Sunday, January 10, 2021

The X Factor | Steve Beckow

The storm is upon us

By Steve Beckow, January 10, 2021

(Golden Age of Gaia)

Here we are in our ship, racing for shore with a storm chasing us.

Kathleen pointed out to me, however, that all of it is simply a reflection of what we have going on within us at this moment.

As within, so without.

I did write about that. But she’s tutoring me on deeper and deeper levels of its meaning and significance.

If every member of society, every student in school learned that the outside world is a reflection of the inside, how would that shift our collective experience and way of being?

Doesn’t it make perfect sense though? What else would the outside world reflect but our own inside vision, paradigms, values, etc.? Would it reflect Martian values and paradigms? No. It’d reflect ours.

And why reflect?

Why indeed. In my estimation, there’s an undiscovered relationship between the outside and inside worlds. Call it the X Factor.

Let’s say that the undiscovered X Factor demonstrates to us the relationship that exists between the two, a causal relationship, such that the inside world of our thoughts and feelings creates the outside world.

And it demonstrates the plasticity of the outside world, such that it can receive and respond to our thoughts and feelings, matters we’ve never even suspected until now.

The X Factor shows us that the two are not only interconnected but one. It’s just that that connection and relationship exists at a level imperceptible to our senses and undetectable by our instruments and so we don’t know it’s there.

But the inside world still acts on the outside world whether we understand the connection or not.

I can’t get wed to any one cause so I can do no more than make suggestions. I request that some younger, dedicated spiritual scientist find the X Factor and tell us what it is.

What is it about the connection and relationship between the inside and outside worlds that we don’t know about but which fully explains matters?

On what dimension do the mechanisms exist that are at play here?

What is the play? The interplay? How does it proceed?

How do we take what we learn and use it to build a world that works?