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Message from Spirit Guardian of Serpent Mound Sacred Site | Dancing Dolphin

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Tekmut, Guardian and Keeper of Serpent Mound speaks through Dancing Dolphin...for all Lightworkers!

PREFACE: This post was from a previous blog where I wrote about my handmade pottery. I just re-discovered it and was very pleased to experience Tekmut's energy again and I believe his message is needed today as much as it was over a decade ago!

If you are unaware of Serpent Mound, it is located in Peebles, Ohio USA and is a very large earthworks mound estimated to have been built by the Fort Ancient Indians sometime between 900 and 1550 A.D. (some also say the Adena Indians built it). It sits on a plateau on a powerful energy vortex that is palpable to a sensitive person; there is also a crater in the area called the Serpent Mound crater.


In November of 2009, I went on a solitary pilgrimage to visit the Great Serpent Mound in Peebles, Ohio USA. I felt a calling to connect to Mother Earth there, to sit and meditate and to bring some healing energies into this Sacred Place. It's only about a 2 hour drive from my home, so I picked a beautiful Autumn day and took the drive. I had a wonderful visit to the sacred site and felt very peaceful for days afterwards! I knew that it was part of my Mission to do this and it felt very good! I wrote about my experiences in my Angel Journal where I meditate and do 'automatic writings' when I connect to Spirit.

A week or so later, I had an idea to communicate with the Keeper of the Serpent Mounds. I believe there are Spiritual Guardians over sacred sites all over Mother Earth. They guard and protect the sites from dark energy. So, I made the intent to connect to the Keeper of the Serpent Mounds and I received a wonderful love filled message from a being called Tekmut. The first message is below.

View from the Tower where you can look down on the serpent. There is a 'blacktop' path all around it (you can see that on the right and left), so even though you cannot walk on top of the mounds, you can walk all the way around it. I noticed that the energy was different in various places--especially the head and the coiled tail.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tekmut – Keeper Guardian of Serpent Mound in Peebles, Ohio

"Dear Diana, yes you are right, you have the right to know these things and since your heart is true I will share them with you. For you see, I am Tekmut and I am the Guardian of this place that you call Serpent Mound. I have been here for thousands of your years and even more than you know about. A Promise was made from the highest realms that if a true heart such as yours was to seek out my gifts that I would share them with that soul. Seems like to day is that day and I have a special gift for you, for you are the true heart that has asked for my gifts.

A special star was chosen to signify my return upon this plane and it has been called Zeleb(?) by your people. This star has come to a full return now and can be seen in your skies. Listen dear heart, for your heart is pure and I will share my story with you. The ancient ones saw this star and knew that it was prophetic, for the power of this star would help to bring about the great change that they saw for mankind. Mind you, this was thousands of years ago and their Seers were very powerful. Yes, they were correct. They built my structure to align with this great star and knew that when the star would return that my heart chakra would align with this star and be the trigger for the Ascension as you call it. Of course, there are many other triggers in place but there needs to be a number of them occur at the same time for the act to occur, do you see? I have been waiting for millennia for a true heart to share my story with."

Signage along the path "Max Southern Moonset". You can see the tower on the top left.

Tekmut continues: "The design of my earth mounds are very sacred and can be seen as a connection between heaven and earth. For you see, the snake is not eating the egg, but rebirthing it, or coughing it up. This is an ancient symbol of resurrection as you call it. Rebirth, Transformation, Renewal. This symbology was popular and widely known at the time of my creation. And it refers not only to Mother Earth but to all of humanity as well. Everything is going through a transformation right now, including the solar system as you know it.

Yes, so in summary, I am connected to this star, Zeleb(?) and when it appears again the time is ripe for humanity to rebirth itself. For Earth to rebirth herself. And dear heart, that time is now. It is not a coincidence that you are here now and connecting with me, do you see? This was a vital part of your current lifetime and one of the many reasons you came here (Ohio). You wanted to be here now in this lifetime to help with this event in any manner that you could. The mere presence of your human body with your true heart and soul helps me to connect with my star again. Your energy is encoded with the frequencies of light that I need. Indeed, many Lightworkers also feel this and come to visit me to impart their energies too. I am truly grateful for this and that is another reason why I am sharing my gift with you.

How did the ancients know all of this? Well, as I told you, they had very powerful Seers and they also had other assistance from your Starry family. The Pleiadian Light Beings also helped them and you were also a part of that team. Things are indeed all connected, dear heart and you are learning this well. The Pleiadians connected to the enlightened one of this tribe and explained to her the reasons for my creation. The tribal leaders agreed that my creation should be done for they believed the Seer and her visions. They also felt the power of my spot before I was created here. The ancients were very connected with the earth, they felt the power spots and revered them."

The spiral of the serpent's tail. I felt very connected to this spot! Wonderful. I am so happy that I took this trip in November when there were only a few people there. Very peaceful. I also connected to the wind and the birds while meditating here.

Tekmut continues: "I hope that I have done my part to impart wisdom to you, dear heart. I do not mind if you wish to share this information in your writings for I felt that it would be a beneficial way for others to learn about my dharma. I believe that you will trust my wisdom with respect and that is why I shared it with you. We will meet again, to be sure and know this: You are here for a very important reason and I am grateful to you for all you have done." (End).

