Commander Teh’Ran via Erena Velazquez | July 29, 2021

July 29, 2021

Greetings Humans,

My name is Teh’Ran, and I am one of the commanders from the Galactic Federation of Light under Ashtar. I am here today to tell my story, on what happened to me during one of the battles with the Dark Entities near the planet Jupiter.

I was captured during this encounter, and my ship was destroyed. After that, the days of never ending constant anxiety and torture began. I was interrogated daily. The Negative entities were cutting off my body parts, brainwashing, killing and bringing me back to life. I was being tortured by the Reptilians, they don’t have any merci for you. Their task was to find out the location of the main forces of the Galactic Federation of Light, and where Ashtar’s command is stationed.

We are all trained on how to handle this type of questioning, and I didn’t disclose any sensitive information. Instead of killing me, the Dark Ones completely erased my memories. They were being really spiteful to the Light, so they trained me on how to fly one of their ships and even gave me a commander position in their fleet, as I was a quick learner in the military strategies and maneuvers.

I was very successful in the secret operations, regardless of my great abilities, I was always treated with reservations. After, seeing me being better than their own militants, they decided to send my etheric body on the mission to destroy two Light Warriors, who in the near future are going to play an important role in the Ascension Process.

I ended up being in a woman’s body, which was already possessed by the Draco Queen. She could not destroy these two humans, so they thought, it would be hilarious and fun to use me with the mind controlling technology to attack the Light. I followed their orders and tried to break down these two souls without knowing, that I used to be on the Light side.

This was not my only etheric mission that I was sent to do by the Dark Forces. After the Reptilians removed me from their military operations, they kept me a prisoner in one of the rooms. I was basically a body torso with a head, the Reptilians completely cut off both of my arms and legs. They also erased all of my memories, so I didn’t know anything about my life. The Dark Ones kept me in this condition and forced me to do etheric missions for them with their technology.

In the meantime, these two humans interacted telepathically with Ashtar and many other beings, who were supporting these precious souls. The Galactics were trying to stop these abusive attacks by using their telepathy, and Ashtar noticed my presence in that woman’s body. I got rescued by being beamed up from the ship, where my body was kept.

The Draco Queen escaped from her planet and was hiding in a human body on Earth from her own civilization for doing many negatives things to her own people, when she was ruling. For some of you, who are wondering, if it’s the famous Queen you have now in your world, this is a completely different person. The Dracos recently extracted her from the hiding place. Now, she is facing the punishment of having her whole existence come to an end for forever.

My past memories were restored and my Pleaidian body was completely healed, I have back both of arms and legs. I was returned to being myself again. I am very grateful and happy for being saved from the Darkness. My expertise of Negative Ones technologies and my knowledge of their operations have been very helpful for Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light. We captured many of the Dark Forces and destroyed their facilities and bases.

Nothing is coincidental in the Cosmos. We are all connected, we are all one, and we are Light and Love. The Light is winning this battle no matter, what anyone says. Please, remember we fight for the right cause to give freedom and save lives. I am very grateful to the Universal Channel for letting me share my story. Thank you.

We Are All One Big Universal Family
Commander Teh’Ran

Channeled by Erena Velazquez
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