Friday, January 8, 2021

Vibrations: Upload vs. Download | Adanata Angel


Upload vs Download

About 10 months ago, in April of 2020, I began to document strange phenomenon as it was happening to me and theorizing what in the world it could possibly be! I think I NOW understand and would like to present my trail of evidence to you, as confirmation of this theory, for my own peace of mind as well as others like me. Please excuse my grammar, spelling errors etc, I have no particular investigative, or journalistic skills beyond that which I have developed over the years since Trump came on the scene. I will do my best and hopefully it will help.

This is a screenshot from the notes in my phone, as this is how I was documenting everything to be able to ensure indisputable dates of origination etc. keep in mind, at that point in time, I had no idea about the great awakening as we know it to be with the alliance, federation etc.

As you can see there is some very strong Vibrations going on during typical sleeping hours, usually between 3-5 am. I am going to ignore any references to physical reactions etc, as merely connecting the dots on the vibrations is my main focus here and now. Note it began around the beginning of April 2020.

This next note is from November of 2020. I had been woken up MANY MANY times between April 2020, and November 2020, but I did not always document, as it had become so frequent

And I had at that time no idea whatsoever as to what was really causing it. In fact at the time all this was going on, I just thought I was going utterly insane!

Prior to April 2020 I had began to wonder if there was a connection to some physical and mental symptoms I was experiencing and 5G roll out. So I began to try to put those pieces together.

I have blacked out certain information in order to retain my privacy and anonymity.

As you can see more mention of Vibrations around typical sleeping time

Ok, so major Vibrations usually during sleeping hours recorded. Now what?

Well, now lets talk about the connection to 5G. As has been noted here there have been some physical changes worsening as time goes on, and 5G becomes more prominent, and humanity more entangled with it. Why is that relevant? Because I believe that Cyprus Pursa’s lawsuit against Big Tech, proves that the “deep state” “cabal” “demons” whatever you want to call them, are truly trying to integrate us with “AI” which is basically having us connect our minds and possibly with the help of so called “vaccinations” our body. They are essentially having us DOWNLOAD/connect to the devil.

What does this have to do with the Vibrations?


After watching the following video, I now believe that the vibrations are our friends in the Galactic Federation, undoing what the “deep state” etc have been doing. They are using these vibrations/frequencies to heal our minds, and bodys, by UPLOADING us into a more physical, mental, spiritual connection to God.

Maybe the “those who know cannot sleep” is because we are being woken up by the vibrations???

We are supposed to be going into some kind of vortex or something starting January 21, 2021 right? But we don’t know how long it will last, or what’s exactly going to come out of it. If these vibrations/healing began in April 2020, and assume that they gave themselves one year, to complete the healing etc. Then that would have us having completed our journey by April 2021, which lines up with what Juan O savin has been saying that by April 1st it should be done.

I believe that much Donald Trump has taken everything the Deep state has done and turn it around on them to our benefit, the Galactic Federation has done the same.

The deep state has been intentionally disconnecting us from God, hiding him from us, and trying to erase him completely, and get us connected to the Devil. Now the federation has hijacked their operation, and is instead connecting us to back to God.

A few months ago I was lost. I had been searching for truth for years. I believe I have found that truth, and I hope you all do too.

Keep praying! Love and light to you all!

Adanata Angel