Earth's Secret Government | Adama of Telos via Sharon Stewart

Submitted to Voyages of Light on May 15, 2022

Adama of Telos: Earth's Secret Government

Me: Hello, Adama. In another channeling you told us about Earth's Solar Council, the one you're on with other Agarthans and people from outer earth. You said it has departments or task forces and these departments work the same as our country's governments. You indicated that the various planets' councils in this solar system have been working on earth's ascension for centuries. You indicated that there are surface people who go to council meetings and they steer the future of earth in a more metaphysical direction than not. You said, “They also are not restricted by country or nationalistic vision, they are of your world, and they work at a global level. So your politics and whatnot really has no part in what they do.”

From this I'm hearing that the Earth Council is working towards certain goals. Now, what do these goals have to do with the current governments' work, and how does the Earth's Secret government, which I'm assuming is the council you head up, work with the Alliance?

Adama: Hello, Sharon. You're up early today.

Me: Not for long. I'll go back to bed. My night is starting to split in two, which I hear is a natural way for humans to sleep if they're going to sleep eight or more hours. They get a break in between so I often do this.

Adama: You're all about the education, aren't you?

Me: I explain everything so people can learn. Yes. Now, first of all, is the earth council you sit on the secret government I'm looking for?

Adama: It is.

Me: So this secret benevolent government as opposed to the secret malevolent government which we call the Military Industrial Complex, the New World Order, is working towards compliance with the Galactic Codex?

Adama: It is. We're trying to bring your domestic governments into alignment with the Galactic Codex. That's the first step. While we do that we're helping them to embrace GESARA principles.

Me: So that sounds like two steps.

Adama: It's not really because GESARA is a micro step towards the macro step of the Galactic Codex.

Me: I'm going to link an article with the principles of GESARA law in the description because this summarizes it up very nicely.

Yes, I see GESARA law is about alleviation of suffering and the implementation of tactics that bring about peace. It also has to do with returning rights to the people and implementing Constitutional Law. The tenets of GESARA law restore financial privacy to the people and take away the corruption that everyone is suffering from now. But the thing is people have to realize that they have to participate if they want GESARA law to be implemented fully. It takes everyone's cooperation.

Adama: It does. Nobody can be excepted. If you want to stop what's going on on the outer planet now and institute world peace, all people have to be compliant.

Me: We've also discussed the Galactic Codex together. I see that I've listed the rights that the Galactic Codex honours for each individual and one of them is interesting. It says that each person has an unconditional right to all information. I see we're already working at that because of people like me and other truthers who are providing information to the masses to the best of their ability. And we know that information is Light and since people are of the Light, we need to have information.

Adama: Yes. That's well explained.

Me: Good for so early in the morning! LOL

I like the other one: Each person has a right to be divided from the consequences of actions of other beings. That means that we don't have to be subject to people with warlike tendencies or itchy nuclear trigger fingers anymore. Hallelujah! And we see this now as many people, not all, but many people with nefarious inclinations are being arrested, tried and hanged.

Adama: Yes, we're working to get earth to compliance with the Galactic Codex. You can see it being done now. That's what the liberation of the outer planet is about – installing the Galactic Codex on earth. Also with the timelines splitting out more in the next few years, you will be cohabitating more with people of your own frequency. While you were on the artificial timelines, you were subject to the dark behaviour of others of lower frequency but in future that won't be the case – you'll be vibrating more on your own plane, there won't be the interaction, the melting pot of so many levels of consciousness all together.

Me: Thank God. That's certainly something I've had an issue with!

Adama: I thought you might like that.

Me: Thank you. I still do in fact. So many low vibers finding their way into my life still. Timelines haven't split out enough.

Adama: Because they're still artificial. When the natural timeline is more populated and you stop moving back and forth between the two, you'll have some relief.

Me: The way to move back and forth is to “think earth things” or to “embrace your truth” of course.

Adama: Yes, if you think in the way that the Matrix has taught you, you'll be back in the matrix. But when you realize more of your whole consciousness you'll move into organic space time. Most of you go back and forth because you're a mix of the two and don't have access to your full akashic.

Me: And then we start experiencing the Mandela effect as well.

Adama: Correct.

Me: So how do you work with the Alliance then or who we call the White Hats? Or do you even?

Adama: We do. We do work with the Alliance and all other extraterrestrial or earth groups who are trying to destroy the globalist plan and create the new earth.

Me: You meet with them? You show up in their bedrooms at 3 a.m. while they're sleeping? You take them off earth in a space ship?

