Sunday, May 8, 2022

Mother Gaia via Erena Velazquez | May 7, 2022

May 7, 2022

My Dear Children,

I am Mother Gaia, and I am living being. Today, I will be transmitting a new message to humankind. Two years ago, I ascended to Paradise of 5D. The trees souls and some animals left your reality, as they are tired of being hunted by humans.

Humans caused a lot of destruction to the nature and to Animal Kingdom. This is the time to take responsibilities for your part, what you are playing in 3D illusion. You have been participating along with the Dark Matter in destruction of your own planet for millions of years.

In the beginning, my Kingdom was feeding you and giving your shelter for free. Later on, you allowed to be enslaved and started to use money to pay for a right to live. My planet has thousands undiscovered edible plants, which can replace meat. My desire to ascend earlier than humans was granted, as I needed to take a brake from watching animals and nature being destroyed daily.

I am over 6 billions years old, and I have seen all events happened during my existence. I am still keeping 3D Earth alive, so that humankind ascends, when they are ready. So far, it’s only a small percentage of population can move forward.

Many Masters were reminding you to let go of the negative emotions and attachments of the Matrix. It makes me very sad that the majority of humankind still follows the lies and refuses to see the truth. You need to accept the fact that you allowed the Darkness to take control completely over yourselves, to be brainwashed and being forced from your physical bodies.

Please, stop and start questioning, why you are not ascending, why RV is not happening and etc. Take charge of your reality and remove the Dark Souls from my grounds. You came here to do a rescue mission. The window for a transition, it will be open only for a specific time, as the process has been overextended. Please, remember the Darkness is not going to stop to try to kill the whole population or completely destroy your reality, unless you and the ones, who are behind the scenes, remove their souls from here.

Don’t be concerned, what others around you are doing, just focus on yourself by keeping vibrations high. It’s really unfortunate that the Light Community keeps confusing everyone with their misinformation. Humankind saw many wars, disasters and extreme situations., so It ‘s time to learn from these experiences, and start moving energetically in rhythm with me, Mother Gaia.

Leave behind negativity, practice humility, gratitude and express love to every living being. I am waiting for humanity to arrive to the Paradise.

Please, accept my Love. Thank you Universal Channel.

Don’t be afraid and keep moving forward.
Mother Gaia

Channeled by Erena Velazquez