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By Steve Beckow, March 24, 2021

(Golden Age of Gaia)

I go where I’m guided and right now that guidance is in a financial direction.

I mentioned earlier something that Cdr Hatonn volunteered in the middle of an exchange with Suzy Ward:

“Steverino … You are worrying needlessly. You won’t have to make decisions about what to do with money when it’s available.

“St. Germain’s plan will be revealed to the people in charge and that information will be given to you. It’s not that your ideas won’t be valuable, but they’ll be used within the parameters of the big picture.” (1)

His comment ties in well with one Archangel Michael made in 2018:

Steve: What I get is that you have it all in hand.

AAM: Yes, we do actually!

Steve: I don’t have to think about it or worry about it or be here or be there… It will all be handled.

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: That is good. I feel reassured by that. (2)

Keep in mind that Michaelangelo & Partners will receive … shall we say … “unusual” forms of wealth to be redistributed – sequestered Illuminati wealth, off-planet gold, St. Germaine World Trust funds, etc. We’ll be like a clearing house or (re)distribution center. (3)

Well, if that’s so, then what do you do with all that money? The most expansive I’ve been able to get is the Six Point Plan, funding universal basic income, medicare, education, etc., for any nation who wishes it and is not oppressing its people.

But then Hatonn says:

“That information will be given to you. It’s not that your ideas won’t be valuable, but they’ll be used within the parameters of the big picture.”


As I’ve said in the past, I’m a test subject, a guinea pig. (4) So what you see being done with me very likely is being done with you too. Or will be. We’re just not able to be aware of the Company of Heaven’s actions ourselves. But perhaps take what Hatonn said as applying to you as well.

The initial impact of this on me was the same as the impact of hearing that NESARA might be in the offing: at first I thought that what I was doing was rendered unnecessary. Why am I doing this if it’s only going to be rendered obsolete within a year?

But then I altered my context. I reframed the situation.

(Don’t overlook the process that’s happening. This time, it didn’t take cognitive dissonance and paradigmatic breakthrough to arrive at this new view of the situation. But it’s still the process of creating a new and more acceptable paradigm.)

I reframed the situation to emphasize that my financial work will be in total and in detail interim, temporary, subject to change without notice. The situations we face will call for constant change on our part, perhaps even including abandoning a project which has been “overtaken by events.”

As one response, Michael has already told me to flatline everything, cross-train, simplify. (5)

Our resource planning, logistics, and application should be flexible, adaptable, and portable. And, unlike any other generation, we will have the resources to do it.

Operating this way, we can respond to a constantly-changing situation, one of whose impacts is to render technologies rapidly obsolete. Think free energy, anti-gravity, replicators, med beds. What impact will those have on the need to work and have money?

We’ll be living in an environment subject to rapid and constant change from here till Ascension. Building the ability to respond to change into an organization from the outset seems to me a good thing.

Here as everywhere, there are extremes that wouldn’t be beneficial so again change consciousness but as appropriate and in moderation.

Cdr. Hatonn’s comment had another impact on me. It flushed my system of a bunch of misconceptions and reawakened in me my original intent.

That intent was to be a financial steward for the Mother. But what that meant or how that was to be accomplished, I knew not. I was all in a jumble about what being a financial steward would look like. Most especially, how would I know what to do?

When I asked Michael about how I’d be contacted, he said:

Archangel Michael: This will be by a variety of means. It will be by anonymous donations or checks or deposits or a mysterious interlude with strangers. And if one of those strangers should look like St. Germaine, do not be surprised! (6)

Wonderful! But this information was on inflow. It still left outflow to be conceptualized. And I’d never taken the discussion further.

I wasn’t even aware that, below conscious awareness, I was worried about how to perform my disbursement duties. That’s where I was when Hatonn made his comment and gives the background to it:

“You won’t have to make decisions about what to do with money when it’s available.

“St. Germain’s plan will be revealed to the people in charge and that information will be given to you.”

Better and better. Why did I not think that the Company of Heaven would make arrangements. I should have recalled what Michael said a long time ago:

AAM: Let us be very clear. This plan has been in unfoldment for far too long for money to simply be washed down the drain by decisions that are not beneficial either for yourself or for others and for those who will benefit from the abundance programs, plural. (7)

Now everything makes more sense.

(One obvious feature about this process of consulting channels is that not many people have access to it for one reason or another. And though I have limited access to it, that access is not so continuous that I can simply ask questions whenever they arise. I have to be satisfied with a comment here and there and no follow-ups.

(So it isn’t a process that lends itself to mass participation – yet. Which adds to my feeling of responsibility to share what the Company of Heaven have said.)

In summary, we’re on a gradual (or rapid, depending on your perspective) ascent which, among other things, means that we’ll from here on in be swept along in a process of continual change. For those who are financial stewards, realizing we’re embedded in a situation that will constantly change could be helpful.

Moreover, knowing that the Company of Heaven has it in hand to guide those who agree to take on large roles in financial stewardship does ease the mind. And it may make more lightworkers willing to take on this level of responsibility. (8)

We’re building Nova Earth. Soon we’ll be beginning the financial work involved. Are we ready?


(1) Cdr Hatonn in Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, email, Jan. 31, 2021. Michael made a similar comment in 2018:

(2) AAM, June 6, 2018.)

(3) Steve: Until now, I’ve been saying, “Look I can’t discuss this side of my affairs”

Archangel Michael: But you will.

Steve: I will discuss this side?

AAM: Not yet, but you will. (AAM, June 6, 2018.)

(4) Steve: What would be a higher priority: being a pipeline or being a communicator?

Archangel Michael: You are thinking either/or, sweet one. But if you’re asking me, I will tell you. It is far more important to be a communicator because without the communication of Truth (and we emphasize this, of Truth) and, yes, of course, of personal insight and experience but without that, the pipeline is meaningless.

Steve: So I’m acting as a test bed as well as the projects being a test bed?

AAM: Correct.

Steve: So it’s important that I communicate what I’m coming across…. Okay. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 28, 2019.)

(5) Archangel Michael: What you want to do is flatline it; cross train; jointly make decisions, as much as possible. (AAM, April 24, 2015.)

(6) AAM, June 6, 2018.

(7) AAM, Aug. 6, 2013.

(8) I play no role in determining participation so please, no emails. Thanks.
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