Aug. 29, 2010...This morning I just learned that a Star Knowledge Conference is going to be held at Serpent Mound on 11-11-10 this year! I am very excited and hope to attend! This news made me think again of Tekmut and I wanted to connect with this wonderful Spiritual Guardian again. Here's the second message which I received from Tekmut. Also, I was concerned because I wasn't sure if I spelled the star's name correctly, so I asked for clarification on this. (Note added 1-30-11: I didn't get to attend the Star Knowledge Conference because of an illness in our family).

* * *

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tekmut – Keeper Guardian of Serpent Mound in Peebles, Ohio

"Listen dear heart for it is I, Tekmut whom you have asked for. I am here with you now even though I am also watching over my sacred grounds at what you call the Serpent Mounds. Yes, many native peoples come to my resting place and observe the sacred passing of time at the events you call the equinoxes and solstices. I do not know of this thing you call the Star Knowledge Conference, but I am aware of many native peoples from many tribes who come to visit my mounds. Their energy is loved and appreciated by me and Mother Earth. For yes, this is indeed a sacred spot and I am blessed to be the one chosen to keep it sacred and protected these many millennia.

I am honored also that you wish to speak with me again, dear heart. For yes, I remember you well. You are pure of heart and soul. Your mission is a great one which will benefit many and we are quite a good team. My mission has been to assist Mother Earth also and to help her through her changes for many millennia. She has grown and changed and stretched her muscles when needed. She is ready now to give birth to a new form and that form will be a pristine new version of herself. In order to do this, she must shake and quake and shed some of her layers, this will purify many of the surface areas of her body. Many of your people will be lost but many will also be saved. This process is necessary for her to complete her cycle. She does not do it to harm anyone, but only to progress. It is a part of the natural order of things. You and those like you have come here in order to assist her in making her changes go as smoothly as possible. Your job is to bring in energy for her to make this transition as easy as she can. The more work you and your kind (i.e. Lightworkers) do to help, the better off you will all be. This is easy on your part, you must continue to focus healing energy and love to her. She needs this very much. She is a living Being, but only a different form than you currently inhabit. We are ONE and we are here to help."

Tekmut continues:

"As I told you before, I am built on sacred energy portals that the native peoples sensed many, many millennia ago. I (the Serpent Mounds) are part of her re-birthing process and am directly connected to the star Keleb in your skies. Do not worry if the name has changed or is not correct. This star was named so in my time and I am not aware of what your people call it today. My alignment points straight to this star which is really a planet which you may know as Niribu. Yes, I see that this name is familiar to you. This is a planet which sits on a very wide or large orbit and only comes by Earth on very rare occasions. It has been so far away for millennia and is now on its return path to Earth. I was built by the native peoples to mark Niribu's return and to announce when the rebirth of Mother Earth would take place. So, you see, dear heart, this time is fast approaching and this is why you and your kind, the Starseeds or LightBearers must also do your part! "

"FOCUS, FOCUS on sending love and light from your hearts and home planets to Mother Earth! Bring in that Galactic Energy and Universal Love Light to fill up Mother Earth so that she can make her transition smoothly. For a smooth transition will benefit all of mankind! We know that you know this to be true. Continue to visualize clean, clear water and glorious landscapes and vistas for Mother Earth. Fresh clean waters for the ocean life and deep blue skies and green lush forests and jungles. Your peoples are beginning to see how they are connected to her and are starting to see how to live in harmony with her. Of course, there are still many who do not care and those will pass away. All is connected and One and this is the future. This living in harmony with all beings will be your new future and the future of those who act as caretakers of Mother Earth. See the future that you desire and you will all create it so! This is what you came here for, and what those of like spirit came here to do. Your intent is powerful and those like you must join forces to envision the New Earth that you all desire.

I am here to tell my story, dear heart, so that you may share it with others. The native peoples of this land were great Seers and they knew that this time would come. Their visions told them so and they created my mounds with great love in their hearts for your generation. They imbued within me their strength and hope and love. For they loved Mother Earth and were great caretakers of her. They loved and respected her and have passed this love down through me. I am here to communicate and share this love with you and your kind. Please share my words and allow the love of other like-minded souls to hear my words. I am Tekmut and I am the Keeper of the Sacred Serpent Mound. May your journey bring you joy and enlightenment."




Because of my wonderful love-filled experience connecting with this very powerful sacred site, I encourage all Lightworkers to honor your instincts when you receive a spiritual nudge to visit a sacred site! It appears that it's not only good for our own well-being, but just being there and sending our love and energy also greatly aides Mother Earth and the site itself. If you cannot make the trek in person I would suggest looking at a photograph and meditating on it.

FOOTNOTE - 2021:

Re-reading this again has been a very powerful experience for me and I cannot wait to drive to visit the Serpent Mounds again! I was really struck about Tekmut's mention of Nibiru in the second message and how that planet was one of the triggers for our Ascension...and that our Starry Family (Galactic Family) worked with the Seer of that Tribe in her visions! Fantastic! Tingles!!!!!

Also, I am sharing these messages to again remind all of us Lightworkers to continue to send love & healing to Mother Earth! It is critical for us to continue to do this every day.

Thank you so much, Tekmut for giving us these messages, I was very honored to connect with you and hope to do so again very soon. Also, thank you so very much for your Service, Tekmut!!! Namaste.

Love, Light and Blessings All!
Dancing Dolphin

* * *

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