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Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - January 2021


And so, the great tragedy comedy stage play, the thrilling ascension drama continues. We, the Lightworkers of the world, are caught up in the ongoing story, the fascinating saga.

The chronicle of the great apocalypse, the astonishing revelation of the planet earth perception deception experience is fascinating indeed. Future generations will see innumerable documentaries, movies and television series, where the events of this time, the happenings of these days, will be played out over and over again.

We know, deeply, we know, in our hearts that all is well. The power, the all encompassing might of love, of God, of Source energy is always victorious. We trust the plan that Divinity has mapped out for the awakening of mankind from his deep and delusional sleep.

How to wake up sleeping humanity? How to raise him up from the low vibrating, fear filled third dimensional trance into which he has been so deeply hypnotized that the truth cannot reach him?

It is complicated indeed. There are so many facets to this great awakening. You our dear brethren, our wonderful lightworkers, are now sometimes skeptical. You wish to keep the faith. When you go inside, when you examine your heart, you know all is well.

Yet you are human, as you hear more and more news that appears negative, as each longed for date is passed, you doubt, you wonder, you feel the reawakening glimpses of fear. Perhaps all this time you have been wrong, perhaps the evil ones will triumph after all?

Be of good cheer for, as we have often said, the light has won. When God so decrees, Love always wins. And God, Divinity, has decreed that this is the time of the great awakening.

And so, regardless of the twists and turns that the story takes, regardless of the apparently dark nature of the individual happenings and daily events, know that all is well.

And wonder of wonders, the time of our salvation is very near. Deliverance from the fear filled constriction of the planet earth schoolroom is at hand.

For the truth will set us free. The truth, God’s truth is light, and light is information, knowledge of true facts. Darkness is lack of information, lack of true facts. Darkness is the dissemination of untrue facts, the dissemination of lies.

The bible says, “but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat for in the day that you eat from it you will surely die.”

Indeed, the ego dies, the ego dissolves when the truth is revealed.

As we realize the truth of our indoctrination into lies and fear, as we realize how we have been trained into negativity, as we see the limiting rules, regulations, concepts and false ideas that have been trained into us, we are finally able to release them.

We are finally able to let go of our ego. For our ego is the embodiment of the twisted and tortuous ideas and beliefs of others.

True facts, true information about the planet earth schoolroom experience, about what constitutes the devil, what is evil, how evil has behaved, frees us from the false paradigm under which we have suffered. Frees us from our ego.

How do we awaken? We go through the mystery school of life. We delve into the puzzle, the conundrum that is the planet earth experience.

We take the hero’s journey. We face conflict and adversity, trials and tribulations before finally returning home. We slay the dragon, the dragon represents the things that we fear.

And how to slay the dragon, how to slay our fears? We research the truth. We ask, is what we are told really true? We question everything. We look at our fears and realize they are but illusions created from false information.

Human beings are very trusting. Mankind is, as his name infers, kind, by nature, loving and tender hearted, benevolent and caring. It is the control system endemic on planet earth that has trained him into negativity, fear and cruel self protective, reactive behavior.

It is the untrue information, incorrect facts, outrageous lies that have been taught mankind, that have us flailing about in confusion. As we research the truth, as we find that we have been tricked and given disinformation, told fundamental lies about our very nature, we set ourselves free.

Yes, we must eat of the tree of good and evil, we must see the nature of our schoolroom experience in all its devious intricacies. Only then, as the truth is revealed to us, are we freed from our entrained delusions, are we freed from our ego.

In previous times there have been great gurus, great spiritual avatars who have realized the truth and done their best to impart it to mankind. Some few have awakened to the truth they imparted, and moved out of fear into the fifth dimension of love.

Yet, as they did this, they invariably left their physical form behind and departed this earthly material realm back into the Spirit world, back into what we call heaven.

Now, in this wonderful time of the great awakening, we human beings are moving into the love dimension in our physical bodies. It is an incredible, magnificent time.

For we are all becoming avatars. We are all becoming Divine incarnate Souls. We are moving into a new world of love and light, benevolence, caring, kindness and true holy service to each other.

And to do this it is necessary to release ourselves from our fears. Those deep, dark, fearful, false ideas that have been entrained into us must be released. We have to see the nature of our entrainment in order to let it go, in order to free us from our ego.

And so, we must know true facts. We must have real information. We must see the truth. This is what this great awakening experience is doing for us. It is showing us the truth.

As January of 2021 proceeds, as the planet earth story gets more and more complicated, those with eyes to see and ears to hear can see each and every day more and more of the workings of the dark ones.

As the incredible tale plays out, as story twists and turns, as the dark ones come to believe they have triumphed, they show their true colors. And we see the truth of their lies and dissimulation. And that truth sets us free.

There is a wonderful hymn by John Bunyan. “He who would true valor see, let him come hither. One here will constant be, come wind or weather. There’s no discouragement, shall make him once relent, his first avowed intent to be a pilgrim.”

We, dear Lightworkers, our wonderful Starseeds, are these pilgrims. We are visitors to the shrine of truth and we will not be discouraged. Nor will we “once relent our first avowed intent to be a pilgrim.”

The hero’s journey from dark to light is our journey. And it is the journey of planet earth. So the story of the planet earth great awakening must play out to the end.

Were it to be stopped at any point before it is played out, the true immensity of the control program would not be revealed. The bad actors would not show themselves.

Now, they think they have won. So, they will show their true colors. How grand and magnificent is God’s plan for the ascension of planet earth and humanity.

We are very grateful and we are very fortunate to be in this world at this time. This time of truth, this time of awakening from the schoolroom planet earth dream.

Thank you God, great Creator, indeed thank you. We know that this time and place are creating beautiful days in paradise. Beautiful days for the best is yet to come. Yes, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.
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