It is Time to Unite | Goddess Diana via TruD

How many times can you recall that we have been told something big is coming? How many times has the prediction actually occurred? How many times has a time or date of the predicted event come and gone with nothing that was predicted coming to fruition? More than likely, the announcement or event failed to occur. So, we have learned to hope for the best, but nothing typically results.

Who is giving us these predictions? White Hats or black hats? Who knows?

Black Hats love to set us up for disappointment, to disillusion us, drop our frequency, and divide us. Take everything with the intention to observe and learn from it, but don't be surprised when nothing happens. Once we learn this, we grow wiser. We guard our hearts. But we do this to hold our frequency high and not allow ourselves to be fooled, tricked, or made to look foolish. Always take into account that we each must remain optimistic and high frequency, but don't bet the house on anything we are told unless we know the source of information is legit.

This is our new way of being, always on guard. We are the light holders, the guardians of the light and we remember, we are at war with a vicious enemy who wants to kill us. We must not let their tricks and lies break our spirit. Be practical about what is real and what is not. Look for signs and use your inner discernment, which I know you have developed carefully over time.

You or I, and many others are not the same people we were 1-1/2 years ago.

Disappointment is a part of our life. We need to own this and learn how to deal with it. This is our new normal. So, it's time to regroup after every disappointment and become smarter and stop setting ourselves up for heartbreak with false hope and pinning our false expectations on blaming others for fooling us with events that more than likely won't happen.

We need to handle everything with this reality for another 6 months to a year before the tides turn back in our favor.

Then another year following with rebuilding our world. This is the period of darkness before the dawn. During the next 2 years, we are transforming into a new human species of light warriors. I tell you this so your body is not going through the stress of the ups and downs of disappointments designed to break our spirit. It doesn't help to keep asking, when will this end? It will end when the Black Hats destroy themselves. Don't let them destroy you in the process. It's time to be strong and hunker down, shine your brightest light on the world because we need 80% of humanity to awaken. This is what we need to understand if we are going to survive. We don't need false hope.

Educate yourself. Learn the laws that protect your human rights and be armed with knowledge. Just as Ashtar has warned us, nobody can save you like you can. Gear up with your armor of light, as your warrior mode is now required if you choose to ascend in this, your last incarnation, in the last phase of this war.

It's true, this is an illusion, but you are totally in control now and how you handle the emotional self will determine whether you are a warrior or a wimp. You did not come here to fold and turn into a wimp at the first sign of difficulty. You've done this before. You would not be here otherwise. Your memory will begin returning to you now. Meditate. Focus. Build your plan. Your transformation has begun.

We are in this together. United we stand. Divided we fall. The enemy will not dictate or control us any longer.

Fill your heart with compassion, love, and forgiveness.

Those who dare to strike out at humanity are on the losing side. We will make it so. We can do this. It's time to get real.

Unite. Be strong. Be fearless. We are warriors.
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