Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Conspiracy Theory No Longer | Magenta Pixie

November 16, 2020, Facebook post

(Golden Age of Gaia)

Magenta don’t you feel a responsibility to all your followers that you are brainwashing with your conspiracy theories?

My reply; I have said before and will say again, I do not have any ‘followers’. Aware and awakened individuals do not need a leader. They gain confirmation of their own inner knowings when they hear another say the same things.

There are no leaders or followers within this telepathic union, only brothers and sisters who are equal…each with a piece of the puzzle to add to the overall picture of truth. They are immune from brainwashing.

It is not possible to brainwash another aware individual, even if you tried to do this (which a great many do, for example mainstream media and world governments), it would not work. This is the reason they know the truth, because brainwashing doesn’t work on them!

As for ‘conspiracy theories’ this phrase is used so often now it really has no meaning left. It has no power against those who speak truth anymore. It may still hold meaning for those who sleep but to the aware, it has lost it’s potency and is meaningless. A term created to discredit those who speak truth that worked for a while.

No longer, for there are simply too many aware and awake individuals on the planet now. Critical mass for that awakening makes a theory no longer a theory. Your comment is typical of one that is trying to cause a reaction in another, but this does not work with someone who is anchored and rooted in their own empowerment and sovereignty.

You will find there are many of those individuals also…a great many. It is time for those who hate, those who attack to step back now. To realise the battle for consciousness itself has been lost and that the Light has won. For when you attack us and ridicule us, all we see is your separation from Divinity and source.

For that, we send you love and invite you to also step into the Light of knowing. If you cannot or will not do this, then we wish you well in whichever path you take. Hating on the truthful, the sovereign and the free is no longer your path and it cannot be so.

You are playing out the old game, the old order and for us who stand in sunlight, those times are long since past.

~ Magenta Pixie