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Timeline Tourism Handbook: The 2021 Edition | Don Spectacularis

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Greetings, one and all. The following Timeline Tourism Handbook (2021 Edition) has been handcrafted to trigger every last bone in your body. And your very mind and very soul no less. Should you take those triggers in the right spirit, you get a rare opportunity to master reality itself. Alternatively, should you miss the whole point of me writing this text and let your respective egos get the better of you, well, let me just warn you all well ahead in advance here that just about now would be the perfect time to Google "anger management techniques" first! And with that out of the way, let us now go begin things…! 


What we have here now, is a rare and golden opportunity to take a quick peek at some of the very biggest timeline choices and opportunities that you all now have laid out (and delightfully so!) right in front of you. Note that this list isn't even remotely close to exhaustive, but it is indeed illustrative of some of the major timeline choices that humanity now has laying around (to be chosen) right in front of it. Also, the reason behind me compiling this list is by no means to judge you or anything similar. For it is just what it is: wonderful selection of positively and negatively oriented timeline choices and opportunities, that you all, as full-fledged creator beings, are given complete and total FREE WILL and FREEDOM to choose from (and experience) as a result. And the very best part here is that regardless of just which timeline you so choose…the rest of creation will continue to unconditionally love you (as always!) anyways! 


But yes, negative timeline choices do indeed come with negative experiences/consequences and positive timeline choices, as one would expect, always do come with positive experiences and consequences here, as a result. Because there's NO SAVING YOU from YOU. For what you choose to experience, you get to experience, period. For you are indeed, God. So come right on in to enjoy this grand (timeline) RIDE of a LIFETIME! 




TIMELINE A - The 'Ivermectin' Timeline: This timeline is somewhat fresh off of the oven. In this timeline, individuals (and now, a full-fledged collective) are hugely focused upon considering and promoting Ivermectin as a cure for the virus. While admirable indeed, individuals on this timeline continue looking towards the pharmaceutical industry (of all places and things!) as their saviours (from this situation); as opposed to looking at more, shall we say, nature-based, energy-healing-based or divinely guided and inspired solutions instead. And, given that we are now transitioning into the 4th Density Of Consciousness (where people are supposed to be taking their own power back); you can now take a fairly educated guess and assessment as to just where this particular timeline is ultimately even headed toward. 




TIMELINE B - The 'So-And-So Political Leader' Will Save Us ALL Timeline: Most of you folks reading this know as to just which specific political leader I am even talking about in here. And while he may well be working for the light and everything; mindlessly giving away your innate CREATOR POWERS and capabilities away to him can be, well, something of a recipe for disaster mostly. And that much should be very much so super obvious to absolutely anyone and everyone who is a regular visitor on here. Am I right or am I right? 




TIMELINE C - The 'Aliens' Will Come Save Us ALL Timeline: Ha! Nope. 




TIMELINES D, E, F, and G - These are all doom-and-gloom based timelines (that I've absolutely ZERO interest in discussing any further in here). For these ones are all entirely focused upon what could potentially occur here due to forced vaccinations, forced vaccine passports, forced lockdowns, and forced what-else-have-you! If you truly enjoy playing the victim and giving away all of your innate CREATOR POWERS and abilities away all for free, then consider these timelines as practically being a godsend for you. Good luck with choosing those, coz you're very much so gonna need it here…100,000%! 




TIMELINE H - Okay, enough with all of those negative timelines. Here's something a tad bit better instead. For Timeline H is for anyone and everyone who is kind of super jaded right now; but who, at the very least, expects that things will get better soon and dedicatedly follows that positive breadcrumb trail of thought (and creation) accordingly. So, while this timeline might just experience fair amounts of turbulence here and there, at least they are more likely to even make it to 4D eventually, if nothing else. Because HOPE is, after all, the ULTIMATE 'H WORD' there even is…and TIMELINE H just about exemplifies that. And yet, even they can do so much BETTER here! And I mean better in terms of their timeline choices such as… 




TIMELINE I - If H stands for Hope; then I stands for I AM. For individuals on this specific timeline are doing their level best to play God day in and day out, simply through the virtue of using their very FOCUS right no less! These individuals are the ones making every last ditch effort to go Master the Art of Manifestation. And for that and that alone, shall the kingdom of heaven be theirs eventually. And even now (if they know how!)

* wink wink * 




TIMELINE J - On this particular timeline, even the I is seen as an Illusion. For where the timeline I has Aces up its sleeve, J is the Joker. The wildcard. The One that realizes that all of it, absolutely ALL OF THIS is ultimately a huge, massive, Cosmic Joke (and nothing more). An ILLUSION of divine proportions, essentiallyAnd exactly just that! 


On Timeline J, there are no struggles being had whatsoever. No "enemies" or "foes" (who are "out there") to be fought and defeated whatsoever. For timeline J exists in a world of Advaita, aka Nonduality. Or pure, legitimate enlightenment essentially. 


Having conquered the ego mind, and having re-cognized one's-self as the unconditionally loving God (or even that which is beyond it), folks upon this timeline are constantlycontinuously and consistently living within states of pure and endless GratitudeUpliftmentJoyAbundance and endless amounts of Bliss and Peace here no less! They have no "enemies", for they only and ONLY see and experience unity (consciousness) 24x7x366. Being "high" all of the time (and not on any kinds and manners of substances necessarily), these ones face every single day and every single challenge with utter joy within their hearts, knowing that THEY THEMSELVES CREATED IT for their own highest learning, understanding and expansion no less. These ones have risen well above victimhood of any sorts, and are just grateful for even really being here, so to speak. And while these ones still do have challenges (and/or a "bad day" here and there); overall, these ones Resist NOTHING and Create EVERY SINGLE THING. In short, these are all Empowered Creator GODS living on the very highest of timelines imaginable, and guiding countless others behind them simply by the way of their very examples here no less. These are all of the beings on the very cutting edge / leading edge of the expansion and evolution of Man and God alike; and these ones are the ones making the very highest of choices, even amongst the Wayshowers THEMSELVES no less! 


So but of course their (Cosmic Joke) timeline is the most FUN! For clearly, these ones (somehow!) never indeed do run off course in any case! And, funnily enough, their timeline is filled with Jokes and Laughter to the T; for these ones are indeed wise MASTERS who know all too well that all of reality is just, well, illusory (to say the least!) To be only taken lightly and light-heartedly at best! 




So, needless to say, that these very mastery timelines (the likes of Timeline I and Timeline J) are of the highest imaginable timelines/potentials available to humanity right now. So yeah, go take your pick as to where YOU would like to be and what YOU would like to even experience, here! For the choices, are indeed, all YOUR OWN here. 


Enjoy the show. 

Don Spectacularis Omniversalis 




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