Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Dark Players' Agendas and Why they Won't Succeed | Brad Johnson

The Dark Players' Agendas and Why They Won't Succeed

Throughout the times of these agendas that we have been experiencing quite heavily over the past couple of years, particularly around 2020 and throughout the entire year of 2021 thus far, there are again many concerns and anxieties that surround the feeling of upcoming agendas that represent more suppression and resistance towards the well-being and Harmony of humanity itself. Not only have we dealt with an agenda surrounding a virus, but there are also feelings of agendas that surround climate change and even possibly a hoax alien invasion. And through these suspicions of upcoming agendas trying to show their face to the public eye, we grow in deep concern feeling that these agendas being perpetrated through these dark players maybe even worse then what we have experienced with the entire Covid-19 agenda itself.

In this article, I will share insight from what I have received from inside to give some clarity relating to where we are right now as a species and also the planet in which we exist that is not the same Earth that we would understand in the years past. First of all, we have to understand that humanity is constantly evolving changing and shifting. We exist in such a reality where change is the only constant. That is the nature of duality and even though not all of us live in duality, many of us choose to live in duality in that way and therefore that is what brings about suffering. Nonetheless, we are an evolving human race. The great truth of the matter is that we are becoming much more intelligent and we are evolving ourselves to see past the old patterns that once caused confusion and deception through our emotions and our intellect. As we are becoming this greater intelligent human race, there is a force within us that each and every single one of us have that are letting us know that everything that we are experiencing pretending to agendas and events on the planet are all parts of a greater transition currently taking place. The planet is transforming into something truly greater. We are selves as human beings, are also evolving and transforming into something far greater. How this happens we cannot really explain. It's the nature of time and it's the nature of our own experiences individually and collectively speaking. therefore, as we are going through these powerful transformations of being, the agendas that many of these dark players have relied upon and have scrutinized and conjured up in dark rooms are no longer able to come to light as a successful agenda to be applied.

The agendas of the dark players are very predictable and they all follow similar patterns. They are purposely left with loopholes because again this is how the nature of the Divine will works. Whenever you try to hide something and try to conceal its true intention, the loopholes of that agenda will show itself. That is the greatest degradation that working together with disharmonious agendas will bring. They cannot bring about a solid bulletproof plan. Such a thing would require integrity and Truth. The agendas that these dark players conjure up are far from it. Therefore as it is filled with deceit and deceptions, their plans will always leave loopholes and gaping holes within such agendas waiting to be exposed. This is the nature of their dark magic philosophies. They work with intellect and logic, but have very little intelligence within their plans. This is what makes such patterns predictable and flawed only waiting to be exposed. By the make of their plans, this will immediately lead to failure. These plans are only permitted to show their faces up to a certain degree before they are not completely off course by the counter forces that represent the energetic that will bring about a skewed distortion of agenda back into harmony through the counteracting of the forces of light that will render any hostility or malevolence built on lies inert.

From what I have received internally, any plans that these dark players are still attempting to make will have an extremely short lifespan leading to its almost immediate dismantling. I have said in the past that the covid-19 agenda was really their last agenda that would be permitted to last as long as it has. For the entire agenda has created so much mistrust between the people and their governments. It has exposed such deep corruption or even the dark players themselves realize that they can no longer play the wolves and sheep clothing situation anymore. They only try to show their iron fists believing that they have say so over everything. This is not the case. They will tout their own feelings of capability that they believe they have. They have none. What you are commonly seeing on mainstream media and other media outlets regarding these types of people are empty threats. In all honesty, the great majority of them have lost their power and have lost a lot of their tools and technologies that they were planning to use towards further psy-op agendas beyond the Covid- 19 agenda. However, the counter forces to their loophole agendas are now so incredibly prominent, that they really cannot get off the ground anymore regardless of the type of agendas they conjure up in these dark rooms. The counter forces are truly these forces of light that act through human beings who are able to see through the plans agendas and patterns of these dark players and catch them in the act foiling any attempt of plans that they still have within their agenda playbooks. We call these counter forces quite commonly the white hats or the world Alliance.

