Who to Trust | Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

January 28, 2021

Me: Ivo, I'd like to discuss this with you today please.

Ivo: Very well. I see you have another grievance.

Me: Very funny. I'm only trying to get messages out right now that in this day and age, we don't know who to trust. The only person we can trust is ourselves.

When people view this video, you will hear a Roman Catholic Priest who works at the Vatican, discuss the toxic ds families, and then go on to say something that I have had an issue with from the first I'd heard of it. That issue is that Mr T supports the distribution of the inoculation. You'll notice that while he was in power, and still is, by the way, that there has been no cessation of the ds virus program, none at all. He never told us that this virus is ds manipulation, he only blamed it on the C country. He supports people getting inoculated.

I don't. I never will. As a matter of fact, my light city will be a non-compliant city. Whatever program is being run on the people by whomever, will not be followed in my city. And it will be a city where people's DNA is untampered with, finally, and where it will be allowed to evolve in a way that hopefully replicates the loving life of the extraterrestrial.

You and Ashtar keep saying to stick with Mr T, however you still want me to start this city, help others to start theirs and to start up our television station. If Mr T is all he's cracked up to be, then why do I have to do this? I should be safe under his command, then shouldn't I? I don't feel safe, let me tell you that.

What's more, others are saying this and I agree: the guy's a Jesuit. He's still Illuminati, and my belief is that we're in the middle of an Illuminati war, as usual, because we always were, but there are certain ds families that are taking it to the end game because they know this is the end of a zodiological period and the new period will not support their evil agenda.

There are people already who have died because they got the jab. Already. Of course, this is being suppressed through censorship. Certainly my website was taken down.

What do you have to say about this, Ivo?

Ivo: My love, you are correct, however remember that Mr T is working with us. There are things he may or may not do in order to continue to glean our support. And one of them is to allow masses of people to be culled off. Your survival is our number one priority. We are not concerned about who sits in the white house oval office, as long as that person is willing to negotiate for our support, and as long as they abide by our strict terms. We have an agreement with the Alliance as well as the American military, my love.

Me: That's good to know. Why won't he stop with this virus program?

Ivo: Because more is being revealed through it. This is the primary catalyst to wake up many outside of the States particularly but inside the States as well, as people see their freedom seeping away to an agenda that makes absolutely no sense to so many.

Me: There are some that believe it hook line and sinker.

Ivo: And they will be the ones who allow this program to continue. Until they begin to see the Light, then controlling measures will continue to be perpetrated upon them. They must wake up. You and Ashtar have discussed a mass death scenario in our video last night, so would you prefer that the Light would have to mass extinguish people on earth, or that these people should wake up and begin to steer their own timelines in the correct direction? The preference is that as many souls as possible will ascend rather than having them fail to do so and require their reincarnation upon another planet.

Me: Obviously the latter.

Ivo: So then the m and jab programs are being allowed to run. It is important that people be allowed to suffer at least this little bit of inconvenience rather than the consequences of allowing these programs to terminate their lives. You have read that the WHO has admitted that m's are not necessary now, and it is a question of having people's lives disrupted so much that they are uncomfortable now.

People need to see the nonsense behind what is going on here. That is why these programs are allowed to run.

Me: I still don't trust him.

Ivo: That is your prerogative. He will do fine for the time being. As long as he abides by our contract. If he strays without, he will be left to his own devices.

The ds understands who he is working with. They also understand that their alien allies are largely removed from the planet and they are orphaned now.

They understand they have little money to undertake their programs because that too, has been taken from them.

They have few resources that we have not yet confiscated and those are the last cards they are playing.

Me: I just don't believe that someone who's spent his life as a playboy and an Illuminati member, can now be all sweetness and light. I think power corrupts and he's still part of the power over others system.

Ivo: He is your best bet right now, my love, with the exception of those like yourself who live above the system. You passed two police cars last night and they did not pull you over. Ontario is not in strict LD, but now you must understand that the police have the supposed right to pull you over just for being outside of your home. They did not bother with you; they never do. Why do you think that is?