Adama: Arguably, any of those are an option, but they do come to some of our meetings and we do have outer earth contacts for them to speak to.

Me: So, operatives on the ground.

Adama: Yes. They are Agarthans.

Me: It sounds like there are levels to earth which I didn't really think was the way that galactics do things.

Adama: This is earth, so we're different. We do things by levels right now because there's such a division between inner and outer earth.

Me: Aha. Okay. It's just necessary until we can all unify.

Adama: Yes.

Me: So you work with the Alliance, keeping each other informed of what's going on. I see that there could be a team of Agarthans working with one Alliance operative. That just popped into my minds' eye.

Adama: Yes, we watch over them very closely and we protect them as well as the people they are sworn to protect.

Me: Like whistleblowers who come out publicly.

Adama: Yes.

Me: So Telos and Agartha is very involved with this, aren't they?

Adama: Completely involved. We want to unify the earth. But it's the old fight of the Lemurians and the Atlanteans that hasn't resolved itself yet. The Atlanteans predominantly live on the surface, and the Lemurians are the people of Agartha. Those energies are still here, we're trying to clear them up and there's a lot of karma that needs to be re-balanced.

Me: Okay. It's a big job, in other words.

Adama: We've been working at it a long long time.

Me: Yes. It must get tiresome.

Adama: We're seeing progress so we're encouraged.

Me: Now, how do you work with the governments of earth, those now run by the DS?

Adama: You know some of your key leaders are actors?

Me: Yes. They're put there by the Light forces and the real beings are taken to jail.

Adama: That's one way we work with your governments. But we have absolutely contacted them and told them they are no match for us. The dark occultists, the dark bloodline families – no match for our power. They know it too. Once the people of outer earth wake up and begin to experience themselves as the powerful humans they should have been all along, the dark ones will be defeated.

Me: So you're waiting on us to wake up.

Adama: Look what you do, Sharon. You see their ships because you can see beyond your physical dimension and you work with your team to shoot them down. You're a big help to the federation.

Me: I know. And I do my utmost with the djinn as well. Sick of Archons smelling up my apartment! LOL

Adama: You're more active in helping the planet as a whole. Now think of how it would be if millions of people could do what you do? They would be no match for you all.

Me: True. It's us that has to realize our capabilities.

Adama: For now, the earth is being changed in order for you to be able to do that.

Me: I see a lot of programs on TV about demonics, skinwalkers and other creepy things. Imagine what it'll be like when people start to see them on a massive basis. Right now it seems the odd sensitive is able to see them, but eventually more and more people will begin to realize they're here. When they do with the information we're already putting out to help those who do have interaction with these beings, when that gets widespread we can eradicate them all.

Adama: Yes. Imagine if you could all just see the demonics who stand behind a false human facade?

Me: I want to do that.

Adama: What would you do?
Me: I'd send it love.

Adama: Okay. There's so much that has to be revealed to the people and that is you can't see the entirety of your reality, not at all. First you have to be told what's been done to you and then when you believe that you'll be able to see more, into other dimensions like you do.

Me: Yes. Our intellect has far too much control, I think.

Adama: Yes, you all need to develop far more intuitionally. There is only marginal information for you on the surface. You need to go deeper. You need to believe in things that you now think of as crazy in order to bridge the gap and experience your true reality in more detail.

Me: Yes. I get called crazy. I don't care, that's the difference in me now. Call me what you want. I figure I'm pretty unique and I'm going to tell as many people about what I can do as possible because I know they are just like me.

Adama: Yes. You're not unique as much as advanced, but others will catch up.

Me: Just think, we'll be able to overthrow all evil on this planet just with a thought.

Adama: It would be lovely!

Me: I see what I can create as well. Everything is responding to my thoughts now and I create many things I want in my life. I just keep serving in whatever way I can think of and more is given to me in return for the work I do. That's the secret. Serve God and God will serve you. You'll grow and develop in your skills. And the Archons haven't returned this summer either.

Adama: I see you had a bad year with them last year.

Me: I think my vibe is too high for them to get me.

Adama: You also spend more time on the natural timelines so you're protected there naturally.

Me: Yes. Well, I'm going to go back to bed, Adama. You've answered my questions. The whole structure is beginning to gel: Inner earth with outer earth, galactic law with earth law, and the bad guys are being sent packing. Good news! Yes, there will be more tests but we have to go through this. No pain, no gain like they say.

Adama: You'll be glad you did, in the end.

Me: Thanks for your time, Adama.

Adama: Thank you for yours, Sharon. Adieu.

Adama's article on Earth Council

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