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April 21, 2021

“When a ponerogenic process encompasses a society's entire ruling class, or nation, or when opposition from normal people is stifled (as a result of the mass character of the phenomenon or by using spellbinding means and physical compulsion, including censorship) we are dealing with a macrosocial ponerologic phenomenon”[1].

These words were written over 40 years ago, when author Andrew M. Łobaczewski thought that:
“studies in the genesis of evil which are based on observing small groups of people can indicate the details of these laws to us” (…) and such observations may enable us to hazard a hypothesis to the effect that the general laws of ponerogenesis may be at least analogous, regardless of the quantity and scope of the phenomenon in time and space”[2].

Now humankind is experiencing a
global ponerologic phenomenon being exposed to the global public. It's our duty to get familiar with the phenomenon, with what have been discovered so far within this field of knowledge, so we can continue the work of our predecessors and create the biggest ponerological data collection and analysis in the known history.

What is
What are (secondarily) ponerogenic associations?
Who are psychopaths?
What is their influence upon normal people and their social structures?
What is pathocracy?

Soon, I believe and hope, we are going to experience a reality disclosure, which for the masses will be a shocking, hard and disintegrative experience. Hopefully, after getting familiar with the above, we are going to be able to grasp together the
product of psychopathological influences: the average human being (a robopath).

Whom of us haven't experienced, for the last year, lack of common sense, incompetence, paralogistic discourse (“Austrian talk”), paramoralism, conversive thinking, information selection and substitution, egotism, hysteria, disconnection, or just bloody blissful ignorance and submission without questioning? This is not normal and we need to establish
what normalcy is, to draw the line between normal and abnormal; for that, we absolutely have to study these concepts mentioned above!

As much as I want to believe that there will be enough med beds and psychopathologists prepared to deal with people who currently believe a false narrative, nothing happens overnight. Our duty is to strengthen and support the positive global efforts by
self-education. Billions of people will require immediate compassion and expression of love, especially from people whom they may have hurt along the way. Now they don't want to listen (because they are incapable of), later they will have to. They will understand that “we” were the only ones, who actually didn't betray them, they will grant us back the trust. Let's not let them down in their hardships and get educated to provide them answers.

They will feel enormous tension in the body and a true hug, by fellow human being will ease it up and help them discharge some of it immediately. It's that simple. A true and honest hug will come, when we educate ourselves first, that they are the victims as well!

This message is also a call for respect for those not awaken..the biggest sleeper will turn out to be the biggest fool, the biggest fool will have the biggest story to tell. They are the biggest data carriers for future analysis and therefore
prevention, for the benefit of us all...Respect is crucial.

And for those, who currently are awake and hurt – getting familiar with ponerology will bring you understanding and will help to release hurt feelings and baggage of stored emotions. It will help you to reintegrate, and later, hopefully, motivate you for preparedness for action.

I am
not a psychologists of any kind (my emphasis), therefore I call for others, experts, to bring the rest of the world some expertise!

The psychopathological influences are highly contagious but love is even more!

If the “bad guys” can create a structure of massive destruction with just a handful of them, we can do the opposite as well. With a handful of “abnormally” good people a structure of society based on goodness can be created and be qualitatively more powerful!

“If the time ever comes, when “conditions will change” and “evil will no longer rule, it could be because progress  in the study of pathological phenomena and their ponerogenic role will make it possible for societies to calmly accept the existence of these phenomena and comprehend them as categories of nature. The vision of a new, just structure of society can then be realized within the framework and under the control of
normal people[3].
- Andrew M. Łobaczewski -

Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes.


[1] Andrew M. Łobaczewski: Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes p. 173.

[2] Ibidem p.173.

[3] Ibidem p.135.

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