Tuesday, March 9, 2021

A Woman's Day Op-Ed and a Little History | Suzanne Maresca

By Suzanne Maresca, March 8, 2021

(Golden Age of Gaia)

Upon looking for ways to bring attention to International Women’s Day, I was brought to define the original intention of declaring such a holiday. As you may know, my thoughts around choosing one day to celebrate any given thing aren’t always in line with the idea of putting our focus on a single day.

The best example of that might be Thanksgiving Day. To select that one day out of all of them in a year to express what we’re grateful for seems especially inadequate. The truth is that our lives become unmistakably better the more we focus and reflect on gratitude. There’s always much to be thankful for, and in these times of perceived uncertainty it becomes that much more vital to our personal well-being to keep our attention on the good, true, and beautiful.

Women make up half of the duality here on Earth. We could say that without women, there would be no Humans…which, of course, leads to the other half wondering what we think could happen without men. In this way, once again we’re reminded that we’re all in this together. Life is a co-creation.

Back to the original intention of International Woman’s Day, a protest “uniting the suffragist and socialist causes” ~

“The historian Temma Kaplan revisited the first official National Woman’s Day, held in New York City on February 28, 1909. (The organizers, members of the Socialist Party of America, wanted it to be on a Sunday so that working women could participate.)” (1)

“International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.” (2)

I was expecting some kind of celebration of the feminine aspect of Humanity, and for some it may have morphed into that. Even so, I’m a little sensitive to all things socialist right now with what’s happening in this country, including the intentional destruction of the family unit and traditional values. But I digress…

I have to admit that seeing the showcased ‘women in power’ in one of the videos presented here gives me pause. Rising to a position of power is certainly a thing to celebrate, but I do object to holding up ones like Angela Merkel and Jacinta Ardern as icons of what we aspire to as women.

There are plenty of woman who rose to power coming out of certain families and having been groomed from a young age to do exactly as they’ve done. There’s not much reason to hold those ones up for exemplary behavior, but, yes…they rose to power.

I’m not a feminist, and may in fact hold opinions contrary to the adversarial and aggressive approach to attaining power. Don’t get me wrong…in the eyes of God, men and women both are gifted with the same birthright: To exist on this planet enjoying the fullness and beauty of creation in equal measure. And believe me, it’s possible to stand up for oneself without being destructive.

Men and women do excel in different areas of life, though. There truly is no getting around that, and I would love to celebrate our differences and unique strengths in a cooperative effort to bring life here to a place of global peace and harmony.

Equal pay for equal work? Absolutely! Respectful interactions between Humans regardless of gender? Most certainly.

It’s only because of the twisting and torturing of the Human Collective that we go at one another for any reason at all; i.e. over gender, race, idealogy, etc. We actually know how to get along and work in cooperation with one another, and it might be interesting to explore the history of Humanity to glean how it happened that women were subjugated and thought of as ‘less-than’ over time.

Clearly, women aren’t the only subjects in the case studies of Human-on-Human violence and oppression. What women chose to do with their experiences in this regard is most interesting, though.

Do we engage in the traditional male-inspired methods of climbing the rungs of the ladder in order to survive, or are we wayshowers for other women demonstrating the quiet power of the Divine Feminine? Maybe we’re both at times and any shade of in-between…because we’re adaptable and versatile to match the need of the day.

How comfortable are we with being the nurturer and the keeper of the hearth, tender of children? Those are some of the toughest jobs there are on this Earth plane, and literally the most important ones.

Without a stable and loving home and family, how does a Human grow? Where we’re wounded is where we stop growing. That’s what therapy is for, but not everyone can manage to connect with a good counselor. And isn’t it better to get a good foundation for mental and emotional well-being from the start?

Because most of us haven’t actually gotten that wonderful experience of a loving home to bring us smoothly onto our path of self-discovery, it’s nice to contemplate med beds being able to release the Human Collective from their unaddressed traumas. Bring them on and let’s do it!

Raising healthy and mindful children is a woman’s contribution to the creation of a society of loving, compassionate and intelligent Humans. Babies raised with love have bigger brains! I want to acknowledge here that it’s not a role that every woman wants to step into, and that some men are truly magnificent at. The ones who do desire that role ought to be supported by the village, though. In that way the entire community is making the commitment to the well-being of every other member, and ultimately to a healthy society.

Back to the topic-at-hand ~ There’s one woman in power I’d like to highlight for my contribution to this celebration ~ Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota. Below is her full speech at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) this past weekend.

At a time when a great many of the Governors of US states are literally doing nothing to help their constituents and in fact are issuing dictator-like EOs to cause further harm to them, Kristi’s been giving the power to the People of her state and making sensible decisions.

Other powerful women who seem to be keeping their feminine qualities intact while serving the collective are Kayleigh McEnany, Candace Owens, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Kim Klacik. I’m grateful for their presence on the front lines and will gladly give them my attention and support.


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