Friday, September 10, 2021

Social Programming/Conditioning | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

September 10, 2021

Social Programming/Conditioning

Ivo has channeled on this subject before and I have talked about it ad nauseum, however we will discuss this again for you because it seems that people aren't getting the message. It's an important message, particularly now.

Social conditioning is social programming.

In every city there are city planners. They have different departments, like the Traffic Department, the Buildings Department and more.

Our western world is divided into several departments as well: Religion, Finance, Entertainment, Government, Education, Technology, Military, Commerce and there's probably more I haven't thought of. Not to worry, I got the main ones. These are the ones we know of. Then there are the Secret Ones, like the Secret Military, the Secret Space Program, Secret Mind Indoctrination and Human Experimentation. Let's not forget the Secret Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Department, which we're all finding out about now.

All of these departments are there to control you and other humans. All of them, whether they are overt or covert, they are there to control your body and your mind. You were born into a world where you were to be exploited and you were never aware of it until you started to wake up.

From the time you're young, you are indoctrinated into a society depending on where you live, but at least in the west, they're generally all the same. How many countries do you know of that don't have governments, don't have banks and where people don't have to work for a living? Yeah, I can't think of any either.

Who brought this system here? The Negative Alien Alliance (NAA), and this system is based on the Draconian System, because their systems are financially based. Yes, you're living like a reptile, not a human. Let that sink in.

Why do reptiles want us to emulate their system? So they can live among us and continue to control us. That's why. This control is called Social Conditioning.

The human systems in the galaxy are non-exploitative and based on humanitarianism and service. They do not mirror the system here on earth really in any way, shape or form. And they don't use money.

You are a money slave. You live for it, you try to get more, you work all day just to pay your way through life, money dictates what you can or can't do. A life, where, had you been living in a true human system like was on this earth before the NAA came along, everything would have been free for you. Well, that is until Covid came along, now you're seeing a new level of control that even money can't buy you out of.

Throughout the years, the social planners have been working on an agenda, the culmination of which you are seeing now. They have conditioned us to be rougher, pride ourselves less on being classy, they have brought more violence and death into every day culture via television and music, they've created drug systems, they have worked on increasing the cost of living and keeping the minimum wage rising at a lesser level. They sent the hippies to war, they've released many viruses on us, they have started all the wars we can think of way back to whenever, they've encouraged us to be mean to each other and to fight and argue with each other, they have dumbed down the education system, and increased the frequencies being piped into your head. They have created toxic frequency streams like 5D, poisoned our food systems (Monsanto and others), bought out farmers, put hormones in dairy products, created GMOs, turned the health system into a drug pumping regime, and they won't cure cancer because it brings in too much money for them. That is social programming. You have been programmed to be a victim, just to sit there and suck it all up hoping that the next time you vote will bail you out of your current dilemma. And it never has, has it? You just keep adjusting to it. You realize by looking at your grandparents that they are healthier, skinnier and wealthier than you'll ever hope to be. That is social conditioning.

Yeah, you have your say: Once every 4 years you get to say what you want, and even that is rigged. There has been no way to get out of this system – until now because now it's being revealed.

Ivo: You also live in a death culture, and this is social conditioning as well, my love. The reason you live in a death culture is because the Negative Alien Alliance enjoys your suffering. The third dimension is the only dimension where suffering is permissable, although it is used as a learning tool and is intended to be short lived. The NAA has extended this suffering for you in many ways: by creating wars, by stealing your wealth and creating poverty for you, by altering your religious messages to make you fear God instead of loving Him, they have created an entertainment web of movies that are based on fear and killing, which of course keeps one in an adrenalized state of fear while watching them. They are also highly addictive, so when you continue to watch them, you begin to develop anxiety and other adrenal or endocrine system problems.

What we are attempting to say to you is that your world would not be the den of evil that it is right now were it not for the social control, social programming that is being cast upon you all and enacted through your lower minds.

There are many channels of EMF vibrations, even fields that are encasing your world either in whole or in part, right now, in order for you to tap into. These EMFs vibrate similarly to your mental minds, so what happens is your mental minds, or your mind as you call them, pick up on these signals and never determining that the thoughts they are having are not their own.

You must become aware of what thoughts are being piped into your heads. It is of the utmost importance, especially now.

People are becoming fed up with the covid programming being run now and they are beginning to take their minds back. They are beginning to say no. Suffice it to say, mind control is being increased as much as possible in order to continue to have the grasp on you that the matrix has previously had. However the more you take your mind back and begin to discern what it is you desire and what it is you do not desire for yourself and your children, the more you fight this mind control and social programming.

But you are only at the beginning right now.

There are more ways to do it than just saying no to covid programming. Look at movies. Do you really want to sit in front of the TV and watch movies that incite violence, harming others and murder? Then you really do have a reptile's mindset if that's the case. If you enjoy this, I might say to you that it is not you who is enjoying this. If you were not mind controlled, you would find these movies repulsive. You watch them because you are not in your right mind and it is being controlled into finding these movies desirable. Your soul would not.

Now some of your department heads are being pointed out and cast out as enemies of the state. These department heads are Bill Gates (Technology), Anthony Faucci (Medical), the Pope (Religion), Harv Weinstein (Hollywood Entertainment), Joe Biden (U.S. Government), among other political fraudsters. In bringing these people down you are bringing down the system that enslaves you. It is delightful to watch, in fact, but more can be done.

Sharon and I have put together a two part video on mind control. It is important that you address the mind control problem because this is one of the secret covert departments whose head is unknown to you.

Me: Yes, it probably has sharp teeth and is green with slits for eyes.

Ivo: In fact, yes my love you are correct. In your overt departments, the reptiles are disguised as humans but in your covert departments, there is no need for disguise because if you are a victim of the covert department programming, you most likely will never see a reptile or it will be wiped from your mind.

Taking your world back is a question of taking your minds back. If you do not see this by what is going on, then I ask you to look at yourself. In March 2020, the first covid reports came out and masks began to be worn. Now it is almost a year and a half later, and the covid program has advanced but people are resisting it. How did you look a year and a half ago? Maybe some of you were pregnant, and some people have passed on, but for the majority of you you looked the same as you do now. So it is not your body that is being affected here, it is your mind. And that is where the war is being fought – in your mind. In the mind of the collective.

So you must take your mind back from mind control. Do this and the NAA will disappear off the face of the earth and they will never plague you again. Why? Because you have the means, if enough people do it, to eradicate them from your reality with as little effort as a thought. That is the power of the human mind.

That is why they mind control you. So that you cannot kill them off or make them just vanish into thin air. That is also why, for a long time, they kept any knowledge of themselves away from the public. You cannot eradicate that which you do not realize is there.

It is a battle for your mind. If you are still living life from your ego, you have much work to do because a reptilian ego will not see the fifth dimension. Thoughts of hatred, violence, killing, war... will not get to 5D.

It is easy to determine your soul's thoughts from those of a reptilian's – they are happy, purposeful, caring for others, concerned for the future of humanity. Anything else that does not light up your heart, is mind control.

Social conditioning is the means by which they keep you enslaved, but now you must leave the matrix and stop indulging in your conditioning as much as you possibly can. The more you watch TV, the more you shop at stores for non-essentials, the more you go to work, you are keeping the system that enslaves you empowered.

Ivo: My love, I realize that this is difficult but it can be done piece by piece. Dismantel the matrix and change your life by changing your minds.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

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