Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Rebalance the Body | Alcazar Quotes

Rebalance the Body

If little infants, little babies, are subjected to intense emotional energy, they simply leave the body again. It is too much for them. And so, you have a protection mechanism, especially in your early years, where emotions that overwhelm you are pushed into the subconscious to be dealt with later and these repressed emotions are held in your energy field, in the emotional body. If you hold them there for long enough, these lower frequencies of unresolved emotions start to affect the physical body in the particular area that is associated with that emotion. It creates imbalance in the cells because the cells are not clearly receiving the energies that are meant to come to them. So illness, disease is created. That is why we have guided you with the inner child work to help you access and release from the energy bodies these old, repressed emotions. It is vital, Beloveds. It is vital to help the body rebalance and become healthy again. It is also vital in your process of ascension, of raising the vibration so more of your Superconsciousness can come into the body. Understand this well.

– Alcazar

Accelerated Ascension, 2021