Did you even Know about this Top Secret Superpower of yours? | Don Spectacularis

What if I told you that you had a superpower so very INCREDIBLE, that it has been kept from you right until this very DAY?

A superpower, that makes those of the negative agenda shudder in their very souls and quake in their very boots?

A superpower, that can literally bridge the very gap between Heaven and Earth itself?

Allow me to introduce you one of your very greatest superpowers EVER: PORTALLING

The ONE POWER to rule them ALL.


So, what exactly IS this whole PORTALLING thingy even, you wonder?

Well, to put it quite so simply, you have an innate capability to INSTANTANEOUSLY MANIFEST portals (or tunnels or funnels, if you so will) that help siphon Divine Energy and Love / Light into Planet Earth with but a mere INTENTION of yours.

Think of it as a (literal) break-through spiritual technology that streams in (ever higher) floods of love-light into this dimension, and infinitely at that!


Just as Hollywood has been used by those of the negative intent to seed in ideas and predictions of a dark nature, so has it been used by those of the love and light to seed in positive ideas, upliftment, and higher spiritual technologies within all of humanity.

And this particular technology, has forever stared you right in your face -- From movies and TV shows and fiction (from long, long, back) --- to even your latest Doctor Strange movie here no less.

A portal once created (by you), lives on INFINITELY (doing its delegated job) until YOU YOURSELF decide to close it.

So now, let us all learn as to how we can even create these portals wherever we so go!

Read on for all of the juicy details! ;)


ONE: You can create a portal using either a Thought (i.e. an Intention), a Word, or a Deed (i.e. an Action).


TWO: A portal created by using a Word (i.e. by using a verbal command) is INCREDIBLY more powerful than one created via using pure Intention or Thought alone. In much the exact same way, a portal created using an actual, physical, tangible and direct Action, is ENDLESSLY more powerful than one created using but a Word.


THREE: A portal CREATED by you, can only and ONLY be closed by YOU and YOU ALONE.


FOUR: You can create your very own portals to do anything from streaming Higher Wisdom into Earth, to streaming energies - such as Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, Unconditional Compassion, Unconditional Acceptance, Unconditional Healing, and Unconditional Peace - straight from the Creator and the Cosmos; to even streaming in Higher Light Activation Codes from the Galactic / Universal / Multiversal / Omniversal Central Suns here no less! Or even bring in something as simple as a St.Germain / Archangel Metatron Violet Flame, or even that (Blue Coloured) Pleiadian Healing Light if you so wish! You can also create your very own mix and match of desired energies here, aka, your very own Higher Energetic Cocktails straight from the heavens! Or you can just ask for something more open and abstract, such as a blend of all positive energies being freely offered to you by higher positive and benevolent civilizations at this time. Whatever intentions (or compound-intentions) that you so create your specific portals with, those very intentions will be the energies that will get streamed through that portal, ad infinitum! And you can be as very creative here as you even like!


FIVE: Whenever you create a portal; always, always, and ALWAYS put a "POSITIVE INTENTION" LOCK upon them. In other words, instead of intending something like "I AM intending that this portal be a channel for extradimensional energies into Planet Earth", say something that is more along the lines of "I AM intending that this portal be a channel only and ONLY FOR POSITIVE and BENEVOLENT extraterrestrial and extradimensional energies into Planet Earth."

The difference between both of these statements (intentions) should be more than obvious, here. Ultimately, you don't want to open a portal for ALL (types and sorts and manners of) extraterrestrial or extradimensional energies, here. Only and ONLY the positive and benevolent kind --- for there are IN-DEED (very much so) numerous negatively-oriented civilizations out there who'd be all to glad to send in something through such portals that you absolutely DO NOT want (to be on the receiving end of), here. And an intention that is simply WAY too open-ended kinda gives them that easy opening and access into this realm, you see.

What you (as a Creator GOD) INTEND --- is what you (as a Creator GOD) GET. No two ways around this!

So PLEASE (for your own highest sake!) intend WISELY!!!


SIX: NEVER EVER EVER make the mistake of using the above given knowledge for evil or negative intents or purposes here. Or to even as much as DREAM OF bringing in negative beings and energies into this beautiful and divine world of ours. One, it won't even be ALLOWED to work in the first place, as was amply shown to those of the negative variety during their good ol' CERN activation days. Where everyone from a Short Circuit to a literal (divinely inspired?) Weasel told them to go shove it.

But beyond even that, doing something such as that will ONE HUNDRED PERCENT BRING YOU WAY more negative karma than you're EVER going to even as much as like or WANT, here; and likely of the 'Instantaneous Karmic Retribution' variety at that. In short, the quote "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes." should be more than enough to summarize this whole (or)deal to you. So DO NOT go there, PLEASE. And for your OWN SAKE at that.


