How to Heal the World | Sophia Love

How to Heal the World | Sophia Love

FEB 28 2022

So today you’ll hear from my heart. I know that you’re in the middle of an onslaught of media, and hope that you’ll indulge this one more. It is something that’s been on my mind, and it seems a good day to share it.

You are, without argument, living in extraordinary times. Not only in terms of depth of change, but in the speed with which it reaches your ears and eyes, and competes for your attention, your approval and your agreement.

This is a breathtaking and heart stopping moment, followed immediately by another one, equally so, and then another…

Deprived of instruction manuals or tutors offering guidance for times such as these, here’s some thoughts that may assist.

You’re living this moment, fully engaged, from your office desk chair or your living room couch. This means that, although you are not physically engaged with your body, you are experiencing the engagement in your mind. Let’s remember that there have been studies illustrating the similar effectiveness of imagining a daily exercise, and actually performing it each day. This was always one of my favorites! Your body takes its guidance from your mindset, your thoughts, your imagination. Believe. Expect. Intend. Create.

You feel and physiologically react to the truckers, the rioters, the soldiers, the bureaucrats, the refugees. You sense it all, and your body responds accordingly. This effects your mood, your sleep, your blood pressure, your “fight or flight” response (i.e., your adrenaline production), your ability to focus. You are being altered by this moment, in a very real sense.

Those of you following this work will know that it has always discussed this extraordinary time for our race, and concluded that something major is going on right now; something that no one has yet seen. We are living history.

Yet today, let’s talk about how it feels, regardless of what it means. Right now, it feels like sensory overload. There’s just too much to take in, let alone process.

I think there is something you can do, with your intent, to relieve these seemingly negative effects on your body.

I believe that you’ve been given an extraordinary opportunity in a visceral 3D sense: the chance to consciously choose to unconditionally love.

This may sound frivolous yet it is not. It is potentially world changing.

Each day you read or listen to something that either validates or denies what you believe is true, and at the same time, either validates or denies someone that you love or trust.

All of us have experienced loss and separation due to the non-stop media rhetoric of these last two years. It is not difficult to see that. You are feeling either isolated or indignant or angry or separated or disappointed or horrified or terrified at what is happening in your family, amongst your friends, in your city and/or your country.

What if you let it all go? What if, instead of searching to be validated in your news-stream, you choose to validate everyone you watch, read, listen and talk to? What if you allow, really allow, for differences of opinion without assigning to those differences – an intelligence quotient? What if you forget who is “right” or who is “wrong”, and remember that we are all just people?

There is this thing about having raised children, and while telling them never to lie, also, on purpose, sharing the idea of Santa Claus. This seems hypocritical. While they are believing this idea, you are not thinking them stupid or incapable. You understand that they trust you, and that trust implies belief in their best interests. You know that you do not mean them harm with the idea of Santa Claus. In fact, it is just the opposite. They seem to be having so much fun with it, you are actually nostalgic when they finally know the truth. It was a fun game, enjoyed by everyone playing it.

Can you translate your attitudes about your children to your attitude about everyone who currently disagrees with what you believe to be true? Can you let the semantics go, and love anyway? Will you love, because at the end of the day, or the relationship, it will be the only thing you have left? I think this may just be the purpose of this moment.

It is your chance to choose to love anyway. It is your chance to decide, in each interaction, that your most important contribution is love. In fact, as most of us are arguing digitally, it is truthfully the only meaningful thing you can contribute to the conversation.

Love has been known to rejuvenate the dying and has been scientifically measured to emit the strongest energy we hold. Our heart is our most powerful organ.

These words on your screen are imprints from my mind, attempting to reach your heart. They began with love. They hold the energy of my heart.

I am frustrated at not knowing what I can do to change what I see around me. I am not frightened, I am impatient. I, like most everyone, hope and pray for peace, love, light and truth to bathe this planet. These words are my attempt to expand our love and our light. I see this as the only answer here, to a world gone seemingly mad.

Send your love. Especially send it to those who upset you. Spread your light. Illuminate all the dark places and destructive acts. Share truth. Know that when all is said and done, it will be all that remains.

Be humble. Be patient. Be forgiving. Be kind. Very soon, you will know precisely why you are here, and what you are to do. Trust. You’re doing great so far!

Take care of yourself at every chance. We are One, and this is the first step to taking care of all of us.

It is an honor to be here with you all.

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