There are two ways to approach a person: you can criticize them, which is a form of energy vampirism, or you can try to raise their awareness of their own behaviour. I'm not into talking matrix and I'm not into role playing, or religion, which is rife around where I live but what I recognize as normal doesn't seem to be here. I'm glad I'm still working on being taken off planet because maybe then I can just have a conversation with someone who doesn't have an agenda that will leave me feeling used, abused, penniless and frustrated that my needs never get met.

You've got to see them coming, folks. Everything matters. Starseeds attract some of the worst matrix types because their demonics want to keep your vibe down. They want you back where they can control you. The matrix can't control me because I control my own mind.

We're living in a world of sociopaths, people who have learned to be like the reptilians running this place to varying degrees. There's a continuum like Ivo and I pointed out in our video. Had I known 3 years ago that I would be waiting three years to start my project, I would have moved away from here. I believe that where you live matters, there are places of higher light and less light and this place is pretty low.

Here's another really simple way to tell whether someone is going to be suitable for you. For me, it's a question of what part of my life they fit into, what level of consciousness I have to draw on, which memories I have to draw on, in order to be able to relate to them. This guy smokes, drinks and perhaps does drugs. Okay, that was my 20's. I'm 60 now and don't smoke, in fact I'm really allergic, I don't drink and I quit because I couldn't handle it. But of course he wants to talk about his life. The other thing he talks about is being broke. I'm not broke, I work with universal law to create abundance and I work with my guides to create a life of service which is what I came here to do. So I feel fulfilled in respect of my work. I don't relate to this guy. Look at what part of you he/she speaks to, the part you want to live with for the rest of your life, or the part of you that you're working to become or already are. Do they speak to the problematic part of you or the hero within you, that's what I'm trying to say. Which part of you do they appeal (or don't appeal) to? Your past or your present? Your ideal or a part of yourself you'd rather outgrow? Your spiritual self or your matrix self, the part of you you were when you didn't know any better?

I hear some of you are marrying the wrong people and this is why I'm putting up these video's. Understand that psychopaths and sociopaths are very attracted to empaths. Because this whole planet is based on a couple principles: 1. keeping the energy levels of humans down, 2. keeping us from ascending.

One of the projects that Ivo and I have scheduled for this year is writing a book about your God given rights. One of your rights is that you have the right to enjoy the company you keep without supporting their every whim, or enabling their inability to look after themselves. I believe some of you are codependent and codependents have been raised as part of the matrix, firstly, but they were raised to take care of others' needs before their own. They need to understand what their rights are as a human being and the first one is you have the right to be happy. I'm starting an outline for this book and already there are pages and pages of rights.

Twelve steppers may shy away from this book perhaps because they're taught they shouldn't demand their rights. It doesn't matter, you still have rights. Trying to fit yourself to a dysfunctional world that denies your rights by continuing to deny your rights isn't going to make you any happier than it didn't before you started program. It would just be another reason for your sobriety date to be delayed. Understanding that you have the right to seek out others that think as you do and are happy to acknowledge your God given rights is the first step. Accepting that there are those who can't is the next step, and forgiving them for not being able to is the third. However, most people prefer to be around others who are less work for them. You can achieve this when you have done the work on yourself and can match their positive energy. Expressing your rights and defending them is universal law in action. You are telling God or the Universe what you want from life and you are allowing it to be created for you.

The fact is, if I had tried to fit myself to my earth family, a couple of narcisstic sociopaths who I'd learned to feel sorry for, meaning my parents, and had never sought out anyone likeminded, I would never have come to know Ivo.

Again, this is another thing folks, and it's practised with impunity up in Canada. And that is, saying “I'm sorry,” when someone comes out to tell you you're parked across their driveway. I get it all the time. I have a driveway that spans 3 car lengths and one of the neighbours' and every parcel delivery or just anyone at all seems to find some justification for parking across the bottom of our driveways. So I go out and tell them to move their car – they shouldn't be parked there.

The selfishness of so many people, they think that they can do whatever they want as long as they're not going to get caught, absolutely astounds me. They don't follow the rules of course, they're rule breakers and boundary violators because they bend the rules to suit themselves, and this is the mark of a sociopath. An empath will remember that the rules are there to protect others as well, not just themselves. That's the difference. They don't play a double standard.

