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The Metaphorical Fishers of Humanity

Posted on February 13, 2021

Imagine you’re on a fishing boat, though you’re not “fishing” for fish. You’re part of a crew, yet you’re also the Captain. You are casting your net out into this vast body of water. What are you reeling in? Is there a good investment on your return? Is there an abundance? If so, what you reeled in – was it quality or just quantity? Maybe a mix?

This net you’ve cast out is designed to bring back thoughts, words, outcomes, deeds – and all created by you. Unfortunately, you’re not thrilled about what you just reeled in. Then you look out into the water and see that it’s pretty dirty. In fact, it smells like a swamp. You begin to wonder why you picked this place to cast out. You look around and see so many boats nearby, that you think “surely this must be a good place to cast my net, as there are so many others here doing the same thing.” You look again at the contents of what the crew pulled aboard, hoping something might be useful. It’s basically crap, and what seems promising quickly begins to decay in the light. You wonder if it was better left in the dark depths.

At some point, we all will realize we are or were the captain and part of that crew. At some point we all followed the masses, thinking where the majority is going must be the correct way. We don’t dare stand out or be different. What will people think?! Why think for yourself, when the majority and mainstream media have all the answers? We find ourselves acquiescing to the situation, and then someone says “doesn’t it seem that fishing in a swamp is better than not fishing at all?” We stop reaching for the stars. We stop believing we have creative control over our life script. We fail to recognize our sovereignty. We go along to get along and give our consent for more of our freedom to be stripped from us – because it’s better than the alternative of not knowing.

At some point, your present “reality” will start to crack and you’ll see the illusion for what it truly is. You will wake up and realize you have a choice to make. Are you being sucked into the lower or higher vibrational frequencies of the collective? You have the right to choose to cast your net in pristine water. You have a right to redirect the sails of your thoughts, words, deeds, and actions. You can choose Love – unconditional love. No conditions. For when we choose Love, there can no longer be division. When we choose Love, we fully see ourselves in others. We are all One. Most important, when we choose to unconditionally love ourselves – compassionately and with grace, we then are able to afford that same grace to our fellow inhabitants on this Earth. And when we see ourselves in others, and are One, how can we show hate – for if we continue to show hate, are we not still hating ourselves?

Imagine again that here’s your chance now, maybe your last opportunity to recast the net. Only this time consider what it is exactly you’re intending to catch and where exactly you’re choosing to go. It must be your decision and yours alone. Don’t leave it up to chance, happenstance or anyone else. Go within. Call forth the creator in you. Invoke the warrior spirit in you. Invite the highest aspects of Light and Love to your sacred heart. Once you’ve seen what you want and with your new sense of direction, cast out your net. You’ll find that once you reel your net back in, there will be an entirely different treasure aboard your vessel. What was the difference? This time you were the creator, and you took control. You employed your cosmic right of free and critical thinking skills. You didn’t rely on someone else to create the world you wanted. That, my friend, is the difference between third dimensional lack and oppression, hate and division, and fifth dimensional abundance and freedom, unconditional Love and Light.

See you on the other side.


Master teacher or maybe a lead student who garnered much respect told me it took thousands of years for him to learn and I’m learning it in this lifetime.

When I woke up from this dream, I wondered how possibly it didn’t take me just as long – if not longer – to learn them from previous incarnations. And of course, I couldn’t recall what particular lesson the teacher/student was referring to.

Now I know we’re all living it out in this lifetime, as this is it. The Ascension is happening, and depending on our choice, we will either ascend into 5D or remain in 3D, but not on Earth. Once the Ascension is complete, Earth will no longer support the lower third density. So those of us waking up are on a faster pace to learn and understand, so we can help others who are just now coming out of their illusion.


Was in a line with others, with papers against our chests and reversed, so words would be against our chest. One by one we turned the papers over. Mine said “Grace.” I was so thrilled! So grateful!

I picked this dream to illustrate what can come back in when one is more selective about where to cast the net.

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