11-11: The Gateway for your Transformation has Opened | Galactic Federation of Light via Lynne Rondell

Channel Lynne Rondell


I am coming back to this beautiful Wednesday with another channeling. This one’s going to be from the galactic federation of light and it’s going to be all 12 councils and they’re titling this one « 11-11 the gateway to your transformation has opened »

So here we go.


We are the galactic federation of light, this channel is right we are all 12 councils coming through with what we feel is a very, very important message for all of you. We’re about 5025 souls of light. We’re going to call ourselves « beings of light » that are sending down their energy through this transmission.

So she can bring through a wonderful message for all of you. We’re going to talk about 11-11, we’re going to talk about what that represents, we’re going to talk about the gateway that was just opened for your transformation, for you moving forward and we’re going to talk about what that means for all of you in terms for your ascension and in terms for actually moving forward on the planet.

First we’re going to talk about 11-11 and we’re going to talk about that gateway and exactly what that is. This is a huge a gateway or portal opening. This gateway is providing you with this very, we’re going to say, drastic transformation. In « drastic » we mean it’s going to be really life-changing transformation with the energies. We’re going to call them galactic energies that are actually streaming through this great gateway that is opened up.

This channeler has opened up gateways and portals yesterday so that the energy can travel through to all of you as well.

You have a huge gateway that has opened up. This gateway represents a gateway of transformation, this gateway represents in a sense a new beginning, we’re going to say, a new dawning on your planet. This gateway 11-11 represents really moving the collective of humanity forward. You’re never going back to where you were.

This gateway is also with the portals and gateways this channeler has opened yesterday.

You have Christ consciousness energy which is a very high light, high frequency energy that is coming through this gateway and all the other gateways and portals that have opened up to aid in your transformation but this is a transformation to really one of light, this is a transformation to shift every single one of you that are going on this journey to the fifth dimension, to really shift your frequency and your vibration up so very high.

You’ve all gone up, we’re gonna say between three and five octaves up with the light that’s coming onto your planet plane now. This channeler is describing it as she sees that as a huge opening of light.

She’s commenting to us about how bright everything looks and how open everything feels and she can hear the ringing in her ears which has been coming and going for her for a very long time but this is signifying this Christ consciousness energy, this very high frequency light, this is the highest form of love it’s coming down from coming down from, we’re going to say, galactic communities of light.

It’s coming down from another galaxy far away and it’s coming through from the angelic high kingdom. This is raising your frequency, this is shifting your light bodies to more light and this is transforming your entire planet including Mother Earth to that of a very, very high vibrating light. This energy and light that’s coming down is also for the plant kingdom, the elemental realms, the crystal kingdoms, the sea creatures. They’re all getting an upgrade.

If you want to look at this as it’s a huge upgrade in your light bodies. You’ve done a huge transformation, you’ve done a shift in your consciousness to that of truth and you keep shifting up and up and up this portal opening. This gateway is helping the second, third waves get ready for the ascension and get ready.

This light that’s coming in is opening your chakra systems even wider. This light that’s coming in is helping all of you can that need to continue purging the denseness and the dense energies. This light, this gateway, this portal that’s opening this is actually bringing through such a high vibrating light that it’s actually not only raising your vibration but it’s centering you more in your heart center and it’s centering you to the truth of who you are and the truth of all that is on this planet as well.

You did a huge shift in your consciousness for the last five days, we’re gonna say, maybe eight days. This is riding through till tomorrow with the shift it is then complete. You have shifted the entire planet to that of truth, you have shifted every single consciousness of every single being on this planet that is going to ascend to that of truth.

So they’re going to open their consciousness wider, they’re going to have an expansion which means you’re going to look at things differently, you’re going to look at the truth of all that is, not only from the third dimensional box paradigmand matrix that all of you been sitting and playing in so far for such a very long time but you’re going to expand your consciousness to looking outside the box, we’re gonna say. You’re gonna expand your consciousness to one of unity this is a huge gateway opening for unity as well.

The Christ consciousness energies are unifying all of you. The Christ consciousness light that’s coming through feeding your light bodies with the highest vibrating light which is enabling you to get ready for your shift to the fifth dimension. It’s enabling you to see the truth and expand your consciousness which is the way that you’ve been navigating with your brain on this planet. It’s opening your consciousness so that you can see differently and you can see more truth out there and you can sort of expand on what you have thought was the truth.

You’re going to open you up to see more that’s really been happening on your planet. It’s going to open you up to the truth of all that is. This expansion is huge, this is a huge gateway opening. This energy running through this gateway is going to run for another week to 10 days but you’ve shifted your consciousness all of you. The shift will be complete for that of truth to really, as you’ve chosen the timeline of truth, that shift will be complete in the next day or two maybe up to three to five days depending on those that are still sleeping but you’ve shifted and you’re also unifying.

So this is huge, you’re going into that big body of humanity, that cloud you’re unifying as a unified body of light. You’re going to start navigating through the wants of many, you’re going to start navigating through the « what is best » and for the greater good of all on the planet and you’re going to start navigating to that of truth.

You have to be aligned with truth to ascend and the next two waves, second, third waves are going to come up very quickly. There’s a lot of you that have been preparing and getting ready.

This energy that is coming through this gateway, it’s coming from a long way away, it’s coming from a very divine body of light, we’re going to say, from a very high elevated level. They’re sending their love, they’re sending their light and they’re helping you on your journey to transform this planet to one of love and light.

So this is a huge day for all of us as well in the higher collectives, the higher realms as well as the angelic high kingdom. This channel will go down to the beach after this and she will do some more gateway opening and she will push different forms and colors and energies and light down for all of you to really swing wide open your consciousness, we’re gonna say.

She’s expanding your consciousness to that of love, to that of light, to that of unity, to that of truth and to that of oneness for all for you’re no longer going to be thinking of just yourself. Those that are going to the fifth dimension, you’re going to be thinking of everyone and how you can be of service and how you can be of service for the greater good of all on this planet and not only all the humans but the animal kingdom, Mother Earth as well.

So this is a very joyful day for all of us in the high councils, on the highest realms, all the collectives of light we’re plotting you. This energy is bursting through this gateway and all the portals and gateways that have been opened. This channel will bring through more information when she does through work. We are excited to be on this journey with you, we’re very excited as your keepers and your protectors to see what a transformation is taking place.

We’re sending you such love, we’re sending you such light. From the highest most divine councils we love you, we’re sending blessings, we’re with you on your journey. This is a huge day for all of us as well. We don’t know if you can feel the energy coming down, we don’t know if you realize that this gateway opening with this galactic divine energy and light, what it’s really pushing through for all of you, what your transformation has really begun and you’re on your way to the fifth dimension very quickly.

Sending blessings, sending you love and light.


Thank you galactic federation of light, i got tongue tied a few times as i think a lot of different energies were trying to tell what needed to come through. I’m very happy to bring through this message to all of you. I can feel the energy. It just feels like the most unbelievable love, unbelievable light and it carries a frequency of peace with it as well.

So it’s just going to help all of you on your road for this ascension, it’s really transforming each and every one of you and even those that are sleeping in the collective that is going it’s going to help them wake up but they’re still shifting as you are, just not in the same way.

I look forward to bringing through many more messages for all of you. I’m sending you such love, i’m sending you such light and blessings.

Source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQrsFcSSwkQ

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