Me: Because it's Cornwall.

Ivo: That is no explanation.

Me: They don't do anything here. Only as little as possible because this community is a welfare town and there is a lot of crime here, petty stuff particularly. It's like its own kind of hood.

Ivo: I see. But nonetheless they do have permission to pull over people for being on the road. Advances are being made in the ds programs because in Canada particularly, nobody is fighting it.

Me: I know. Ridiculous. I have those bumper stickers, one of which says, “I will not comply!” and they still don't pull me over.

Ivo: Perhaps you drive too fast for them to be able to read your bumper stickers.

Me: LOL I doubt that. I just want to say I'm still not comfortable with what's going on, I don't like it, and I know it's being allowed to go on just because people have to wake up now rather than later and suffer the consequences. But I still don't trust anyone in the power over others system. Not a soul, especially a politician.

Ivo: So be it. That is your choice. However understand they are working with us and we have much influence over what they do next. Their plan is brilliant, do you believe they did not have divine help with it? Then you give them too much credit.

Me: My point exactly. I beg to differ with you and Ashtar on this point. I still believe it's up to the people to say no. When you say no, when enough of us do, they can't touch us.

Ivo: Exactly. You must learn to become more active within your own lives and stop giving your power away to your world leaders.

Me: Thanks Ivo. We agree on that.

Ivo: Very good my love. You do not see the big picture as I can. You are down in the trenches living with what you experience and so you do not trust. You trust us, but you do not trust those on the ground. If I were to tell you the entire story, you would have more faith. It is unfortunate that the entire truth cannot be revealed to all people yet, because then your timeline would change enormously. However with our TV station, this truth will be expanded upon, if it has not come out already.

Me: Mr T gets eighty-five percent in my books, maybe eighty percent. That's all. I don't believe in being rescued either and I think that's the reason so many people love him. I hate the game of politics and having leaders. Be your own leader.

Ivo: Your people will reach that point some day my love.

Me: One more question Ivo.

Ivo: Yes.

Me: If Mr T doesn't comply, then what will Ashtar do?

Ivo: He has an agenda, my love. That agenda is to free the people of the United States to go back to a system of constitutional law and prosperity, albeit through work. If he should fail on his terms with us of the GFL we have many avenues of recourse. The first is to allow him to suffer the consequences of his errant deed. We are keeping him to universal law. If you notice he sticks to constitutional legalities very carefully and avoids war. We are advising him on universal law and how he is able to take action yet suffer no consequences for his actions. If he should default on the terms, he will suffer consequences for his actions.

Me: But that leaves the people in the lurch as well, doesn't it?

Ivo: We will never forsake you. Extraterrestrial visitors have sought to work with your governments now for decades. However we were working with individuals and groups upon your planet long before that, and in the case of his defaulting, now you would see the rise of these groups in power instead of your governments. Government control is your current system and we are obliged to respect that; however if the government fails the people in our terms, then the people will rise up and governments will lose power. With the rising energies, all evil will become disempowered. If the governments are evil, they will lose power and the people will increase in power. Perhaps to establish new governments of higher truth and light, but they will become more empowered.

Me: I think it bears to be stated too that he's not the only one working to free this world from the evil agenda; there are more world leaders and those supporting them, so that stands to be mentioned as well. It's not completely up to him, but because he's the leader of the biggest power in the world it seems to be.

Thanks Ivo.

Ivo: We have this in hand, my love. It also stands to be stated that your negative reaction to this has to do with the fact that you vibrate higher than the current world situation, and so you will often react negatively to it if you are not careful.

Me: Yeah, it brings your vibe down when you focus on it too much. It's interesting though.

Ivo: That it is. Bear in mind my love, we have done this on other worlds before; you were also present.

Me: Oh yeah, we still have to talk about that.

Ivo: Very good. I love you.


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