SEVEN: And now, we get into the actual ways and techniques to help create such portals, if you will. Starting with...

THOUGHT / INTENTION / IMAGINATION BASED PORTALS: As the naming given here suggests, these are portals that you can easily create using your very Thoughts or your very Intentions alone. So you don't need to say it (i.e. your thought or your intention) out loud or anything, you can just Think it or Intend it inside your mind.

It could be something as simple as (an unspoken) Thought or Intention such as: "I AM Intending to create this portal to allow the free streaming-in of all BENEVOLENT and POSITIVE Divine Beings and Energies looking to assist Planet Earth and Humanity in their upliftment, at this time."

Or even shorter: "I INTEND to create this divine portal for streaming in Unconditional Love, Light, and ALL that is Benevolent and Good for this world and/or me."

Or, (when creating a portal directly above a water body such as a lake etc.): "I INTEND that this portal endlessly fill up this lake with Love, Light, Perfection, Clarity, Purity, Peace, Bliss, and higher Healing energies for everyone's VERY HIGHEST GOOD!!!"

Feel free to make up your VERY OWN unique and epic and fun statements and intentions here! Use whatever (intuitively) feels right to you, or that you feel truly, deeply GUIDED to do!

Enjoy! ;)


EIGHT: [ Conjuring Up Intention / Imagination / Thought Based Portals ] :: You can open light portals in the Sky that instantaneously dissolve Chem-trails before they can EVER HOPE TO harm anyone. And you can well do the exact same thing over Water Bodies, Forests, Farms and Soils here as well. As a matter of fact, some Trees (and the way their branches are placed) already look like portals to other worlds. So you can freely create (or program) these into Portals that bring in tremendous amounts of higher LIGHT. You can also convert circular shaped objects (or configurations of branches, mirrors, doorways etc.) into portals of the highest living Love and Light. Or just literally draw out or carve out (using just your Imagination and Intention) a circular light portal within thin air or such. Thus, you can easily create living energetic portals (wherever you so go) through Meditation and Visualizing and Imagining alone. You can also call forth a portal using your positive focus, positive prayers, and positive blessings here.

For those who love intuitive white magic spellcasting (where you cast spells using gestures) - such as some of your hand gestures in certain forms of dances or Tai Chi - you could as well use the exact same types of gestures to create or open up Light Portals here as well. You could also summon energies from the Sun via creating such portals. Or do even more, just get as Creative, Imaginitive, Innovative and Intuitive as you'd possibly like to be and just go have some FUN with it!


NINE: [ Conjuring Up Sound / Vibration / Word Based Portals ] :: These are portals that you can create using words or sound vibrations. For this, you can use a sound vibration such as "A-U-M" (or "Om" or "Ohm"), and imagine or intend the said Sound Frequencies opening up a portal of the Highest Light wherever you'd so deem it fit to be. You can also achieve the exact same effect using sounds from numerous Musical Instruments, or Gongs, Chimes, Drums or Bells. Even better if you made a whole beautiful sound-based ceremony out of it, as your subconscious then (recognizing the importance of ritual and ceremony) cements it into a truly powerful portal beyond your very wildest imaginings. You can also create portals using music that you consider positive, special, or divine in pretty much the same way.

Finally, you can literally create portals using your favourite chant, mantra, or affirmation (or any other positive repetition that brings benefit to you). For example, you can create a portal by chanting the 'I Am Mantra' brought forth by the Federation Of Light (via Blossom Goodchild), in that you literally program a portal to bring through the energies brought forth by the 'I Am' mantra that goes "I am the Light. I am the Love. I am the Truth. I am." and so on and so forth. Last but by no means the least, if you're using an affirmation or a Self Hypnosis Technique to establish Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, Unity and Prosperity upon the planet; you can very well program your very own portal to bring in just that!


TEN: [ Conjuring Up Ritual / Ceremony / Action Based Portals ] :: Action-based portals are the strongest imaginable love / light portals out there, because ACTION is considered the STRONGEST manifestation tool within the 3D physical realm. Hence the importance of rituals and ceremonies too, in this regard, as they swiftly program and convince your subconscious (and get it to truly anchor) any and all kinds of manifestations through it, and most POWERFULLY at that. So you can create a beautiful ritual with Bells, Gongs, Incense, Candles, Chants, or what-else-have-yous; and create a love / light portal using the same accordingly. You can also physically draw portals (or even Mandalas) upon a paper or ceramic or what-else-have-you; or just get one drawn by someone else and program it into a portal of your own.