Many of these white hats are former members of these secret societies and religious zealots or cultists. As they are former members, they know very much the type of plans and patterns that they are trying to play out. In many ways, they know these type of people better than these people know themselves. And a lot of their operations have been kept nonchalant and silent in the background. It is not about trying to say and precise articulation what these dark players are going to try to do and when. You foil the opportunities to counteract them by trying to make your intentions to counteract them all together public. Putting your plans and open public is a counterproductive way of going about it. These counter force actions are meant to be clandestine and kept in the background to increase the greater result of success. Since around 2018 or 2019 the counter forces representing these white hats has grown exponentially in number. In fact there are far more of these white hat Representatives then there are the dark players. By this I mean there are more strategists and more leaders that are working together in cooperation through the white hats then the leaders and strategists still in Alliance with the dark players.

As I said earlier, the Earth is going through a powerful transformation where she is turning into a new planet altogether. The pure consciousness of the Earth is illuminating at a far greater level than we have previously witnessed. And through this, any attempt at deception or manipulating agendas will be met with a cosmic force of denial. In other words, any particular plans that these dark players try to play out will be met with a gigantic stamp upon a piece of paper that reads "denied." Such agendas will only be allowed to show a small morsel of themselves up to a certain point before they face a state of dismantlement through the counter forces representing this alliance. So there are those that are fearful relating to a climate change agenda trying to creates severe weather patterns or Earth shifts that could lead into massive losses of life. This will not be allowed to happen. At best, it will only be able to veer its head into a somewhat open view before it is fully taken down. There are those as well who fear that there will be a hoax alien invasion that will cause a great loss of life where 5G technology will be used as a weapon to try and cause severe casualties throughout the world where are these alien hoax invasion sites May occur. This too will not happen. The reason why it will not happen is that much of this Alliance representing the counter forces is far more prominent upon the planet now than it has ever been. Its presence overwhelms the remnant remains of the dark players and their cultist organizations. What we are witnessing is a complete and total Boomerang effect where the malice manipulation and corruption of these dark players and they're organizations that support such agendas are now about to face this returning boomerang that is aiming square for their face. The blow they receive from this boomerang will knock them out completely with absolutely no chance of revitalizing themselves. It is through these actions that they have caused in the past that will prevent them from rising again. Therefore, it is not for you to be concerned about upcoming agendas that you are afraid of that you feel will be happening upon the planet. As I said, they are only allowed to present a modicum of these agendas before they are dismantled completely by the overwhelming counter forces that are now shining brightly upon this world. As we realize this, we can now see that all agendas that they attempt to create will be taken down and that it is indeed the time for humanity to rise up and work together as a United people. These agendas have only been permitted to happen on certain levels to assist with a greater awakening of every man woman and child that sees these flaws as many others have throughout the years. Many will still be entrenched in their own fear and they still feel that humanity is doomed. So be it. That is the reality that they decide to live in. But those who truly see this with an open mind and an open heart will realize that the Earth is moving into such a magnificent transformation were those that work together with open and compassionate hearts and minds will be coming together to usher in a New Earth. That is where we are going.

In conclusion, you need to look at everything that I have shared here and let it be processed through your heart. You have to see these things for yourself as it is not up to another person to tell you what is truth from untruth or what you should do with your life. You must reach those conclusions yourself. So please take in everything that you have read here and let it process through your own discernment and through your own heart and that your own conclusions be met. Nonetheless, through my own hearts and through what I have received from within, this is what I have to share in regards to these dark player agendas and how they will not succeed. They will only be able to have these agendas show themselves briefly at best, before they are completely burned to the ground and all who have been responsible for these manipulations and corruptions are already facing the implosion of their own consequences right now as you read this article. But once again, let yourself read this article through your heart rather than through The logical rational mind.

Be well.
Brad Johnson