Not caring about others, “I can do whatever I want,” out of some random selfish justification, just hoping they won't get caught. When they try to assuage my anger by saying, “I'm sorry,” I say, “No you're not. You know damned well what you were doing when you parked your car there.” Just happened again. Just pure egotistical selfishness. I have had people park me in and then just say, “I'll only be a minute.” Yes that kind of sociopathy. Suffice it to say, they found out I wasn't in the mood to wait. If everyone had a modicum of consideration for other people around them, think how much better this world would be. But there are so many selfish, self justified types out there that don't even realize they're closer to sociopathy than they might think they are and the rest of us have to battle our feelings of being victimized at the hands of these inconsiderate types who think the rules weren't made for them, only for others.

My sociopath neighbour came out of his apartment because this lady blocking my driveway was his visitor. He said, “She's from Ottawa,” which means, “People from big cities are inconsiderate assholes.” Nice way to talk about someone who just drove an hour and a half to come and see you, but this guy can't do any better than that. People tell you all the time who they are, folks. Don't use denial like, “Oh, she didn't really mean that. That can't be.” Don't do that to yourself.

Ivo is feeling badly about having told me three years ago to pack because our project would be underway soon. He was wrong. He admits it, timelines can be hard to read especially when you factor in the earthling psyche, so of course I'm not mad at him, but had I known I'd be living out of packed boxes for three years plus I would have moved. I didn't want to have to move twice in a short span of time, so I stayed here. I believe there are better areas and worse areas and I'm living in a bad one. I would have benefited from the move, I believe, and he feels badly, maybe he's even created bad karma for himself, so he's trying to rectify that situation by taking me off planet. That's one of the reasons he's trying. So he can see when he's acted against universal law and he is trying to make reparations as quickly as he can. To see what attempts he's already made we have a page up and I'll link it in below. As a starseed I cannot sit back and watch when I see injustice enacted, and it drives me batty living here where universal law is so flagrantly ignored. Ivo knows this and he cares. He also cares about his karma as well.

My other neighbour said to me the other night, after years ago criticizing me for not being able to get along with anyone. He said, “I'm glad we stuck this through. You're easy to get along with. All you have to do is be respectful.” I motioned that he was correct. That's all it takes. And we get along great. It's so easy. People think it's hard but it's not. Show others respect and be considerate of their reasonable needs. It's not rocket science! What I believe is that earth's karma has swung way out of balance and everything has become excessive so it's hard for many people to understand reasonable, never mind healthy. People like me come across as pariahs because we don't fit in. Why don't we fit in? Because we expect respect, we won't play the triangle and frankly, we're awake.

I'm going to say something that will probably wrinkle a lot of people the wrong way: If you don't make a practise of looking at your own faults, then you're allowing your demonic attachments to have their way with you. That's the long and the short of it, folks. That's what so many of the spiritual people have been trying to tell you. These demonics want to run this world and they're doing it through your unawareness of your behaviour and theirs. No human being is selfish, inconsiderate, self justified and no human being is a victim or even a perpetrator. Humans are beings of love. Beings of love are incapable of behaving the way people on earth generally behave. Why do I know this? I talk to them all the time. I have passed as many of Ivo's conversations on to you as possible, so that you will get to know what they're like as well. They're not like us on earth and those of us who are turning to become more like they are every day have a hard time because we constantly have to set boundaries and limits with those unaware who allow their attachments free reign of their minds.

Jesus (Yeshua) stressed the gift of forgiveness and I have to use it daily to restore my peace of mind.

I'm going to end this with another fact that will make me unpopular but I don't care. If you're one of these people who only sees others for what they can give to you, you are a predator. You're more reptilian than you are human. You can change, however, by taking your mind back.

Some people freak out knowing there are nasty ETs running this planet, what about the nasty non-physical entities running your mind? Doesn't that bother you more?

We call it humanity, but it's because people don't understand that we are a hybrid mix of human and reptilian DNA and they also don't understand that humans on earth are heavily preyed upon for their energy and control over their minds. That means all of us, with no exceptions. That's not humanity, it's insanity.

Human beings are thinkers and feelers. We're not the emotionally shut down people we see on earth now, the ones who can do anything to others because they don't feel the guilt they should for being nasty. It's that human beings feel these things that brought the Lyrans and the Vegans to the point where they decided they had to live differently than they were because they realized to hurt another person was to hurt themselves as well. That level of consciousness is what we're facing now, folks, it's coming. Some of us are already at that point where we realize we don't want to hurt another person. It's coming and I'm warning you that you can either start to make the changes you need to now or suffer a harder version of change as you try not to look at your own behaviour.

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