Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Queen An-Ra via Erena Velazquez | August 25, 2021

August 25, 2021


I am Queen An-Ra, Grand Council of New Earth Council, and I just recently became the leading Council of the Planetary InterGalactic Coalition. This is a new alliance created to help civilizations to have a peaceful coexistence between each other.

Our main goal is to forbid the Dark Forces to travel through the coalition territory with intentions to attack the planets that don’t want to be involved in war activities. Many different races joined us as they would like to live in a nonviolent environment without constant threat from the Reptilians, Orions, Anunaki and other ones, who destroy and thrive on someone else’s distresses and unhappiness.

The Dark Ones love to ambush civilizations with intentions to demolish Planets, Galaxies and Universes. Everyone who joined the coalition is going to be protected and helped, if they get attacked by the Negative Entities. Each nation contributes to the Planetary InterGalactic Coalition by adding technology, forces and etc. Also, a Commander was selected for the new Fleet, the name is going to be announced in the next Universal Channel message.

I have been very busy with my new responsibilities, and I didn’t forget about my tasks of New Earth Council. I have been continuously changing and replacing the Ground Crew Members, because they are not fulling their requirements of launching Nesara/Gesara, QFS, RV and etc. They keep finding a million of excuses to delay the transition.

I express my gratitude to the ones, who are spreading Love and Light, helping rescue children and women and put themselves on the front lines to transform your 3D reality to the New Earth. The ones, who create constant obstacles in the launching of a new financial system, redistribution of wealth to humanity and try to harm innocent souls, are going to be removed from your planet and face justice by standing in front of Prime Creator or Supreme Father.

The changes are going to come to fruition no matter what. It’s Divine Plan. I, Queen An-Ra, ready to see your world prosper and become free from indoctrinations and mind manipulations. It has been a long journey for the humankind, you are almost there. Please, keep raising your vibrations through meditations. It’s very important to stay above 3D energies. In this moment a metamorphosis is happening of Mother Gaia. Thank you Universal Channel.

Please, stay in the Now.
Queen An-Ra

Channeled by Erena Velazquez