This is also a fantastic technique to create portals that hold highly specific energies; for example, a mandala artwork (or even a picture of Quan Yin) that represents a super-specific energy such as Healing, which can then more easily bring through healing energies into the planet. And also more so because your subconscious ALREADY re-cognizes that artwork or picture to be representative of powerful healing energies and such here. In much the exact same way, you can use anything and everything from paintings and wall posters to artworks and sculptures, and convert them into portals for bringing through the very highest of love / light energies, here.

You can well use artworks and craftings of Sacred Geometry and convert them into portals, or you can carve out portals in various places (and mediums) much like a sculptor would. You could even use your very favourite crystals or crystal wands as tools for achieving this end. Or you can well go carve-out portals within the skies (or "mobile portals" within the clouds) using laser pointers or powerful flashlight beams. You can turn a rainbow into a portal, or even an Aurora Borealis or an Aurora Australis into one. Finally, you can literally draw or carve-out a portal on the ground or the soil or the earth using a mere stick to achieve that end, and use it to truly and literally "ground" the energies of your desired portal wherever you so wish to. Something, that can also be done by programming a literal 'Rangoli' into a portal or such (go look that word up!)


ELEVEN: Feel free to open up purification portals within Air, Water, and Soil - or even within Tunnels, Pipelines, Transformers, Power Stations, Wire-Junctions, Power Cables, Supermarkets, Gas Pipelines, and Cellphone Towers - to use these readymade avenues for the broadcasting and transmitting of truly powerful energies of love and light all around town! In cases of portals that directly affect energies consumed by people, you can program these ones to do specific tasks. For instance, you can program a portal above a Lake or a River to bring forth more Purification and Oxygenation and Cleansing of water; or open one above you local Cellphone Tower to freely use it to transmit energies of Bliss, Love, Light, Peace, Inspiration, Harmony, and Upliftment all around town! So could you easily open a portal within Soil to help Strengthen it, enrich its Nutrient and Mineral and Life-Force levels, whilst also helping Purify it no less! Not even the Sky is the limit here...well...quite so literally!


TWELVE: Think "opposites". So, for example, if you see an area experiencing too much of poverty or lack, feel free to open a portal in there that brings through its exact opposite energies, i.e. those of endless Abundance and infinite Prosperity. Where there is great malnutrition, open a portal that brings in tremendous amounts of Empowerment, Strength and Sustenance. Where there are way too many Chemtrails, open up a Sky Portal of Purification that swiftly dissolves them all! You get the point here.


THIRTEEN: Given the current planetary situation, it is highly recommended here that you open up portals that bring through and project powerful energies of Strength, Inspiration, Upliftment, Awakening, Empowerment and Truth; and add to this mix a dash of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Fulfillment, Light, Wisdom, Joy, Bliss, Kindness, Healing and pure Peace and Harmony no less! Basically, bring in the exact OPPOSITE of anything and everything that is being brought forth and stirred up by those of the negative and self-centered variety of beings at the moment, so to speak! You can well start doing this right away, and then, do it all the way through the coming weeks and months here as well, and even well beyond that too (for all you know!)


FOURTEEN: You can also create portals that act as "doorways" for Higher Light Beings (of a benevolent nature) looking to assist us all to come and go through with greater ease. So also can you program your portals to bring in (and bring through) Higher Light Codes, Higher Energies and Light Streamings, DNA Activations, Energetic Downloads, Evolutionary Assists, Upgrades, Activations, and so much, oh so much more!


FIFTEEN: Speaking of allowing in higher beings and energetics; it doesn't hurt to (and, in fact, it is highly RECOMMENDED here to) assign all of your portals an Angelic, Archangelic, or Ascended Master protector and guardian. Or just ask God or your Higher Self or your Oversoul or Earth Guardians or Guardian Angels to endlessly protect all of your portals for you. And to keep these portals of yours safe and sound, and protected from any sort of misuse or trespassing or unwanted intrusions here no less!


SIXTEEN: You can also create 'Light Pillars' of your very own (to achieve similar objectives and ends) using the exact same methods and techniques as described for opening up the portals, here. These light pillars can then reach deep into the Earth (and right out the other side of the planet) whilst also reaching high up into the Heavens and connecting with all of the Galactic and Universal and Multiversal and Omniversal Central Suns and such. And in that process, can well (positively) assist all within a humongous 144 kilometre radius here no less!


