Sunday, March 14, 2021

Anxiety | Kryon via Lee Carroll

March 14, 2021

From Kryon Book VII – Letters From Home – Page 179


Understand that much of the anxiety and uneasiness you feel has to do with the evolution that is going on inside. For those of you who have anxiety, fear, and uncertainty about the things you see around you, again, we tell you that the power of love can transform those feelings just as it did with grief.

If the intent is there and you stand up and claim the angel inside, the link will be there of transformation. It's absolute. It has to be, you know. You are the powerful one. It is you who we are here to enable through your intent—intent that will transform the anxiety and give you peace. That's what it's about, is it not?

The transformation—the alchemy of the Human spirit into joy and peace in situations that would not normally seem to be conducive to that attribute? That's how you know when you are starting to become enlightened. Your body starts to change.

Did you know that?

When you are able to become peaceful in situations which used to be very dramatic and unsettling to you, you have just crossed an important bridge—the one which honors pure intent, and that is the catalyst for enlightenment. It represents the power of love at the highest level because it changes Human consciousness in a dramatic way.

through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via