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Hello my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from our topic and tell you about the hidden processes - both energy and physical, taking place now on Earth.

If from an energy point of view everything is happening quite logically and predictably, then the actions of the world government on the physical plane at first glance may seem rather illogical and contradictory.

To begin with, the ruling elite knows very well that September will be the decisive month in the confrontation between Good and Evil.

There are several reasons for this, and the main one is that the Earth will be covered by an energetic "tsunami" of the highest vibrations.

Therefore, now the main goal of the world government is to maximally lower the general vibrational background of the Earth in the hope that it will neutralize new energies and they will be able to repel this powerful energy blow.

But their expectations are not destined to come true, since the new energies have a completely different structure from the energies of the three-dimensional world, and when in contact with the dense energies that reign on Earth now, they will not be able to mix with them, as, for example, water is not able to mix with mercury ...

These new energies, like a full-flowing river, will fill the Earth, leaving stones and heavy muddy formations at the bottom.

And yet, representatives of the shadow government are trying with all their might to manipulate world events in such a way that, by sowing chaos, panic and fear among people as much as possible, form a response "tsunami" on Earth from the energies of the lowest vibrations in the hope of "muffling" this saving energy for mankind. wave.

Now the governments of many countries of the world are taking actions so absurd and illegal that they cause discontent even among the most law-abiding citizens.

The operation to reduce the population of the planet is entering its final stage, already turning into an open genocide against humanity, which causes the anger and indignation of a reasonable part of the world's population.

At the same time, provocations are being arranged in the "hot" spots of the planet in order to inflate interethnic conflicts, which is the long-standing and most effective "weapon" of globalists to collect the low-vibration energy they need.

Add to this the "natural" cataclysms they artificially cause, which they selectively arrange in the form of punishment to the countries that do not obey them.

So, against the background of general chaos, pain and suffering of people, they try to complete what they have begun, without stopping at anything.

What they had planned to do for decades smoothly, cunningly and unnoticed by people, now they have to carry out in an emergency mode, forgetting about caution and not hiding anything.

And very soon, these two powerful multi-vibration waves "tsunami", coming towards each other from the Earth and from Space, will inevitably collide, which will lead to a colossal stratification of society and the creation of two parallel worlds on your planet: the dark, old, low-vibration world, which is rapidly disappearing into oblivion. and light, clean, high vibration new.

And you need to be ready for this, my dear ones.

You will have to go through a kind of "obstacle course", because everything will not happen in one day.

And now the main task for you is not to stumble yourself and to protect your children from danger.

Be vigilant and wise!

And know: no matter what happens around, no matter what provocations the puppets of the shadow government finally arrange, they are doomed to failure, since the era of their dominion on Earth has already ended.

And this is an objective reality that they are no longer able to change.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father Absolute spoke to you

Received by Marta on August 19, 2021.

source: https://vozrojdeniesveta.com/vysokovibracionnoe-cunami/#ixzz7454mXi8E

Сайт "Возрождение" Renaissance website

Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty
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