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Worried? Anxious? Scared? This message is for YOU.  

The following message is my humble dedication to all of the currently worriedanxious, and frightened people of Planet Earth. Those who still think or believe (for some weird reason) that those of the darkness can ever really hope to win battles against those of the LIGHT. This will also be my shortest, sweetest, and (potentially my) most enjoyable message to date. Read on for more!  


So here's the thing: Tonight (whenever it is night time in your local time zone) I want you all to find the largest room in your house, and to make sure to switch off every single source of light that you can possibly find within your home. Then, I want you all to light just but a single candle in that darkness.  

What you will find here, much to your greatest of surprises, is that this singlelonetiny little candle alone is powerful enough to light up an entire goddamned dark room. And just effortlessly so at that.  

And, even more importantly, all of that massive darkness enveloping the room can basically do j@ck $#it to even really stop it. It's not even a competition in there guys, for f*ck's sake.  

My apologies for using all of that language, but it was very much so needed in here to make that point. Because currently, there are many millions of LIGHTS (wanderers, lightworkers, lightwarriors, indigos, crystals, hybrids, you-name-it!) incarnate and shining on Planet Earth right now. And awake or not, they are extremely powerful and potent. And even the number of awakened ones is currently in the millions already in any case!  

To add to even that, there are hundreds of thousands of fully awakened and enlightened higher dimensional beings living within our planet. They too are shooting love and light everywhere 24x7x366.  

Then, there are trillions of higher dimensional, enlightened light beings from other galaxies and (even other universes!) currently surrounding us and beaming love and light into our world 24x7x366.  

Then, there are entire civilizations (of trillions upon trillions of light beings each) which are also doing the exact same thing (sending love and light our way). And they are doing so from other galaxies, and even other universes even.  

Our own planet is sending us intense love and light. Our own Sun, our Galactic Central Sun, all other Galactic Central Suns, as also our Universal Central Sun (and all other Universal, Multiversal and Omniversal Central Suns) are all currently doing just that.  

Every single planetary body and consciousness within our solar system and beyond is doing just that. Our soul families are doing just that. Discarnate entitiesparallel, future and higher selves, your personal (and even greater) soul councils from what you call heaven (all of the nonphysical and multidimensional worlds out there), including your own deceased loved ones are doing just that. Ascended masters across the omniverse are doing just that. Angels are doing just that. Immensely powerful Archangels are doing just that. Elementals and Devas are doing just that. Advanced, enlightened and super-evolved and super-powerful Cetacean light-beings under our oceans are doing just that. Your beloved pets, and even the wild animals are doing just that. Finally, even the plant, mineral and crystal kingdoms, and so many other invisible helpers are doing just that. Your own personal guides, twin flames, guardian angels and higher selves are doing just that.  


So now, please do return to your candle example (and direct experience) once again. Imagine all of the (barely left) darkness on earth, and then, imagine the sheer incredible power of just one single source of pure light. And now, multiply that by the insane numbers of love-light sending entities, energies and collectives that I just mentioned here above.  


And oh, I totally forgot to tell you all this one thing. Because, as it turns out, even God, the One Infinite Creator, the Divine Source and ALL-THAT-IS itself; the only true POWER in all of existence is by your side here too.  

Go do the math Already.  


Both your logic and your intuition are going to reach the exact same conclusion here, folks. The light simply cannot be defeated. It is (and was) pointless to even really try.  


The very idea of the light "battling" the darkness here is, well, laughable (to say the very least). There is no battle (not unless YOU create it for your OWN personal reality bubble). There was no battle. And there won't ever BE any "battles" in there either. You can't even "imagine-battle" the power of the LIGHT, even your tiny little candle would tell you that.  


So STOP believing so very blindly in the greatest ever projection/illusion ever created by those of the darker variety. And, once again, go do some math. For your own sake. And for your planet's sake too.  


PLEASE DO SHARE THIS MESSAGE with everyone you know; and put it up everywhere that you possibly can. Post it on all of your Social Media Platforms and Forums and (Online or Offline Communities) and wherever else you so deem fit. Translate it in every single language that you know of. And go talk about it everywhere that you possibly so can. Go shed some light into our (greatly!) mislead world and human civilization!  


For the light is indeed, winning, and now you very much so know it. What's even there to doubt? There's not even a worthy BATTLE here lol. (Unless of course, YOU choose to tell yourself that story.) Because then, you'll very much so experience it...and of your own making that too! For you are indeed very much so creator beings after all. So you got free will power, whether you like it or not.  


As for the rest of you who now "get it", go take a chill pill already. Because the very idea of the darkness defeating the light is, well, beyond ridiculous (to say the very least!) I'd expect me some better jokes next time.  

Enjoy the show.  
Worried? Anxious? Scared? This Message is for you | Don Spectacularis Worried? Anxious? Scared? This Message is for you | Don Spectacularis Reviewed by TerraZetzz on 8/15/2021 11:38:00 PM Rating: 5

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