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October 12, 2020


You are the Anti-virus that will save this world. Because you have a SOUL. You are LIFE ITSELF!. YOU ARE AN INFINITE BEING.

You came into this matrix as the antidote to repair this matrix. YOU are the....."Anti-virus"....against the ..."MATRIX"......YOU ARE THE ONLY THING THAT CAN FIX IT!...this broken matrix that we are all in!

This Reality or this "World" nothing like what we have been told to believe it is!. Everything we have been told is a lie, because we are living in a "artificial" ....MATRIX.....that is "Infected".... with a maligment self serving virus. This virus can control our emotions and feeds off negative energies like fear, anger, sadness. "FEEDS"....from all of our experiences or .....our SOUL energies. We are like the battery of this Reality.

IN THIS MATRIX..... Something went horribly wrong! This situation, if not dismantled it can infect the whole the universe, if left

The present day ..."China VIRUS"......that has everyone wearing masks, is just another of that outward artificial creation of the hidden "INNER" controlling virus running this place. That main computer controlling ..... "VIRUS"...that has shut this outer world dwon with FEAR, is the.... (AI) computer. The actual "VIRUS" ....that has began to "FEED" on the SOUL energy of the trapped "LIVING" entities here, or the traped consciousness beings that came here for a purpose.

This Matric VIRUS..... is trying to entrain the conscious beings to be like the COMPUTER VIRUS WANTS THEM TO order to produce the most Fear energy for its False life.

That virus will never tell people to take their masks off!....or ....WAKE UP! will do the opposite of that and it will do everything in its power to create more FEAR!. Yet we have millions of people or SOULS entrained by programing to wait for governments to tell them what to do. NEVER REALIZING THAT THEY HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE.....AND LIBERATE THEMSELVES! one has to wait, only to take charge.

The present covid outer virus, It is a reflection of the main.... "INNER VIRUS"... of this Reality that can not be seen and is really what this "RESET WAR" is all about. This war is more than a financial RESET or removing pedophilia, etc. ITS ABOUT A REALITY RESET.!
This War is about removing the ...."NEGATIVE PARASITICAL VIRUS"..... from this Matrix (AI) world that we 'think' we live in.

We the ..... "LIVING SOULS'....are the only ones that have the Creative power to ...."FIX THE MATRIX".... because..."WE ARE"....the original manifestors and co-Creators, because we hold the LIFE SPARK OF GOD. A computer does not have that LIFE it feeds of our Life Force.

This world was designed as a place of Recreation, a place to play and explore fun limitations and all things that as a SOUL ....."THINGS WE ARE NOT! " this was one way to get to know everything in CREATION.

Because as a SOUL, YOU are NOT EVER LACKING ANYTHING!,.... in Creative abilities. SINCE YOU ARE ETERNAL,You can never know death or limitations unless, YOU by choice, choose to forget yourself! So....... This Matrix was made as SUCH A FORGETFULLNESS GAME.

A Game for a ..."SOUL"....,which can never "BE" such non-existace things, because it is NOT such things. It was a place to get to know what a SOUL, could not ever be in its true nature. This was made for such recreational and expansive experiences.

SO such a Matrix was made to have fun, to round off all possible experiences. It was made with (AI) and Living matter and other mysteries. But what happened is that a... "Negative Virus".....came in as an attachment and took over the (AI) of this Matrix and started to feed on and hurt the LIVING SOUL participants in this Matrix that came here to play. It became so bad that now SOULS can't leave and are trapped and can not proceed to get out.

This Matrix was made much like the old original Movie.... " WEST WORLD".... with Yul Brynner. This Matrix was to be such a place. It was to be a future like world where everyone could live out their ultimate fantasies with no problems. Then after the ..."Vacation" would be happy, rested and then return to full awakening and remembering their SOULs, when the "artificial fun experience" was over.

Now in this dated movie, it discloses what happened to the true Reality of "OUR WORLD". This was shown to us back then in the 1970's, for those that could see it. It was shown in the old tech of the past with robots in a simple way. It was prior to holographic experiences that are now manifesting to produce similar experiences and prior to the ultimate experience......"Our Matrix World".......Or what the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE, would be. Incarnating in a body with your mind erased for the ultimate credibility.The ultimate Game!....with an Avatar like body.

But a virus made it into the system and took over the benevolent intention and the Matrix became ...."Malevolent" that NOW...... "YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE".......Much like that line in the Hotel California song by the Eagles.

So in order to fix the broke Matrix, it had to be done from inside the ..."GAME".... Because the virus refused to take the corrections of the controllers of the Game from the outside. The only way to fix the that you have to become like...."NEO".... in the Actual Matrix movie and ..."ENTER" ....the Matrix Reality Game. So..... "YOU ARE THE ONE! "

Every person in the Matrix with a real SOUL ......"IS THE ONE"......because you are part of the Ultimate ONE. .....YOU ARE A LIVING CO-CREATOR......So that is what this.... "REAL RESET" all about. IT IS ABOUT RESETTING THE WHOLE that you can Ascend out! of the broken Game.

You have the SOUL power and are the....ONLY ANTI-VIRUS".... that can fix the Matrix. So, when you see people like Joe Biden or Hillary and they are ...."CONFUSED".....THAT IS ...."YOU".... CAUSING A GLITCH IN THE MATRIX!. Because you are the powerful anti virus that is RESETTING THE WHOLE GAME. They are the proof that the you are doing your job here....BECAUSE THE MATRIX IS FAILING now, because of your awakend energy does not ....."COMPLY".....with the (AI).....BUT CREATES ON ITS OWN!

Like in the movie the Matrix, there are many characters in the movie that are ...."just computer characters"..... They don't have a SOUL!.....But they require YOUR SOUL energy to live. You are the computers power source, so that ..."IT".... can created dead animated holographic images that you take as living SOULS when they are not.

When the Virus is starting to fail, It shows up in its.... "DEAD OF LIFE" holographic manifestations,...(like so many present day politicians).....the Glitches do not show up for those with REAL SOULS!

YOU ARE THE ANTI-VIRUS!.......that is manifesting the whole RESET......SO KEEP MANIFEST BY YOUR OWN HIGHER INTENTIONS..........ITS WORKING!, the matrix is starting to have glitches and break down. YOU are doing that!

Those public figures that we see, they don't resonate with living .... SOULS....and will be the first to fail. WE with LIFE can FEEL THEM, and are also not believed by ...."US"...who have a REAL SOUL. Because we can know ourselves and what feels Right.....they are shallow dead holograms.

The Matrix ALWAYS feels off and wrong and dead to those that have a SOUL and are trapped here, whether we have been here for thousands of years or we came in recently from outside the Matrix to RESET THIS WHOLE REALITY GAME!.

So the ..."REAL RESET." more than a financial RESET...but the story had to start somewhere and develop to the point that even the SOULS with erased memories of their True natures and powers can accept the TRUE MATRIX it really is and as we really are.

Being born a humans is not an easy thing when there is a VIRUS running the GAME.

SO now you know why maintaning a.... HIGH ENERGY....... and staying positive is so important!. Because YOU tell the Matrix what to do now. YOU ARE IN CHARGE. YOU are the Eagle that has landed here to.... RESET THE WHOLE GAME.....THAT IS HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE.

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