SEVENTEEN: You can create AS MANY Light Pillars and Portals as you so desire. You can even create MULTIPLE of these ALL AT ONCE. You can even create and place these portals in places that you can't even See or Reach at the moment, because your mere INTENTION very much so can achieve the same. You can even open INFINITE such positive portals literally ALL AROUND THE PLANET AND BEYOND right at THIS VERY MOMENT if you so please, because THAT'S how very POWERFUL you and your slightest of INTENTIONS even are! You can create a hundred, a thousand, or even a million such portals a day; who or what is even going to stop or prevent you from doing such anyways?

It takes BUT ONE MERE INTENTION of yours to have (well over!) a TRILLION such positive Light Pillars, Posts, Ports and Portals placed all around this very Planet of ours. You can also (rather easily) open such portals all the way into the heavens; into various Light-based Universes, Light-based Densities, and Light-based Dimensions; and also into Galactic, Universal, Multiversal and Omniversal Central Suns; and also (those anchored) straight into the Stargate, the Singularity, the Zero Point, the Void, or the very Divine Source itself here no less!

All you even need to do in here is to simply use your WILD and crazy IMAGINATION to its very FULLEST - and then, get as very Creative and Innovative and Artistic as you can possibly even get in here - to therefore dream bigger dreams in here than what you'd ever really even dreamt of dreaming!


EIGHTEEN: The more that you even THINK ABOUT your portal - and then, Visualize it, Remember it, Imagine it, or simply FOCUS UPON (or give your very ATTENTION TO) it - the more so do you REINFORCE and STRENGTHEN its very energies (and programmed INTENTIONS here no less). The more that you BOOST its incredible POWER, PRESENCE, and POTENCY, here. The more that it (and its very PRESENCE) is thereby Imprinted, Immersed, Imbibed, Strengthened and REAL-IZED (via the very act of MEMORIZING its existence) within your very Subconscious; and also within the very Energies and Memories and Understandings of the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS here as well.

After all: what you THINK ABOUT, you BRING ABOUT.

You can also well post cute little reminders about your created Portals (much like you do for your Dreams, your Manifestations, your Intentions, your To-Do Lists, your Bucket Lists or your respective Desires or Affirmations) here on Sticky Notes or Fridge Post-Its or such to achieve this exact end.

Let absolutely NOTHING stop or prevent you (or your respective Pillars and Portals) from changing our very planet's destinies here forever!


NINETEEN: To create portals that are even more POWERFUL - and also have a massive, potent and visibly instantaneous IMPACT - try creating portals together in GROUPS! For, as you all know, group manifestations are absolutely PHENOMENAL in their sheer Power, Presence, Potency, Pace and Strength of their (respective) manifestations. Also, their sheer POWER and GROWTH is downright EXPONENTIAL. In that a mere 6 people with an intention strength measured at 10 units each coming together for a cause, would NOT be making a collective intention of a mere 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 60 units; but instead, making a (collective / group) intention of the power 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10, i.e. a whopping collective intention strength of 1 MILLION UNITS here no less!

So feel free to gather around those Barbecues, Bonfires, Lakes, Garden Fountains, Forests, Campfires, Picnic Baskets, House Parties, and what-else-have-yous -- for some cool and FUN (collective) portal manifestation experiences -- and make those collective-ly manifested power portals of yours absolutely COUNT in the planetary ascension processes! ;)


A FEW FINAL WORDS: Enjoyed the article? Please do go and SHARE IT EVERYWHERE IMAGINABLE for the very highest benefit of our planet and humanity alike! :) BE BOLD AND TALK ABOUT IT with your Friends, Loved Ones, Neighbours, Acquaintances and Colleagues alike - and also with your various Circles, Groups, and Communities (be they Online or Offline) - and more so with those of the Spiritually-Inclined ones out there no less! TRANSLATE IT in all languages that you (or your close friends) know of; or just MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE for people with Viewing, Reading or Learning disabilities or barriers! BLOG about it, PODCAST about it, MAKE A VIDEO about it, or use absolutely ANY mediums or ways at your disposal to make this incredible concept go VIRAL! You can also CREATE GUIDED MEDITATIONS or ASMR AUDIOS AND VIDEOS about this very topic, and make sure that it reaches the right eyes, or should I say the right ears, here!

Finally - last but by no means the very least - just in case you just so happen to live in an area where few (if any) of the people are even really open to exploring such ideas and concepts to even as much as begin with, worry NOT! Just set an INTENTION (prior to going to sleep) that you'll share this with the entirety of HUMANITY (when you meet up with all of them upon the astral planes during dream-time) or such, and KNOW that the message SHALL INDEED be broadcast to them then, ONE WAY or THE OTHER!


Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for your most generous service to Humanity and Mother Gaia at this time! And may you all be blessed, INFINITELY!

In Infinite Love and Light,
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